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Ancestors List
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Surname List

Click on the Surname hyperlink in the following list to go directly to the first appearence of this Surname in my list, then click on the surname in blue text,hyperlink, to see that person's father. When you run out of blue text you have reached as far as my research goes. To return to the Surname list at the top of this page, click on the numbers in blue.

NOTES:- (US) Civil War Veteran,Union, - (CS) Civil War Veteran, Confederate,- (12) War of 1812 Veteran,- (R) Revolution War Veteran


Unknown SurnameList

Ann (?) COMBEST, Anna (?) JOHNSON, Jane (?) HENDERSON, Winnafield (?) SIMPSON, Catherine/Katrin (?) SPANGLER, Mary (?) SPANGLER, Patsey (?) TARTER,

8. Albert Harrison LEE: (b.08Apr1883 Casey Co. KY d.27Jun1943 Casey Co. KY) m1 25Nov1904 in Casey Co. KY to Mary (BREEDING) LEE. m2 15Oct1914 Casey Co. KY to Polly Ann (ATWOOD) LEE

9. Polly Ann (ATWOOD) LEE: (b. 11Jan1883 Casey Co. KY d. 01Nov1962 Casey Co. KY)

10. Hancil Hugh HARRISON:(b. 17Jun1893 Adair Co. KY d. 19Jul1967 Casey Co. KY) m1 14May1918 Adair Co. KY Mary Lona (SALLEE) HARRISON, m2Ivadean (LEE) HARRISON (b. 16Apr1919 KY d. 21Oct2006 KY)

11. Mary Lona (SALLEE)HARRISON:(b. 07Dec1898 Casey Co. KY d. 04Jul1929 Adair Co. KY)

12. Jackey C./Emery Wilson "J.C." CAUDILL: (b. 14Jul1883 Wise Co. VA d. 16May1981 Letcher Co. KY) m 17Sep1903 Letcher Co. KY America (ADAMS) CAUDILL

13. America (ADAMS) CAUDILL (b. 06Jan1885 Letcher Co. KY d. 19Oct1963 Casey Co. KY)

14. Samuel J. BATES: (b. 20Jun1892 Letcher Co. KY d. 18Feb1940 Letcher Co. KY) m. 09Feb1914 Letcher Co. KY Polly Ellen (WEBB) BATES WHITAKER

15. Polly Ellen (WEBB) BATES WHITAKER: (b. 07Jun1896 Letcher Co. KY d. 26Sep1966 Letcher Co. KY) m2 Brack WHITAKER

16.Stephen Bartholomew Tholet LEE: (b.23Jan1856 Fentress Co. TN d. 14Oct1930 Casey Co. KY) m1 c. 1876 Fentress Co. TN Catherine (COOPER) LEE,m2 Apr1880 Fentress Co. TN Sarah (MULLINIX)LEE, m3 07Feb 1922 Casey Co. KY Rebecca (DERRINGER) LEE SAPP

17. Sarah Ellen or Elizabeth(MULLINIX) LEE: (b. 31Jan1862 Fentress Co. TN d.26Jul1917 Casey Co. KY)

18. Calvin Franklin ATWOOD: (b. 27Feb1861 Casey Co. KY d. 22Nov1939 Casey Co. KY) m1 05Feb1881 Casey Co. KY to Mary (EDWARDS) ATWOOD, m2 Casey Co. KY 09Aug1906 Addie (BUFFIN) ATWOOD, m3 21Mar1912 Casey Co. KY Sarah A. (BLACK) WEAVER ATWOOD

19. Mary Catherine (EDWARDS) ATWOOD: (b. 4May1858 Casey Co. KY d. 01Feb1904 Casey Co. KY)

20. Charles T. HARRISON: (b. 29May1847 Washington Co. KYd. 11Feb1911 Adair Co. KY) m. 11Jul1871 Adair Co. KY Sarah E. (SIMPSON) HARRISON

21. Sarah Eliza (SIMPSON) HARRISON: (b. Sep1852 Taylor Co. KY d. 14Jan1925 Adair Co. KY)

22. Corneilius/Nealer Daniel SALLEE:(b.09Sep1873Mercer Co. KY d. 09Sep1937 Adair Co. KY) m1 06Mar1898 Casey Co. KY Luetta/Loretta F. (TARTER) SALLEE m2 1Aug1913 J.D. Burton's, Adair Co. KY Susie (BURTON) SALLEE

23. Luetta/Loretta (TARTER) SALLEE: (b. 03Mar1878 Casey Co. KY d. 1905-1910 Casey Co. KY)

24. Jerry "J.C."(CS)WELLS (b. 27Mar1843 Wise Co. VA d. 11Mar1923 East Stone Gap Wise Co. VA

25. Elizabeth CAUDILL: (b. 1861 KY d. 1891 VA) m2? a Hughes or New.

26. John L. ADAMS: (b. 30Jun1854 Letcher Co. KY d. 14Nov1915 Letcher Co. KY) m. 23Jan1878 Letcher Co. KY Jane (LUCAS) ADAMS

27. Jane (LUCAS) ADAMS: (b. Jun1860 Letcher Co. KY d. 07Jan1854 Letcher Co. KY)

28. Robert BATES: (b.10Dec1847 Floyd Co. KY d. 11Feb1930 Letcher Co. KY)m1 Floyd Co. KY Angie (MULLINS) BATES m2 1886 Letcher Co. KY Eliza (LUCAS) BATES

29. Eliza (LUCAS) BATES: (b. 09Feb1868 Letcher Co. KY d. 17Jan1962 Letcher Co. KY)

30.Nelson Robinette WEBB: (b. 12Mar1860 Letcher Co. KY d. 06Mar1945 Letcher Co. KY) m. 09Nov1882 Letcher Co. KY Frances Catherine (SPANGLER) WEBB.

31. Frances Catherine (SPANGLER) WEBB: (b. 13Jul1868 Lee Co. VA d. 08Jun1959 Letcher Co. KY)

32. Bartholet LEE: (b. 1825 Fentress Co. TN d. 1873 Casey Co. KY) m1 c. 1848 Fentress Co. TN unknown m2? Hollie (JOHNSON) FULTON, m3 c.1858 Fentress Co. TN Catherine (WILLIAMS) LEE LEE

33. Hollie (JOHNSON) FULTON: (b. 1834 Fentress? Co. TN d. 1907-1910 Morgan Co. TN) m2? by 1860 Fentress Co. TN Daniel/David FULTON

34. Nathanial (US) MULLINIX: (b. 1835 Fentress Co. TN d. 15Jan1864 POW Henrico Co. VA) m. 16Dec1855 Fentress Co. TN Mary/Polly (COBB) MULLINIX.

35. Mary/Polly (COBB) MULLINIX: (b. 17Aug1839 Fentress Co. TN d. 14Jan1908 Casey Co. KY)

36. James H. ATWOOD:(b.13Oct1824 NCorVA d. 24Apr1874 Casey Co. KY) m. c. 1847 Casey? Co. KY to Mary M. WARD

37. Mary M. (WARD) ATWOOD: (b. 16May1821 Casey Co. KY d. 24Feb1904 Casey Co. KY)

38.Tolbert (US) EDWARDS: (b. 1834 Adair Co. KY d. 09Aug1865 Casey Co. KY) m. 05Feb1857 Casey Co. KY Martha F. (LANHAM)EDWARDS

39. Martha F. (LANHAM) EDWARDS: (b. 1Jan1835 Casey Co. KY d. 6Jan1912 Casey Co. KY)

40. James HARRISON (b. 1820 KYor VA d. after 1860) m 23Sep1838 Jefferson Co. TN to Nancy A. MITCHELL

41. Nancy A. (MITCHELL) HARRISON: (b. 1821 TN d. after 1867 KY)

42. Jesse R. SIMPSON (b. 1802 Pittsylvainia Co. VA d. after 1887 Adair Co. KY)

43. Winnafield (?) SIMPSON (b. 1812 Adair Co. KY d. after 1892 Adair Co. KY)

44. Jordan (US) SALLEE: (b. 04Oct1834 Mercer Co. KY d. 18Oct1907 Casey Co. KY) m1 Elizabeth (YEAST) SALLEE m2 11Jul1871 Washington Co. KY Elizabeth (WILHAM)SALLEE

45. Elizabeth (WILHAM) SALLEE: (b. 12Feb1852 Mercer Co. KY d. 19Feb1930 Casey Co. KY)

46. Ambrose Linsey (US) TARTER: (b. 29Dec1847 Casey Co. KY d. 22Aug1922 Casey Co. KY) m1 10Mar1874 Pulaski Co. KY Nancy Jane (HENDERSON) TARTER, m2 4Feb1904 Casey Co. KY Jane Ellen (LAWLESS) TARTER

47. Nancy Jane (HENDERSON) TARTER: (b. 13Jun1852 Pulaski Co. KY d. 05Jun1898 Casey Co. KY)

48. Tom Wells?

50. Jesse H. (US?) CAUDILL: (b. 1835 Perry Co. KY d. 1880-1883 Wise Co. VA) m. Isabell (CAUDILL) CAUDILL

51. Isabell (CAUDILL) CAUDILL: (b. Apr1834 Perry Co. KY d. 1905? Lee? Co. VA)

52. Allen (US?) ADAMS:(b.Dec1826 Perry Co. KY d. 1910-1913 Letcher Co. KY) m 23Aug1849 Floyd Co. KY Cynthia Ann (THORNSBERRY) ADAMS

53. Cynthia Ann (THORNSBERRY) ADAMS: (b. 1832 Floyd Co. KY d. 15Jan1913 Letcher Co. KY)

54. and 58. Aaron LUCAS:(b. Mar1829 Russell? Co. VA d. 1923 Letcher Co. KY) m. Eliza (VANOVER) LUCAS

55. and 59. Eliza (VANOVER) LUCAS: (b. Dec1830 Russell? Co. VA d. 1904 Letcher Co. KY)

56. John Wallis BATES Jr.: (b. 1814 VA or TN d.1870-1880 Floyd Co. KY) m. Elizabeth (HALL) BATES

57.Elizabeth (HALL) BATES (b. 1817 Floyd Co. KY d. 1900-1910 Knott Co. KY)

60. Miles Mayo WEBB: (b. 27Jul1822 Perry Co. KY d. 20Sep1912 Letcher Co. KY) m. about 1844 Mary/Polly (HOLBROOK) WEBB

61. Mary/Polly (HOLBROOK) WEBB: (b. 13Feb1826 Perry Co. KY d. 23Oct1892 Letcher Co. KY

62. Peter SPANGLER: (b. 30Dec1831 Scott Co. VA d. 28May1899 Letcher Co. KY) m1. 01Feb1866 Lee Co. VA Sarah Ann (WEBB) SPANGLER m2 Jane (HARROW) SPANGLER

63. Sarah Ann (WEBB) SPANGLER: (b. 28Jan1848 Letcher Co. KY d. 28Oct1889).

64. William LEE: (b. 1785 VA d. 1857-1858 Fentress Co. TN) m.13Mar1817 Botetourt Co. VA Matilda (ONEY) LEE

65. Matilda (ONEY) LEE: (b. Surry Co. VA by 1801 d. Mar 1870 Casey Co. KY)

66. Stephen S.JOHNSON: (b. 7Aug1793 NC d. 1875-1880 Fentress Co. TN) m. 1819 Anna (?) JOHNSON

67. Anna (?) JOHNSON: (b. 1802 NC d. 1875-1880 Fentress Co. TN)

68. Isham MULLINIX:(b. 1810 Overton Co. TN d. 1854-1859 Fentress Co. TN) m. 1834 Fentress Co. TN Lavinia (BOSWELL) MULLINIX PULSE

69.Lavinia (BOSWELL) MULLINIX PULSE: (b. 1813 Overton Co. TN d. 1876-1880 Fentress Co. TN) m2 11Oct1859 Fentress Co. TN John (12) Pulse/Pults (b. 1789 d. 12Feb1876 Fentress Co. TN.

70. Jesse (12) COBB: (b. 1791 SC d. 1864 Fentress Co. TN) m1 1815 Overton? Co TN Jenetta (STEPHENS) COBB m2 1851-1859 Fentress Co. TN Elizabeth (?) JOHNSON COBB

71. Jenetta (STEPHENS) COBB: (b. 1797 SC d. 1850-1860 Fentress Co. TN)

72. James ATWOOD: (b. 1794 VA d. 1873 Casey Co. KY) m. 12Nov1810 Surry Co. NC to Margaret MCCOLLUM

73. Margaret (MCCOLLUM) ATWOOD: (b. 1793 NC d. 30Apr1877 Casey Co. KY)

74. Benjamin WARD: (b. 1774 VA d. 1861 Casey Co. KY) m1? m2 20Feb1820 Casey Co. KY Margaret/Peggy (SHOOK) WARD

75. Margaret/Peggy (SHOOK) WARD (b. 1788 VA d.1850-1855 Casey Co. KY)

76. Joseph B. (US) EDWARDS: (b. 1812 Franklin?VA d. 05Feb1885Casey Co. KY) m. 08Feb1834 Casey Co. KY Ellender (BRANNON?) EDWARDS

77. Ellender (BRANNON?) EDWARDS (b. 1814 KY d. 1891-1900 Casey Co. KY)

78. Andrew (12) Jackson LANHAM: (b. 1796 VA d. 24Dec1868 Casey Co. KY) m1. 3Jun1821 Casey Co. KY Polly A. (LOWE) LANHAM, m2 12Feb1865 Casey Co. KY Elizabeth Betsy (Goodman?) LANHAM LANHAM (Note double Lanham not a typo widow of brother Pleasant Lanham)

79. Polly (LOWE) LANHAM: (b. 1802 Lincoln Co. KY d. 21Oct1858 Casey Co. KY or Missouri)

88. John SALLEE: (b. 23Nov1808 Mercer Co. KY d. 26Aug1889 Mercer Co. KY) m1 10Jul1828 Mercer Co. KY Mary (PEAVLER) SALLEE. m2 Elizabeth (WILHAM) SALLEE.

89. Mary (PEAVLER) SALLEE (b. ? d. by 1839 Mercer Co. KY)

90. Corneilius Robert WILHAM: (b. 28Mar1823 Mercer Co. KY d. 16Jul1911 Casey Co. KY) m. 20Mar1849 Mercer Co. KY Susan Jane (YEAST) WILHAM

91. Susan Jane (YEAST) WILHAM: (b. Jan1824 Mercer Co. KY d. 1900-1910 Casey Co. KY)

92. William TARTER:(b. 1810 Pulaski Co. KY d. after 1870 Casey Co. KY) m. by 1844 Patsy (?) TARTER

93. Patsey (?) TARTER (b. 1824 Casey Co. KY d. after 1870 Casey Co. KY)

94. Nelson Calloway HENDERSON: (b. 28Apr1828 Claiborne Co. TN d. 11Nov1903 Casey Co. KY) m. 24May1851 Pulaski Co. KY Wealthy Ann (COMBEST) HENDERSON

95. Wealthy Ann (COMBEST) HENDERSON (b. 20Sep1832 Pulaski Co. KY d. Casey Co. KY 19Jul1909)

100. Henry CAUDILL: (b. 1785 NC d. 18Jun1856 Letcher Co. KY) m. Phebe (STRAILER) CAUDILL

101. Phebe (STRAILER) CAUDILL (b. 1795 NC d. 1870-1880 Letcher Co. KY)

102. Wilburn E. CAUDILL: (b. 1812 NC d. 1870-1880? Letcher? Co. KY) m. Nancy (CAUDILL) Caudill

103. Nancy (CAUDILL) CAUDILL: (b. 1816 d. 1894)

104. Stephen ADAMS:(b. 25Aug1804 Carter Co. TN d. 1873-1875 Letcher Co. KY) m1 25Sep1823 Perry Co. KY Elizabeth (WHITAKER) ADAMS m2 1844 Sarah (ADAMS) JONES ADAMS BROWN

105. Elizabeth (WHITAKER) ADAMS

106. Isaac THORNSBERRY (b. 1795 or 1804 Scott Co. VA d. by 1850 Floyd Co. KY) m. 06Oct1817 Scott Co. VA Eleanor (MCCUBBIN) THORNSBERRY

107. Eleanor (MCCUBBIN) THORNSBERRY (b. 1803 Scott Co. VA d. after 1860 Floyd Co. KY)

108. and 116. Parker LUCAS: (b. 1788 VA d. after 1870 Carter? Co. KY) m1. Unknown. m2. Susannah (FREILY) LUCAS (b. 1805 VA d. after 1870 Carter? Co. KY)

110. and 118. William (12) VANOVER: (b. 1794 VA or NC d. Oct1867 Perry Co. KY now Leslie Co. KY) m1 Susanna (WHITE) VANOVER m2 1833 Russell Co. VA. Jane (LUCAS) GIBSON VANOVER

111. and 119. Jane (LUCAS) GIBSON VANOVER (b. 1795 VA or NC d. 1884-1889 Letcher Co. KY) m1 Tom GIBSON

112. John Wallis BATES Sr. (b. 17May1779 NC or VA d. by 1845 Perry/Letcher Co. KY) m1 Russell Co. VA Levinia (LIGHT) BATES m2 Russell Co. VA Sarah (WALDRUP) BATES


120. and 252., Benjamin WEBB: (b. 1784 NC d.1867 Letcher Co.KY) m. Jane (ADAMS) WEBB

121. and 253. Jane (ADAMS) WEBB

122. Benjamin HOLBROOK: (b. 1804 NC d. 14Dec1874 Floyd Co. KY) m. 02Mar1820 Floyd Co. KY Nancy (JENKINS) HOLBROOK.

123. Nancy JENKINS

124. David SPANGLER: (b. 1811 Whythe Co. VA d. after 1865 Lee Co. VA) m. Mary (?) SPANGLER

125. Mary (?) SPANGLER (b. 1813 Shenandoah Co. VA d. after 1865 Lee Co. VA)

126. Enoch A. (CS) WEBB: (b. 1811 Floyd Co. KY d. 1880-1990 Letcher Co. KY) m1 04Jun1829 Perry Co. KY Susannah (POLLY) WEBB m2 by 1870 Letcher Co. KY Martha (LUCAS) WEBB

127. Sussannah (POLLY) WEBB

130.James ONEY (b. by 1774 Southampton Co. VA d. 4Oct1801-27Oct1801 Surry Co. VA) m. by 1795 Southampton Co. VA Mazey (BOOTH) ONEY TILLOT MADDERA

131. Mazey (BOOTH) ONEY TILLOT MADDERA (b. by 1777? VA d.17Jul1854 Bedford Co. VA)m2 18Feb1804 Surry Co. VA Thomas G. Tillott(b. ? d. by May1811 Surry Co. VA) m3 25Feb1812 Surry Co. VA William Maddera (b.? d. after 17Jul1854 Bedford Co. VA?)

132.James (R) JOHNSON (B. 10May1759 Near Murfreesboro NC D. 30Mar1838 Roane Co. TN) m 15?Jan1783 William Bennett's Home Granville Co. NC Delila (BENNETT) JOHNSON

133. Delila (BENNETT) JOHNSON (B. 21Jul1767 Bute Co. NC D. after 1841 Morgan Co. TN)

136. Eli MULLINIX (b. 1770-1780 TN d. 1842 Fentress Co. TN) m. Sarah (DYCHE) MULLINIX

137 Sarah (DYCHE/DYKES) MULLINIX (b. 1783 TN d. 1860-1870 Fentress Co. TN)

138. Andrew BOSWELL:(b. 1780-1790 d. by 1850?)m1? Mary Chaney m2? Elizabeth Fields

139. Mary CHANEY

140. Asa COBB:m Fannie (COKER) COBB

141. Fannie (COKER) COBB:

152. Hickman EDWARDS: (b. 1788 VA d. after 1860 Casey Co. KY) m. 18Apr1811 Franklin Co. VA Eliza (OSLEY) EDWARDS

153.Eliza (OSLEY) EDWARDS: (b. 1793 VA d. after 1860 Casey Co. KY

156. Greenberry (R) LANHAM: (b. ? d. bef 1813) m. 25May1785 in VA Catherine (NIGHTENGALE?) LANHAM

157. Catherine (NIGHTENGALE?) LANHAM (b. 1760-1770 d. before 1853 Casey Co. KY)

158. Thomas LOWE: (b. 1775 d. 24Aug1848-2Sep1848 Casey Co. KY) m. 12Mar1801 Lincoln Co. KY Elizabeth Betsy (MASON) LOWE

159. Elizabeth Betsy (MASON) LOWE(b. 1785 Lincoln Co. KY d. after 1870 Census)

176. John SALLEE: (b. 1781 VA d. before 1850 Mercer Co. KY) m 27Jan1801 Mercer Co. KY Mary (CLARK) SALLEE

177. Mary (CLARK) SALLEE

178. Christopher PEAVLER

180. Thomas WILHAM: (b. 1794 Wayne Co. VA now KY d.?) m. 01Oct1816 Mercer Co. KY Polly JAROD or RADFORD

181. Polly (JAROD or RADFORD) WILHAM: (b. VA d. ?)

182. Jacob? YEAST: (b. ? d. bef 1831 Mercer Co. KY) m. 22Feb1809 Mercer Co. KY Elizabeth (PHILLIPS?) YEAST CORN

183. Elizabeth (PHILLIPS?) YEAST CORN: (b. 1785 VA d. after 1850 Mercer Co. KY) m2 Timothy (R) CORN

188. William Green HENDERSON: (b. 1794 Claiborne? Co. TN d. after 1860 Nevada? Co. CA) m. Jane (?) HENDERSON

189. Jane (?) HENDERSON: (b. 1802 NC d. after 1860 Nevada? Co. CA)

190. Samuel D. COMBEST: (b. 19Apr1808 Pulaski Co. KY d. 04Jan1897 Pulaski Co. KY) m1 02Dec1831 Pulaski Co. KY Nancy (HAMMONS) COMBEST m2 Pulaski Co. KY Lucy Ann (ROY) COMBEST


200. James CAUDILL: (b. 1753 VA d. 30May1840 Perry Co. KY) m. Mary (ADAMS) CAUDILL


204. William CAUDILL: (b. 1790 SC d. 1870-1880 Wilkes Co. NC) m. 26Oct1811 Wilkes Co. NC Rachel (JOINES) CAUDILL

205. Rachel (JOINES) CAUDILL

206. William CAUDILL: (b. 1786 Wilkes? Co. NC d. 27Jul1880 Letcher Co. KY) m. NC Nancy (CRAFT) CAUDILL

207. Nancy (CRAFT) CAUDILL

212. John THORNSBERRY: (b. 02Aug1773 Scott Co. VA or TN d. 1827 VA) m. 23May1793 Greene Co. TN Susannah (STARNS) THORNSBERRY

213. Susannah (STARNS) THORNSBERRY: (b. 1775 TN or VA d. ?)

216. and 232. Parker LUCAS

240. and 504. James (R) WEBB: (b. 1751 d. 31Dec1825 Perry Co. KY) m. Elizabeth (NELSON) WEBB

241. and 505. Elizabeth/Letty (NELSON) WEBB: (b. d. Perry Co. KY)

244. Randolph HOLBROOK (b. 1770 NC d. 1847 Letcher Co. KY) m. Elizabeth (ADAMS) HOLBROOK

245. Elizabeth (ADAMS) HOLBROOK

248. George/Yourg SPANGLER (b. ? d. 1812-1815 Scott or Wythe Co. VA) m. Catherine/Katrin (?) SPANGLER

249. Catherine/Katrin (?) SPANGLER: (b. ? d. by 1830 Scott Co. VA)

260. Thomas ONEY (b. by 1755 Southampton Co. VA d. by 1795 Southampton Co. VA)

266. William BENNETT

276. Samuel BOSWELL

380. Samuel COMBEST: (b. 25Oct1772 Chester Co. SC d. 25Jul1844 Russell Co. KY) m 26Dec1799 Chester Co. SC Sarah (DICK) COMBEST

381. Sarah (DICK) COMBEST

520. Leonard ONEY (b. by 1735 Isle of Wight or Southampton Co. VA d. by 1779 Southampton Co. VA)

760. John COMBEST

761. Ann (?) COMBEST

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