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Peter and Sarah (Webb) Spangler Family Album and Research Page


Peter and Sarah (Webb) Spangler

Pictured (L to R) Campbell Craft Spangler, John Henry Spangler, Mattie (Spangler) Belcher, Travis F. Spangler, Carr Bailey Spangler, Joseph Wiley Spangler, Nellie Jane (Spangler) Gibson, William Sinclair Spangler, Francis Catherine (Spangler) Webb, Polly Ann (Spangler) Adams. Note: all the sons were named after noteworthy Confederate Soldiers 

Children of Peter and Sarah (Webb) Spangler
Possibly a reverse copy of the original


Nelson R. and Frances Catherine (Spangler) Webb



Giving Credit where Credit is due:

When I first came across research done on the Spangler family, I was quite impressed. It included a family history going back to 1100. Quite a researcher I thought at the time, until I found the Actual source of this history. Most of subsequent research on the Spangler family all seems to trace back to one or two books: 1. Spangler, Edward Webster: The annals of the families of Caspar, Henry, Baltzer and George Spengler, who settled in York County respectively in 1729, 1732, 1732 and 1751...York, Pa., 1896 And 2. Farley, Belmont Mercer: Eight centuries of Spanglers : twenty-two generations from 1150 A.D. to 1939 A.D. : descendants of George Spangler (1150-1190),... Washington D.C.: 1939. 

From this source we have the passager list from the Port of Philadephia listing all Spanglers. While there was a migratory trail that roughtly follows modern US 11, the colony of Virginia did not rely on the colony of Pennsylvania for its immigrants. While it is possible my Spanglers did follow US 11 into Virginia, the various ports off the Chesapeake Bay cannot be ruled out as possible immigration points.       

Peter's Parents:

David Spangler(b. 1811 Whythe Co. VA d. after 1865 Lee Co. VA) m. Mary (?) SPANGLER (b. 1813 Shenandoah Co. VA d. after 1865 Lee Co. VA. Although this is a less common family name, It seems this family's members, who had the same first name, had a tendancy to marry spouses who had the same first name. I do know there are at least two sets of David and Mary Spangler and George and Catherine Spangler


Mary, Susan, Peter, Levi, Michael, Abraham, Joseph, Elchaner/Elkanah/Ethanah, Benjamin F./Doctor F./Frank

*All Seven sons joined the Confederate Army. Given they all enlisted on the same day, I suspect they were part of an independent home guard unit which was later formally joined with the Confederate Army. However, three sons died during the war. This assumes the Levi B. is the one who appears on the Wolfe Co. KY Census in 1870 is the son of David and Mary. If this Levi is not the son of David and Mary, then four sons died during the Civil War.   

*Who Did David Marry?   Either he had one wife named Mary or he had three wives and the first one and last one were named Mary. David was married in the 1830 Scott Co. VA Census. David's Widowed mother Catherine moved to Scott Co. VA in 1819 from Whythe Co. VA. Many have this David Spangler marring Christina Groseclose in Whythe Co. VA in 1836. I am inclinded to believe this is another David Spangler. 

Peter's Grandparents:    

1. As stated above I believe Mary is the mother of all of David's children. She was born in Shenandoah Co. VA. Since a marriage record has not been found, we do not know Mary's surname.

2. George SPANGLER (b. by 1755 d. 1812-1815 Wythe Co. VA) m. Catherine/Katrin (?) SPANGLER (b. 1767 NC d. After 1860 Scott Co. VA) 

Children: Michael, Elias, John, Giddian, David, Anna, Mary.