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I wanted an Uzi scope mount that was low profile (yielding a good cheek weld), cheap, and easy to make without special tools or skills. To me, half the fun of owning a weapon is working on them myself.  Here's how I made my custom mount:


I bought a stripped Uzi top cover and used the balance of the parts from the top cover that originally came with my Vector Uzi. I did not want to drill holes in the original one. I bought an aluminum scope mount for $8.00 from Walmart (can't remember which one) and modified it with a dremel tool cutting wheel and a file. Lots of cutting and filing! Afterwards, I painted the exposed metal.

I then drilled two holes in the top cover and used flat slotted screws so as not to interfere with the bolt. For added strength and stability, I cut shallow grooves into the area where the mount connects to the top cover. I cut shallow grooves in both the top cover and the mount. I placed JB Weld into the area where the mount connects to the top cover. The idea being, the JB Weld will fill the grooves and prevent any type of sliding between the two surfaces. I'm not sure if the JB Weld was necessary, but it can't hurt. I placed permanent Loctite onto the threads of the screws and nuts.
The mount is rock solid. As everyone knows, there can be a lot of movement between the top cover and the receiver. I minimized this to zero by doing two things: First, I applied JB Weld to the inside of the top cover (refer to pic. the JB Weld in the pic was covered up by permanent marker). After it dried fully, I filed the JB Weld as needed until the top cover fit the receiver tight. You may try and bend this area of the top cover to get the same result, but I decided not to. Second, I bent the two folds (lack of better words) on the front of the top cover that are found near the front site. This will prevent side to side movement in the front of the top cover. 
I used a 30mm Tasco Pro Point Plus PDP 6. It has a 10 MOA Dot. I like the size of the scope and it works well with this mount. It seems to be a good scope for the money. They are retailing for about $70.00 (give or take), but you can find them cheaper if you scan auction boards and gun boards. You cannot use the iron sights with the scope in place, but the mount by itself does not obstruct the iron sites. 
Other people have used steel scope mounts and welded them to the top cover. Steel is obviously stronger than aluminum and will hold up better to abuse.  But, I'm happy with the aluminum mount and it has performed perfectly.