Toltec, elevation 9465
Narrow Gauge
Motorcars and Speeders

36 inch narrow gauge track


Motorcar Operators West Aug 26-27, 2001

Photos by Nancy & Wayne Parsons

Smitty and Dudley Newman help with set-on Safety meeting Chama Depot - the line is a National Historical Site
Patrick (Smitty) Smith has organized half a dozen runs on the C&T. For unknown reasons these rides haven't gotten much in the way of write ups in the hobby newsletters. The history of the Cumbres has so many aspects including why the line existed, and why it was saved that I'll skip it all in favor of this simple photo report with a few captions.

Fireman's view of the lineup Leaving the yard at Chama Entering Colorado
Wayne and Nancy Parsons pause for a photo just before departure from Chama. I think this beautiful bridge is within the Chama yard limits. The line crosses the New Mexico and Colorado border eleven times.

Tanglefoot curve mp 330 Cascade Trestle mp 320 Los Pinos mp 325
Tanglefoot curve is a complete 360 loop in just four tenths of a mile. Only on a narrow gauge line! Cascade Trestle at mile post 320 is the only curved bridge on the line. At Los Pinos is a nice little valley with a herd of cattle. We're waiting for this one to finish crossing the track.

Meeting the eastbound at Osier mp 318.3 East of Osier near mp 316 West portal of Toltec Tunnel
East and West bound trains meet at the Osier lunch stop. Thru passengers change trains. The engines swap consists. It's not called a "scenic" railroad for nothing! Near this west entrance to Toltec Tunnel is a monument to U.S. President Garfield.

Antonito, CO mile post 281 Antonito Shop Lineup at Antonito Smitty, EMT Glen Ford, and railroad escort Dudley Newman explains how the track alignment projector works
Regular one way passengers can board either at Chama or here at Antonito and return to their starting point by bus. This shop and all the other buildings here were built after the line was sold to the states of Colorado and New Mexico. The lineup today has EMT Glen Ford's car in the lead. Smitty and Glen confer with the escort. Dudley Newman explains the track alignment projector behind him.

Lava tank mp 292.5 Whiplash Curve mp 297.2 Meeting the east bound train at Osier
Lava tank was fed by a pump about 600 feet down the hill in the direction of this view. Whiplash Curve is another loop only seen on a narrow gauge. Osier was a water stop and cattle loading point before it became the lunch break and train meeting point.

An A car and a MT-14 used by the C&TSRR Chama mp 344
Track crew with two speeders on the siding at Sublette. Arriving into Chama for setoff just ahead of the rain.

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