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Tell Tale Extra

A Week in the Life, January 8, 1966

Tacoma Division - Tacoma, Washington
Superintendent's Office - Tacoma Union Station
January 8, 1966 - Saturday

1206 AM
One hundred seventy one welds today. Total welds to date 4,357. Sixteen hours worked. -C.R. Anzalone

117 AM
[January 7 Number] 601 Extra 2525 West arrived Auburn 1145 PM with 55-12-3267 including 54 Seattle cars, three carloaders. Seattle connection handled by Extra 233 West, Crew Six. Connection was made up at 1156 PM, waybills 1145 PM, engine on 1158 PM, air 1159 PM, departed 1159 PM with 46-7-2225. Arrived Seattle 1238 AM, carloaders on interchange 115 AM. -AAJ

117 AM
[January 7 Number] 603 Extra 2522 West arrived Auburn 1125 PM with 57-12-3996 including two Seattle cars, no carloaders. No connection account no rush Seattle cars. -AAJ

225 AM
January 7 Extra 5409D East left Yakima 1055 OT with 60-9-4016 including eight perishables.

240 AM
January 7 Number 601 arrived Yakima 737 PM with 57-11-3312, departed 742 PM with 55-12-3267, arrived Auburn 1145 PM, departed 1159 PM with 46-7-2225, arrived Seattle 1238 AM. -IWB

300 AM
Weather Report - Mountain.
Yakima: cloudy, winds calm, 30 above, eight inches of snow; Easton: cloudy, wind calm, 32 above, 34 inches of snow; Lester: cloudy, winds calm, 34 above, 22 inches of snow. To come: [Auburn] Dead Freight West 500 PM; [Yakima] 603 430 PM. -IWB

320 AM
January 7 Number Two left Seattle on time with ten cars. Arrived and departed Yakima on time with 10 cars. Picked up at Yakima RPO 83, set out RPO 86. -IWB

422 AM
At 100 AM South Bend Local Extra 259 West Conductor Stearns and Engineer Morris with 24 cars, while crossing over at Chehalis Junction derailed trucks of NP 87632 crushed rock on west crossover Chehalis Junciton. Carmen from Tacoma called and are en route to re-rail. Both eastward and westward main tracks blocked until car re-railed. Expect to have car re-railed about 500 AM. -IWB

450 AM
January 7 First 679 left Lake Yard 350 PM with 65-12-4220 with two TOFC loads for Seattle, one for Tacoma.
January 7 SZecond 679 left Lake Yard 1130 PM with 76-20-5135 including seven TOFC loads for Seattle, two for Tacoma, one for Spokane, two for Yakima. -IWB

515 AM
Number 600 Extra 7001D East Coductor R.L. Jarvis set out NP 8055 lumber from Weyerhaueser, Everett, WA to Church and Church, Uticia, MI via NP Minneapolis [MN] SOO NYC at east end house track Thrall due to hot box. Sixteen from head end, packing worn out, L-1 five and half by ten brass repacked 8-10-63, lubricating pad. Delayed 25 minutes. -IWB

615 AM
Second 679 Extra 5401D West Conductor Moody will leave train at Napavine and run to Chehalis Junction with enginee and assist Trainmaster [E.P.] Hughes re-railing NP 87632 which is derailed on crossover. -IWB

650 AM
After re-railing NP 87632 Second 679 put car on east leg of wye at Chehalis Junction. Chehalis Switch will hand this car carefully from Chehalis Junction to a convenient track at Chehalis and Carman Kelso on Monday will arrange for repairs. Needs brasses and wedge trailing trucks. -IWB

800 AM
January 7 Number 640 left Auburn 117 OM with 41-29-3908.
January 7 Number 642 not run.
January 8 Number 600 left Aubun 1245 AM with 47-16-3956.
January 8 Number 606 left Auburn 530 AM with 57-37-4903. -IWB

805 AM
January 7 Crew Three departed Auburn 645 PM with 24-56-3171, arrived Tacoma 825 PM, departe 955 PM with 20-15-2059, arrive Auburn 1100 PM.
January 7 Crew Four departed Auburn 530 PM with 6-1-552, arrived Seattle 755 PM with 8-9-911, departed Seattle 8 55 PM with 35-42-3064, arrived Auburn 1005 PM. Number 600 departed Auburn 1245 AM with 47-16-3956, arrived Yakima 642 AM with 46-16-3892, departed 647 AM. Delayed 27 minutes Thrall meeting Number One and Number 25, 45 minutes Thrall set out hot box. -IWB

930 AM
Lining track between Mile Post Two and Three 12th Subdivision, no ballast for surfacing track. -J.T. Pipkin

11 AM
Refer to my F-27 report CD-1051 of December 29, 1965, regarding damage to house trainler. All concerned may close file in so far as responsibility for damaging trailer is concerned as Puget Sound Alaska Van Lines has informed Mr. W.J. Gould, Seattle, that they are assuming full responsibility and Form 512 will not now be required. Refer to W.J. Gould's file: W-5245 D-1. -IWB

1200 PM
Effective immediately UP RR Embargo Number 4795 issued January 7, 1966 against wheat only consigned or reconsigned Louis Dreyfus Co., Portland, OR. Exception: Shipments on permits issued by Mr. H.L. Crawford, Superintedent Transportation, UP, Portland, OR. -IWB

115 PM
Box Car Special Number Ten will departe Staples [MN] date with 32 large box for Auburn and 40 box for Spokane. See kept intact handling on close connections furnishing X-3 reports to cover. -E.S. Ulyatt

115 PM
Box Car Special Number 11 will depart Staples [MN] date with 75 or more Auburn and Spokane box. See kept intact hand through wihtout delay furnishing X-3 reports to cover. -E.S. Ulyatt

805 PM
Exta 5403D West about 615 PM reported at 300 pound rock near outside rail of siding at Hilsside about middle of siding. Slow order has been placed. Section Foreman Yakima arrange to remove first thing Monday AM when slow order may be taken down. -IWB

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