Personal Coaching: Call us at 415-399-1856 to talk with Judy Wyatt about "Personal Coaching" -- so that she can help you deal with a current or past work problem or abuse. Don't hesitate to call. The longer you wait, the more difficult it becomes to solve an ongoing problem.

Personal Coaching can be in person, or by phone anywhere in the U.S. or Canada for people who are not in the San Francisco area. Judy Wyatt handles Personal Coaching in person or on the phone; she does not communicate by e-mail. Chauncey Hare answers all e-mail requests. We have found that Coaching by e-mail does not work as well as phone coaching because of the complexity of most work problems. There is often a risk of misunderstandings when communicating about complex work issues by e-mail. By telephone, with Judy Wyatt, Personal Coaching has proven to be very successful.

Coaching is Not Psychotherapy. Although Judy Wyatt is a licensed family therapist she does not engage in psychotherapy by e-mail or phone. Psychotherapy is only possible in a face-to-face context which may be augmented by phone contact. Our Personal Coaching does not involve psychotherapy unless Coaching is in person (face-to-face) and we have an understanding with you that Coaching is to include psychotherapy with Judy. Chauncey is an organization consultant with an MSOD degree; he is no longer a licensed therapist having retired after twenty years as a therapist.

Support: If you are looking for a support group we recommend Nineveh and Bullyonline. Each of these support groups are located by going to then joining and then searching for these two groups which are both open to new members.

Research: If you have new information relating to work abuse, we are interested in receiving it for inclusion in this Web site. We also respond to a modest number of questions by researchers, including those who are associated with academic institutions. Note that at times researchers ask us to send extensive e-mail explanations that tax our ability to respond with complete clarity. We recommend that researchers read our book, Work Abuse: How to Recognize and Survive It, before asking for our e-mail reply concerning some aspect of abuse in the workplace. Please bear in mind that we are not funded by anyone but ourselves (the government and foundations are not paying for our time---and we are not associated with a university that is paying us a salary).


If you have any questions or comments e-mail us: In an attempt to cutdown spam, here is how we have presently described our e-mail address. The domain name part of our address, which is the last part or segment of any e-mail address, is followed by dot com. In our instance, the domain name is a compound word composed of mail and work joined together, but these two words are joined together in the reverse order used in this sentence. The first part or segment of an e-mail address precedes the domain, and has the "at" sign inserted between this segment and the domain name segment of the address. In our case the first part, or segment, of the e-mail address is composed of family and work joined together as one word, but also in the reverse order used in this sentence. If this is too complex to construct phone us.

Our phone number to discuss Phone Coaching is: 415-399-1856
Our mailing address is:
Judith Wyatt (or Chauncey Hare)
Fair Oaks Street (near 26th Street)
San Francisco, CA 94110-3619