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Tarter Research Dilemma   

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Tarter Research Dilemma

Who is John Wallace Bates Sr. is related? And where is the proof?

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Brick Walls

  • William Lee and Matilda (Oney) Lee:(b. 1785 VA d. 1857-1858 Fentress Co. TN) m.13Mar1817 Botetourt Co. VA Matilda (ONEY) LEE(b. Surry Co. VA by 1801 d. Mar 1870 Casey Co. KY)Daughter of James ONEY and Masey (BOOTH)ONEY TILLOT MADDERA. UPDATE:(5/14/2011)ERRORS RUN AMOK. I do not know where to begin in explaining what I have found on the Internet regarding mis-informantion this family. As best I can sort out, A new William Lee has been created from information on at least three different Lee men. And during this creation of this Superman William Lee, he became nobility, simutaneously lived in three different places. This is the big downside to Internet Genealogy.  ATTENTION: DNA testing has shown the descendants of Marion B. Lee and Stephen Bartholomew Lee do not have the same male ancestor. So one of three possibilities exist. 1. Marion B. Lee was the son of Bartholet Lee and Stephen B. Lee is not. 2. Stephen B. Lee was the son of Bartholet Lee and Marion B. Lee is not. 3. Neither Marion B. Lee nor Stephen B. Lee are sons of Bartholet Lee and both families simply carry the name. To answer the question above we need at least one direct male descendant from the following families to take the DNA test offered by Relative Genetics contact person and info is at the bottom of this page.1. William M. LEE (b. 1859 Fentress Co. TN d. 17Dec1938 Casey Co. KY) m. (19Mar1888 Casey Co. KY)Martha J. (FAIR) SHORT LEE.2.Willis LEE (b. 11Nov1860 Fentress Co. TN d. 12Mar1951 Casey Co. KY) m. (06Jul1882 Casey Co. KY)Cynthia (COMBS) LEE and .3.Vanquelon LEE(b. 24Jul1823 Fentress? TN d. 05Feb1890 Marion Co. IL) m1(07Jul1850 Marion Co. IL) Mary (SMITH) LEE daughter of Mordecai SMITH and Sarah (PURSEY) SMITH m2(08Jul1880) Mahala E. (FRASER) LEE daughter of William H. FRASIER and Nancy (DICKENS) FRASER   
  • James Oney and Masey (Booth) Oney Tillot Maddera:James Oney(b. by 1774 Southampton Co. VA. d. 4Oct1801-27Oct1801 Surry Co. VA) m. by 1795 Southampton Co. VA Mazey (BOOTH) ONEY TILLOT MADDERA(b. by 1777? VA d.17Jul1854 Bedford Co. VA). A Deed and a Will have been forwarded to me which 99% proves James ONEY was the son of Thomas ONEY. Thomas being the son of Leonard ONEY. This portion of research is on hold until we have an answer to the Lee DNA Question. 
  • Thomas Oney: (b. by 1754 Southampton Co. VA d. 1783-1795 Southampton Co. VA) 
  • Leonard Oney: (b. by 1734 Isle of Wight or Southampton Co. VA d. by 1779 Southampton Co. VA) Given the number of unmarried daughters listed in his will, I do not think this is the same Leonard Oney who had deed transactions in Isle of Wight Co. VA in the 1730's. Suspect the John and Benjamin my be brothers and perhaps the older Leonard Oney may be their father 
  • Beverly Booth:  Suspect he is the father of Mazey (BOOTH) ONEY TILLOT MADDERA. Waiting for the arrival of his Beverly's will. Beverly had many official interactions with the family of James Oney including taking over his business after James's death. In the will of Robert Booth, Mazey is named as a grandchild of Robert. This usually indicates the grandchild's parent is dead. Beverly is named as a son. Since the Booth name appears in records as early as 1690's, it is possible these may be cousins instead of direct ancestors. This portion of research is on hold until we have an answer to the Lee DNA Question.   
  • Stephen Johnson and Anna (?) Stephen S. JOHNSON: (b. 7Aug1793 NC d. 1875-1880 Fentress Co. TN) m. 1819 Anna (?) JOHNSON (b. 1802 NC d. 1875-1880 Fentress Co. TN) No idea of Anna's maiden name.
  • James Johnson and Delila Bennett  James (R) JOHNSON (B. 10May1759 Near Murfreesboro NC D. 30Mar1838 Roane Co. TN) m 15?Jan1783 William Bennett's Home Granville Co. NC Delila (BENNETT) JOHNSON Delila (BENNETT) JOHNSON (B. 21Jul1767 Bute Co. NC D. after 1841 Morgan Co. TN)
  • Eli Mullinix and Sarah Dykes/Dyche  Eli MULLINIX (b. 1770-1780 TN d. 1842 Fentress Co. TN) and Sarah (DYCHE/DYKES) MULLINIX (b. 1783 TN d. 1860-1870 Fentress Co. TN).
  • Andrew Boswell and Mary Chaney  Andrew Boswell(b. 1780-1790  d. by 1850?) and Mary Chaney
  • Jesse Cobb and Jennetta Stephens  Jesse Cobb (b. 1791 SC d. 1864 Fentress Co. TN) m1 1815 Overton? Co TN Jenetta (STEPHENS) COBB m2 1851-1859 Fentress Co. TN Elizabeth (?) JOHNSON COBB. Jenetta (STEPHENS) COBB: (b. 1797 SC d. 1850-1860 Fentress Co. TN
  • Asa Cobb and Fannie Coker According the records at the US court of Claims over 250 descendants of Fannie Coker made claims with the court linking her as their Cherokee ancestor.  
  • James Atwood and Margaret/Peggy McCollum James ATWOOD: (b. 1794 VA d. 1873 Casey Co. KY) m. 12Nov1810 Surry Co. NC to Margaret MCCOLLUM Margaret/Peggy (MCCOLLUM) ATWOOD: (b. 1793 NC d. 30Apr1877 Casey Co. KY)
  • Benjamin Ward and Margaret/Peggy Shook Benjamin WARD: (b. 1774 VA d. 1861 Casey Co. KY) m1? m2 20Feb1820 Casey Co. KY Margaret/Peggy (SHOOK) WARD Margaret/Peggy (SHOOK) WARD (b. 1788 VA d.1850-1855 Casey Co. KY) Suspect both had prior marriages. Have no idea about the origins of Benjamin Ward. There are other Wards the Casey Co. area who could be his children, but no link has been found. Suspect Peggy was the widow of the John Shook who entered a grant/purchased land on Brush Creek in what was then Lincoln Co. KY. This could be the same land James H. Atwood's heirs divided up between themselves.   
  • Joseph B. Edwards and Ellender Brannon, Branson or another name   Joseph B. Edwards(b. 1812 Franklin?VA d. 05Feb1885Casey Co. KY) m. 08Feb1834 Casey Co. KY Ellender (BRANNON?) EDWARDS (b. 1814 KY d. 1891-1900 Casey Co. KY). Because of the hard to read entry in the marriage record, it is difficult to determine Ellender's last name.
  • Hickman Edwards and Eliza Osley Hickman EDWARDS: (b. 1788 VA d. after 1860 Casey Co. KY) m. 18Apr1811 Franklin Co. VA Eliza (OSLEY) EDWARDS. Eliza (OSLEY) EDWARDS: (b. 1793 VA d. after 1860 Casey Co. KY
  • Greenberry Lanham and Catherine Nightengale Greenberry (R) LANHAM: (b. ? d. bef 1813) m. 25May1785 in VA Catherine (NIGHTENGALE?) LANHAM. Catherine (NIGHTENGALE?) LANHAM (b. 1760-1770 d. before 1853 Casey Co. KY)
  • Thomas Lowe and Elizabeth "Betsy" Mason Thomas LOWE: (b. 1775 d. by 1848 Casey Co. KY) m. 12Mar1801 Lincoln Co. KY Elizabeth Betsy (MASON) LOWE. Suspect Thomas Lowe is the son of Elizabeth Lowe. Given her early arrival in Lincoln Co. KY/VA her husband was more than likely of Revolutionary War Veteran, to date we do not know his name. More than likely Betsy is the daughter of William Mason and Sarah (McKeachey) Mason  
  • James Harrison and Nancy Mitchell James HARRISON (b. 1820 KYor VA d. after 1860) m 23Sep1838 Jefferson Co TN to Nancy A. MITCHELL Nancy A. (MITCHELL) HARRISON: (b. 1821 TN d. after 1867 KY)
  • Jesse R. Simpson and Winnafield "Winnie" Louisa BAILEY Jesse R. SIMPSON (b. 1802 Pittsylvainia  Co. VA d. after 1887 Adair Co. KY)m 02Sep1833 Washington Co. KY to Winny Louisa Bailey. Winnafield "Winnie" Louisa (BAILEY) SIMPSON (b. 1812 Adair Co. KY d. after 1892 Adair Co. KY)
  • John Sallee and Mary Peavler  John Sallee(b. 23Nov1808 Mercer Co. KY d. 26Aug1889 Mercer Co. KY) m1 10Jul1828 Mercer Co. KY Mary (PEAVLER) SALLEE. m2 Elizabeth (WILHAM) SALLEE. Mary (PEAVLER) SALLEE (b. ? d. by 1839 Mercer Co. KY)
  • Corneilius Wilham and Susan Yeast Corneilius Robert Wilham (b. 28Mar1823 Mercer Co. KY d. 16Jul1911 Casey Co. KY) m. 20Mar1849 Mercer Co. KY Susan Jane (YEAST) WILHAM (b. Jan1824 Mercer Co. KY d. 1900-1910 Casey Co. KY)
  • William Tarter and Patsey (?) William TARTER:(b. 1810 Pulaski Co. KY d. after 1880 Pulaski or Casey Co. KY) m. by 1844 Martha/Patsy (Butt) TARTER (b. 1824 Casey Co. KY d. after 1880 Pulaski or Casey Co. KY.


  • William Henderson and Jane (?) William Green HENDERSON: (b. 1794 Claiborne? Co. TN d. after 1860 Nevada? Co. CA) m. Jane (?) HENDERSON (b. 1802 NC d. after 1860 Nevada? Co. CA) Some have Jane's maiden name as Pitmon others have her as an Indian. No proof has been found for either claim. 
  • Samuel Combest and Nancy Hammond  Samuel D. Combest (b. 19Apr1808 Pulaski Co. KY d. 04Jan1897 Pulaski Co. KY) m1 02Dec1831 Pulaski Co. KY Nancy (HAMMONS) COMBEST m2 Pulaski Co. KY Lucy Ann (ROY) COMBEST.
  • Dr. Jeremiah "J.C." Wells (b. 27Mar1843 Wise Co. VA d. 11Mar1923 East Stone Gap Wise Co. VA
  • Jesse H Caudill and Isabelle Caudill Jesse H. Caudill(b. 1835 Perry Co. KY d. 1880-1883 Wise Co. VA) m. Isabell (CAUDILL) CAUDILL (b. Apr1834 Perry Co. KY d. 1905? Lee? Co. VA)
  • Allen Adams and Cynthia Thornsberry Allen Adams(b.Dec1826 Perry Co. KY d. 1910-1913 Letcher Co. KY) m 23Aug1849 Floyd Co. KY Cynthia Ann (THORNSBERRY) ADAMS (b. 1832 Floyd Co. KY d. 15Jan1913 Letcher Co. KY)
  • Aaron Lucas and Eliza (Vanover) Lucas b. Mar1829 Russell? Co. VA d. 1923 Letcher Co. KY) m. Eliza (VANOVER) LUCAS. One oral tradition states Aaron was the son of an Indian named Charles Hicks and the sister of Parker Lucas Jr. Parker Lucas Jr. raised Aaron Lucas. One researcher shows Parker Lucas Jr. as the father of Aaron Lucas. If this is the case the Aaron Lucas married his first cousin Eliza (Vanover) Lucas. 
  • Parker Lucas Jr. and 1.? 2. Elizabeth (Sexton) Lucas and 3. Sussanah (Fraley) Lucas.   Our families oral tradition refers to this Parker Lucas as Parker Lucas Jr.  This Parker Lucas Jr. is not to be confused with the Parker Lucas Jr. who was, and stayed in Giles Co. VA. Another oral tradition states Parker Lucas Jr. was the son of an Indian named Charles Hicks. Dreama Calvo found an 1805 reference to four Lucas children, Parker, Jane, Nancy and Milly. Their mother's name is mentioned a Jemima. This reference also means these children were all born after 1784. This reference also explains why Jemima Lucas does not appear on the 1800 or 1810 Russell Co. Va. Census. Dreama Calvo also discovered a Parker Lucas served in the War of 1812. Both Parker Lucas Jr.s were about the same age, it needs to be proved which one is the Veteran.
  • Jemima Lucas and ? Not much known about Jemima was she a widow of "Parker Lucas Sr." or had at least four children by Charles Hicks. Given the references mentioned above, Jemima is the mother of that Parker Lucas Jr. and probable mother of Jane (Lucas) Gibson Vanover below.

  • William Vanover and Jane (Lucas) Gibson Vanover William (12) VANOVER: (b. 1794 VA or NC d. Oct1867 Perry Co. KY now Leslie Co. KY) m1 Susanna (WHITE) VANOVER m2 1833 Russell Co. VA. Jane (LUCAS) GIBSON VANOVER  (b. 1795 VA or NC d. 1884-1889 Letcher Co. KY) m1 Tom GIBSON
  • John Wallis/Wallace Bates Jr. and Elizabeth Hall  (b. 1814 Russell Co. VA d.1870-1880 Floyd Co. KY) m. Elizabeth (HALL) BATES (b. 1817 Floyd Co. KY d. 1900-1910 in the part of Floyd that became Knott Co. KY)
  • John Wallis/Wallace Bates and Sarah Waltrip John Wallis BATES Sr. (b. 17May1779 NC or VA d. by 1845 Perry/Letcher Co. KY) After some recent research there now some doubt as to the decades old links of John Wallis/Wallace Bates Sr. to the following people 1. William Bates who died in Whythe Co. VA in 1811. 2. Levinia (LIGHT) BATES who was in Washington Co. VA 1810-1820 3. The marriage to Russell Co. VA Sarah (WALDRUP) BATES. What I am asking, Does anyone have proof that the John Bates who were mentioned in these instances is in fact John Wallis/Wallace Bates Sr.?  
  • James Webb and Lettie Nelson James (R) WEBB: (b. 1751 d. 31Dec1825 Perry Co. KY) m. Elizabeth (NELSON) WEBB. I am more inclinded to believe the stowaway oral tradtion rather than the aide-de-camp to George Washington. UPDATE(14May2011) According to results on the "Webb Surname DNA Project" This James Webb is not the son of John and Mary (Boone) Webb. So if the article written in the Mountain Eagle nearly 100 years ago about the elderly surviving children of Benjamin and Jenny (Adams) Webb is still correct. Then the relation to Daniel Boone would have to be from Lettie's side.  Within this article, these grandchildren of James Webb claim James was the cousin of Daniel Boone. As far as I know this is the oldest recorded oral tradition about the Daniel Boone relation and the from people very close in generations to the source. 4. Did the James Webb who married Lettie Nelson ever file a pension application? Did he file for Bounty Land instead?               
  • Benjamin Webb and Jane Adams Benjamin Webb(b. 1784 NC d.1867 Letcher Co.KY) m. Jane (ADAMS) WEBB
  • Benjamin Holbrook and Nancy Jenkins  Benjamin Holbrook (b. 1804 NC d. 14Dec1874 Floyd Co. KY) m. 02Mar1820 Floyd Co. KY Nancy (JENKINS) HOLBROOK.
  • David Spangler and Mary (?) David Spangler(b. 1811 Whythe Co. VA d. after 1865 Lee Co. VA) m. Mary (?) SPANGLER (b. 1813 Shenandoah Co. VA d. after 1865 Lee Co. VA. Although this is a less common family name, It seems this family's members, who had the same first name, had a tendancy to marry spouses who had the same first name. I do know there are at least two sets of David and Mary Spangler and George and Catherine Spangler.  
  • Enoch A. Webb and Susannah Polly Enoch A. Webb (b. 1811 Floyd Co. KY d. 1880-1990 Letcher Co. KY) m1 04Jun1829 Perry Co. KY Susannah (POLLY) WEBB m2 by 1870 Letcher Co. KY Martha (LUCAS) WEBB. Suspect Susannah is the daughter of Edward Polly.


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