Cats and Corgis-- What a Houseful!
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Cats and Corgis-- What a Houseful!

In the Bananaslug's House, there are cats and corgis! They have learned to co-exist, not always peacefully.


Corgi Neck Wrestling!

This ferocious-looking pair is really only playing...believe it or not. Lots of snarling and showing of teeth, but Ned and Ladybug wouldn't ever hurt each other.

In our house, the corgis and the cats have reached an agreement-- a solemn treaty, if you will. The cats have agreed that since it is in the nature of dogs to chase cats, they will allow themselves to be chased--
the cats have not agreed to be caught...which every so often leads to a dog with an advanced case of claws-in-the-nose.


Have you ever had a heart dog? That's a dog that steals her way into your heart, and no matter what, you'll always love that dog as if it were your own human child. Betsy has had two heart dogs since we've been married..."The Fabulous Jillie Dog" and Ladybug. Now 11, Ladybug is spry, ornery, and full of love and fun, with a wicked corgi sense of humor, and a corgi intelligence that keeps us hopping to stay ahead of her. She is the Queen of the Universe and Princess of All She Surveys.



Ned is Myrtlehill's Theodore E. Bear, aka Nedward-Bear, aka Dirty Dog, aka Mister Mupper, aka Daddy's Boy. He's my dog. Can't you tell?


The Rainbow Bridge
The saddest part of being a pet owner is that they live such short lives in comparison with our own. Here we share a wonderful poem that has comforted us in our times of loss...the Rainbow Bridge poem.


Bear, aka "Spicebear" is Andrea's dog. He's a pretty ugly corgi, as such things go, but he has a beautiful face, and such a sweet disposition that we couldn't give him up for adoption after we rescued him. He and Ned are almost the same age, and they are the Terrible Twosome. Sometimes they fight, because it's hard for them to be equals... Bear loves Andrea with all his huge corgi heart, and it is a beautiful thing to see.


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