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 William/Christian(Christley)/Balzer/Johann and Peter fits in somewhere

Tracing the origins of the Tarter family of Pulaski County Kentucky is a problem. As of yet no one has sorted out which children belong to which set of parents. The primary sources available on the Internet call into question the links made by previous research. Add to the confusion, many existing trees vary on how this family is linked together. 

Revolutionary War Vet Peter Tarter states his family migrated from Pennsylvania to North Carolina to Virginia to Pulaski County Kentucky. Which other Tarter, or related, family members travelled with him is not mentioned. Nor does he mention other family members by name in his Pension Application.

I will work up the tree from William Tarter, whom I know to be my ancestor.    

William Tarter: William TARTER:(b. 1810 Pulaski Co. KY d. after 1880 Pulaski or Casey Co. KY) m. by 1844 Patsy (Butt) TARTER (b. 1824 Casey Co. KY d. after 1880 Pulaski or Casey Co. KY.

To repeat what is stated above: Which of the William Tarters (all born 1800-1810) belong to which family. On the 1830 Pulaski Co. KY Census there are two William Tarters the same age. On the 1840 Pulaski Co. KY Census there are three William Tarters the same age. This makes it difficult to decide who are the parents of which William Tarter. The linkage I am using matches typewriter written info I received many years ago. Here are the primary sources for the possible parents of William Tarter. 

The 1820 Pulaski Co. KY Census shows 7 Tarter heads of households, Christian/Christley Sr., Christley Jr., Jacob, Jesse, John Sr., John Jr., and Peter. On the 1820 Wythe Co. VA Census 4 Tarter heads of households Nicholas Sr., Nicholas Jr., John, and William.

Christian/Christley, John, and Peter appear on the 1810 Pulaski Co. KY Census. A Nicholas and John Darter appear on the 1810 Wythe Co. VA Census.

The 1800 Tax list reconstruction of the 1800 Census for Wythe Co. VA shows 7 Tarter head of households/taxpayers in Wythe Co. VA. A Palser(probably Balzer) estate, Peter, Christian, Frederick and Jacob are listed on page 23 personal property tax list A. And a Nicolas and Jacob are enumerated on page 19 of personal property tax list B. There is a John Tarter Burke Co. NC and a James, Samuel, and Thomas Darter in Mecklenburg Co NC for the 1800 North Carolina Census.

The 1793 tax list reconstruction of the 1790 Wythe Co. VA Census shows 6 Tartor heads of households. Nicholas, Palson/Balzar, Peter, Jacob, Jacob, John and Henry Tarter. I found no Tarter/Darter in NC for this Census. SO which family does this William belong?

Additional information: It now appears this William Tarter was married three times. First, to Eliza (Lambert) Tarter who was the mother of Keziah (Tarter) Henson. Eliza died soon after her birth. Second, to Elizabeth (Weddle) Tarter who was the mother of Fountain Tarter. Fountain's death certificate mentions his mother's maiden name was Weddle. She died soon after Fountain's birth. If William married again before the 1840 Census, there were no surviving children from this union. Third, to Martha/Patsey (Butt) Tarter. This couple produced 11 or 12 children.

William is found on the 1830,1840 and 1880 Pulaski Co. KY Census and the 1850 and 1870 Casey Co. KY Census. As of yet do not know which 1860 Census he might be found.

It is also possible William served in the 8th KY Cavalry (Union) with son-in-law Robert Henson and sons Henry, and Archibald. Archibald died July 27,1863. Son Ambrose Linsey joined the 13th KY Cavalry.

Christian/Christley Tarter:  If I knew which Christian Tarter I would put his dates. According to other researchers, my William Tarter was the son of Christley Tarter. The question is which one. 1. The widower who died in Pulaski Co. KY in 1855 at the age of 84. 2. The one who appears on the 1850 and 1860 Pulaski Co. KY Census with wife Elizabeth  Born about 1788. 3. The one who appears on 1780s Philadelphia Pennsylvania tax lists, making his birth year around 1755 or before. Or perhaps there is another Christley Tarter who could be William's father. Not to mention, there are several other Tarter families William could be the child.  

Balzar Tarter: B? D. 1800 Wythe County Virginia

We  know Balzar died and his Will was filed in Wythe County Virginia in 1800.The Will lists the names of his three youngest sons, two daughters, his wife(second wife?), and his brother. Some trees have him as the Immigrant Ancestor, arriving in either 1750 or 1763. Other trees have him as the son of the Immigrant Ancestor. So depending on the generation Balzar belongs will determine which is the correct birthdate.

Johann Anton Dorter or Johann Balthazar Derter

Those trees which do not have Balzar as the Immigrant Ancestor have either Johann Anton (arrived in Philadelphia in 1750) or Johann Balthazar (arrived in Philadephia in 1763) as the Immigrant Ancestor.