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John Wallis/Wallace Bates Sr., who died in what is today Letcher Co. KY, has been linked to three other individuals. 1. William Bates who died in Whythe Co. VA in 1811. 2 Lavinia (Light) Bates who was in Washington Co. VA 1810-1820. 3. Sarah (Waltrup) Bates. 4. James Bates of Eastern Kentucky

DNA test results: A direct male descendant of John Wallace Bates Sr. did the DNA test. He belongs to a group who claim to be descendant from William Bates of Essex County Virginia b. 1646 d. 1684. It also places him in the Haplogroup I-M253.

As the researchers of John Wallace Bates Sr. know. He is linked to two wives Lavina Light and Sarah Waltrip. There is the April 1812 Washington Co. VA deed where a John Bates gives the farm and other items to a John Light for Lavina Bates to release John Bates from any further support. It now appears that John Wallace Bates Sr. and Sarah (Waltrip) Bates met and married in Russell Co. VA, need to find proof this marriage did indeed take place the aforesaid County. So it is now very unlikely they married in NC by 1814. And the son of William Bates who left a will in 1811 Whythe Co. VA. There is a John Bates mentioned it this will. It would appear John Wallace Bates Sr. covered a lot of ground in 2 to 3 years. My question is what proof exists to show John Wallace Bates Sr. is any of these other John Bateses?

One must keep in mind the era in which they lived. Farming was necessary for survival, very labor intensive and time consuming. Travel was by foot or horse. Traveling was labor intensive, time consuming and very inconvenient. Between the years of 1811-1813 past researchers claimed John Wallace Bates Sr. travelled to Whytheville and other parts of Whythe Co. VA, Abingdon and other parts of Washington Co. VA, Lebanon and other parts of Russell Co. VA, and to somewhere in North Carolina to marry Sarah Waltrip.

Migration paths from Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Virginia converged in South Western VA. One cannot exclude the possibility of  other migrating John Bateses coming into this area. This fact alone calls into question a single John Bates being in all these places in so short a time.        

My opinion is two dynamics are at work with these links. First, people who have Bates ancestors from this area would like to be related to the Kentucky Giant Martin Van Buren Bates. Think this is odd, ask any Lee researcher and they have a story of how their family is  related to Robert E. Lee. Second, the existence of a place called Russell Co. VA. The problem here people lived in this county, but the records from this era are incomplete. It now appears the Russell Co. VA records are not as incomplete as I was led to believe. The 1820 Census is the earliest surviving Census for this county. There are tax list reconstructed Censuses from 1810, 1800, and 1790. As a result many researchers overlook the possibility of an ancestor living in Russell Co. VA during this time. And link their ancestors to the wrong people. 

Given the things mentioned above, I began to question these links. Now for the items I think are in fact John Wallace Bates Sr. 

1. Who I can confirm is John Wallace Bates Sr.             

Now to work backwards in time. From the Kentucky Giant’s marriage record to Anna Swan we know his father’s full name was John Wallace Bates. Also spelled WalIis or Wallas.

The 1860 Letcher Co. KY Census shows the household of Sarah Bates with a Martin V. The Census Taker noted Martin Weighed 342 pounds. Little doubt this is the Kentucky Giant. So we now know the Giant's mother is Sarah Bates.

The 1850 Letcher Co. KY Census lists Sarah as a widow and Children Robert(not Roland), Sarah Ann, Henderson, Mary Jane, and Martin V. B. John Wallace Bates Sr. died when the Giant was a child of no more than 12 years old. So any pictures of The Giant with his father have to be called into question.

The 1840 Perry Co. KY Census shows the household of John Baits? as 1m(5-10), 2m(10-15), 2m(15-20), 1m(50-60), 1f(0-5), 1f(5-10), 1f(40-50). I think this Census has several recording errors.

The 1830 Perry Co.KY Census shows the household of John W Bates as 2m(0-5), 2m(5-10), 1m(15-20), 1m(50-60), 1f(0-5), 2f(10-15), 1f(15-20), 1f(30-40). This places John Sr. birthdate between 1770-1780.      

I have always thought in the research on John Wallace Bates Sr. overlooked Russell Co. VA. I had info that John Wallace Bates Jr. was born in Russell Co. VA. I looked at the 1820 Russell Co. VA Census and may have found the first time Senior’s is listed as John W. Bates. 

The 1820 Russell Co. VA Census show the household of John W. Bates had 1m(0-10), 1m(over 45), 3f(0-10), 2f(26-45). Looks like John Sr and Jr., Sarah, Martha, Elizabeth, perhaps Margaret and one other female. Birth date for Sr. 1775 or before. FYI the info from the 1830 Perry Co. KY Census shows these same children again. Who is the second female aged 26-45? If this is John's daughter from a previous family. This would mean John's previous wife died. Then the linkage to Lavina would most likely be incorrect.

Now for these two court cases:

Russell County Court Records, Bk 5, page 164

November 2, 1814

The Commonwealth                }               On a Rule to show
        against                 }               cause v. filing an Inf
John Bates              deft    }               for Adultery
same                            }               On a Rule to show
        against                 }               cause v. filing an Inf
Sarah Waltrip           deft    }               for fornication

So these two got together in Russell Co. VA. He was married she was not.

Russell Co. VA Court Records, Bk 5 page 188

March 7, 1815           [Russell Co. VA]

The Commonwealth                        }
        against                         }on a presentment
Sarah Waltrip   - - - - - - defendant   }for profane swearing
The defendant being proved guilty of profane swearing five
oaths it is considered by the court that the Court recover
against the dft four dollars & fifteen cents for the same & the
costs of this prosecution.

So what was Sarah lying about?

Many researchers list the following children for John Wallace Bates Sr. and Sarah (Waltrip) Bates. 1. John Wallace Bates Jr., 2. Martha, 3. Elizabeth, 4. Jesse, 5. James, 6. Roland, 7. Robert, 8. Uriah, 9. Sarah Ann, 10. Henderson, 11. Mary Jane, 12. Martin "the Giant" 13. Miles. 

From the Censuses the list of Children for John Wallace Bates Sr. and Sarah Waltrip are: John Wallace Bates Jr., Martha, Elizabeth, one unknown female Margaret?, Jesse, James, Robert, Uriah, Sarah, Henderson, Mary Jane, and Martin "The Giant". I think Roland is a misreading of Robert on the 1850 Census, I see no signs of a Miles Bates with this family.  

John Wallace Bates Sr. Appears to be born between 1770-1775. This means he should be found on the 1810, 1800 and possibly the 1790 Census.

Now for the uncertain items.
Where was John Wallace Bates Sr. in 1810, possibly in the counties of Caroline, Madison, Prince William, or Washington. He was not listed on the 1810 Reconstructed Russell Co. VA Census.

In 1800 a John Bates is found in Caroline, Franklin, and Prince George.

Now we have to break the info down for each county. In Russell Co. VA.  

Also on the 1820 Russell Co. VA Census, A Polly Waltrup. In her household, 2m(0-10), 1m(10-16), 1f(0-10), 2f(16-26) and 1f(over 45). If Polly is related to Sarah Waltrup, the marriage to John Wallace Bates Sr. may have occurred in Russell Co. VA instead of North Carolina.

On this same page appears a John Wallace who is over 45 years of age. Seems to be too much of a coincidence here. 

From the 1814 Russell Co. VA Land Tax list, partial or complete tax list?

Bates, John Russell County 50 acres On Little Cedar Creek>From John Hicks to John of 50 acres by deed. I have found no record of when John Bates purchased this land or when it was sold.

Wallace, John Jr.Russell County 75 acres New Garden big Mountain 46 acres Adjoining the same

Wallace, John Sr.106 acres In New Garden 12 acres Adjoining the same.

From the special 1815 tax many more things became taxable to pay for the War of 1812.

JOHN WALLICE (WALLACE), JNR., one farm in the New Garden, 111 acres having thore on one dwelling house of wood, one and a half stories, 22 feet by 18 feet, one barn of wood, one, stable, one spring house, one kitchen, one corn house, valued at $222.

JAMES WALLIS (WALLACE), one farm in the New Garden, 72 acres having thereon one dwelling house of wood, one story, 19 feet, by 16 feet, one stable, one loom house of wood, valued at $72.

JOHN WALLIS (WALLACE) SENIOR, , one farm in the New Garden, 118 and a half acres having thereon one dwelling house of wood, two stories, 22 feet by 18 feet, one barn of wood, 2 stables, one loom house, one spring house of wood, hen house and school house of wood, valued at $200.

Possible prior residences in 1800. From the Reconstructed Census of 1800, John Wallaces are found in counties of Brunswick, Charlotte, Culpepper, James City, Lunenburg, Notoway.  

The Wallace family purchased land in Russell Co. VA as early as 1806. If John Wallace Bates Sr. migrated to Russell Co. VA with the Wallace family, perhaps this is his mother's family, then the accepted links from  Whythe, Washington Co. VA and NC are wrong. 

2. John Bates in Washington Co. VA

In Washington Co. VA for the 1810 Census we have John Light, Samuel Light and a John Biats living next to each other. My guess is, this is the John Bates who divorced Lavina. All three men are the same age (26-45) Born between 1765-1784.

In the 1810 household of John Biats we have 2m(0-10), 1m(26-45) 1f(0-10), 1f(26-45). If this is John Wallace Bates Sr., He would be 25-30 years old in 1800 at earliest possible date for the birth of the oldest child in this family. Either he married late or there maybe another family prior to this one.  
Compare this to the 1820, Lavinah's household contains 3m(0-10), 2m(10-16), 1f(10-16) 1f(26-45).  The older sons and daughter match the 1810 Census. However, in 1812 a divorce settlement agreement between John Bates and John Light regarding Lavina Bates was recorded in Washington Co. VA. So either this couple produced 3 sons between 1810-April 1812 or do we have the reason for the divorce. Does the paternal DNA for the three younger sons match the older two sons?

For 1830 Lavina Bates and brother John Light appear on the  Pulaski Co., KY Census. Lavina's  household has 1m(10-14), 2m(15-19), 5m(20-29), 1f(15-19), 1f(40-49).

Research reveals the names of children that were on the 1810 Census were Elizabeth, Thomas, and James Bates. The names of the sons born after 1810 is still unknown. Elizabeth moved to CA, James appears to have never married and Thomas seems to the progenitor of the Bateses in Pulaski Co., KY.     

So did this John Bates migrate to Washington Co. VA with the Light Brothers? A John Light is listed on the 1800 Halifax Co. VA Census. 

3. John Bates of Whythe Co. VA.

"DAR rejects John Wallace Bates Sr. as son of Rev. War soldier William Bates who died in Whythe County VA in  1811.” The DAR has answered this question by the rejection of submitted DAR applications. I will keep the following information on this page for future reference, but bracketed out.  

[Now lets jump over the Whythe Co VA. A will for William Bates was filed 12Mar1811.  There is a John Bates mentioned as one of the executors, but is not specifically mentioned as one of the children. In the copies I have, John Bates is not mentioned in any of the succeeding probate documents.   

William Bates appears to be in this area as early as 1790. So did this John Bates travel with William Bates in 1790?]

4. Son of James Bates of Eastern KY.

One source has John Wallace Bates Sr. the son of James Bates who settled on Boone Fork in what is today Letcher Co. KY, in 1805. And this James Bates is the progenitor of all the Bateses in Eastern KY.

So which of these John Bateses is John Wallace Bates Sr.? Further proof has to be found to link John Wallace Bates Sr. with any of these of other John Bateses.           

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