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The Bananaslug's Family!

Sometimes you just get lucky in life. Me, I got double lucky. My first luckout was when I met and married Betsy. And then, we made Andrea Laurel-- I can't get much luckier than that! Hooorah! Happy Dad! Proud Dad! Happy Husband! Proud Husband!

Betsy and I both grew up in San Jose when it was making the transition from sleepy agricultural center to Silicon Valley. She went to Camden High School (which doesn't exist anymore), West Valley College, and San Jose State. She got a teaching credential in Special Education, K-12, and has been a teacher off and on throughout our marriage. She currently substitute teaches at St. Peter School in Aurora while she gets her artificial knee problems straightened out. In between teaching, she's run a bookstore, been executive assistant to an electronics wholesaler, title clerk in a GM automobile dealership, and in management at a daycare center.
Andrea was born in 1988, and is finishing up high school at Kaneland High in Maple Grove, IL. She is incredibly bright, and incredibly dyslexic and owes a great debt to Jim Baen and Eric Flint for making a whole world of writing available to her electronically without DRM. In 2006 she will go to New Zealand and Australia as a member of a People to People Student Ambassador delegation.


My Wonderful Wife and Daughter at Play!

What a Family!

I sent Andrea and Betsy to Disneyland for the 50th Anniversary Celebration in the summer of 2005... and as you can see, they didn't have any fun at all. They met up with my sister Liana and her son Jason for a couple of days while they were there, too. I could have sworn that Betsy hated roller coasters, but I can see I was completely wrong about that.