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Progressive Era (1900-17)

General Resources // Foreign Policy // The Woman's Suffrage Movement
Other Women's Issues
Race and Ethnic Issues
Muckrakers, Writers and Social Critics
Social History
Labor, Business, Industry, and Economics

General Progressive Era Resources:
PBS American Experience - 1900
US Historical Census Data Browser

Foreign Policy:
Boxer Rebellion
The Boxer Rebellion
The Gathering Storm: The Boxer Rebellion
Ch'ing China: The Boxer Rebellion
Boxer Rebellion
Panama Canal Museum
Panama Canal - YouTube
Roosevelt Corollary

Progressive Era Reforms:

Susan B. Anthony House
1913 Suffrage Parade
75 Suffragists
Carrie Chapman Catt // Carrie Chapman Catt - Suffragist and Peace Advocate
Carrie Chapman Catt //
The 19th Amendment - Articles from the New York Times

Other Womean's Issues
Margaret Sanger Papers // Margaret Sanger by Gloria Steinam
Readings from Frances Kellor
Jane Addams
About Jane Addams
Hull House Museum (Jane Addams)

Race and Ethnic Issues:
The Niagara Movement

Muckrakers, Writers, and Social Critics
Muckrakers // McClure's Magazine Archives
Muckraking Journalism // McClure's Magazine
Everybody's Magazine // Cosmopolitan Magazine
Pittsburgh: A City Shamed by Lincoln Steffens
The Lessons of Ida Tarbell
Upton Sinclair
Jane Addams's Hull House as a Feminist Initiative
Florence Kelley - A Woman of Fierce Fidelity
Jack London's Writings
Introduction to The Shame of the Cities by Lincoln Steffens

Social History:

Religious Issues:

Walter Rauschenbusch and the Social Gospel
The Social Gospel
Hitting the Sawdust Trail with Billy Sunday
Image Gallery - Billy Sunday

The Center for John Dewey Studies


18th Amendment
The History of the Anti-Saloon League

Food and Drugs
Pure Food and Drugs Act of 1906
Harrison Narcotics Act // Thinking About Drug Legalization

The Galveston Hurricane


Early 20th Century Dance
Harry Houdini
Birth of a Nation - YouTube

Progressive Era Politics:

For more Eugene Debs and Socialists, see 19th Century Politics Page.

Robert LaFollette
Robert LaFollette
Robert LaFollette

Theodore Roosevelt

Theodore Roosevelt Speech - YouTube
Theodore Roosevelt Papers at the Library of Congress
Theodore Roosevelt Association
Theodore Roosevelt - Icon of the American Century
Theodore Roosevelt Birthplace
Theodore Roosevelt Biography
Theodore Roosevelt Biography
Picture Biography of Theodore Roosevelt
Theodore Roosevelt's Voice

Leon Czolgosz
Leon Czolgosz - McKinley's Assassin
Last Words of Leon Czolgosz
Early Movies - The Execution of Leon Czolgosz

17th Amendment

The 17th Amendment

William Howard Taft
Voice of William Taft - YouTube

Woodrow Wilson
Voice of Woodrow Wilson - YouTube

Other Political Topics

The Federal Reserve Bunk
Louis Brandeis // The People's Attorney - Louis Brandeis

Progressive Era Labor, Business, Industry, and Economics:
Industrial Workers of the World (IWW or Wobblies)
A Short History of the Wobblies
Inside an American Factory (1904)
Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire
The Triangle Shirtwaist Fire
The Triangle Shirtwaist Company Fire
Photos of Triangle Shirtwaist Fire
Frederick Taylor - Early Century Management Consultant
The Autobiography of Mother Jones
The Most Dangerous Man in Detroit - Walter Reuther and the Fate of American Labor
The Ludlow Massacre

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