Who IS this Walt Boyes guy?
Who IS this Walt Boyes guy?
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Here's more about me than you've ever wanted to know,
I am sure...

When I was in junior high, I decided, after reading a John Brunner science fiction novel, to be a polymath. My brain having failed me in this endeavor, I once again dipped into Brunner and announced I wanted to become "an encyclopedic synthesist." To a large extent I continue to want to do that, and have worked at it for all these years. I am now in my 50s, and I feel like I probably know enough about a lot of things, and how to find out a lot about the rest of it, to only feel a little embarrassment at hanging out my "synthesist" shingle.
That's fundamentally what I've been doing since David Spitzer and I got together and started Spitzer and Boyes LLC, and what I've been doing as editor in chief of CONTROL magazine.
And it is amazing, frankly, how much smarter I've gotten since I got this here bully pulpit at the magazine. (evil grin)
The truth is that I am having a great time playing with words for a living.

I am an oddity...I am a third generation native Californian, married to another. I was born in what is now Silicon Valley, and picked apricots and prunes for summer jobs where Apple Computer and other big computer companies now have their plants and headquarters. I am a product of both a Jesuit education and the University of California at Santa Cruz. Holy Bananaslug! In fact, I blog as BigBananaslug, and my nom de Bar at Baen's Bar and for Science Fiction Conventions is Bananaslug. You can read my Bananaslug blog at  The Big Yellow Book on LiveJournal.


I am a writer, editor, industry analyst and futurist...the very model of a modern big bananaslug. And here, for your interest and edification is a picture of the writer as a young slug.

What a job!

If I wanted to describe "job perfect" I'd be describing the job I do...at CONTROL, at Spitzer and Boyes, and the other writing and editing gigs I have going. This is so much fun, it ought to be illegal. I will never say I'd work for free, but if I won the lottery, I doubt my worklife would be much different.

I am a writer, editor, industry analyst and futurist...and anything else I can think of.

Baen's Universe: "A Three-Ring Circus of Science Fiction, Fantasy &
Recently, Eric Flint, renowned science fiction and alternate history novelist, and Editor of Baen's Universe, asked me to join the project as a member of the editorial committee. The committee consists of Flint; Paula Goodlett, the Assistant Editor; Sarah Hoyt, an accomplished author; Gorg Huff, author and editor, and myself. Baen's Universe will appear as an electronic magazine on a quarterly basis, and it is possible that a paper annual may be issued.
For more information, visit the Baen's Universe webpage.