(same program from 2003 with but the install works on Windows 7)

Royal Cribbage
A freeware program by
Tim Schempp

Welcome to Royal Cribbage. The Cribbage King uses a set of nearly optimal algorithms to play cribbage. These algorithms are derived from statistical data collected from over 10 million hands of cribbage. Seasoned cribbage players will find that this package is far superior to your standard cribbage video game.

Included with the software is a detailed algorithm description (40+ pages) which describes all of the routines used in Royal Cribbage. Game developers may use these algorithms freely even in products to be sold for profit.

 Download Royal Cribbage Version 3.1 (2.5 Mb) (West Coast Download)  (East Coast Download)

This download includes the following:

The Royal Cribbage Game
Royal Cribbage 3.1 Algorithm Description_1.02.pdf
A detailed help file (help only works on Win 95/98/NT)

Royal Cribbage Version 3.1 may be copied and distributed freely providing that it is not modified, no fee is charged, and it is not made part of a package for which a charge is made.

Download Royal Cribbage 3.1_Algorithm_Description_1.02.pdf (0.4Mb)  (West Coast Download)  (East Coast Download)
The algorithm description document is protect under copyright and may not be commercially reproduced without the authors consent.

If you enjoy the game or these algorithms prove useful to you please notify the author. The goal of this project has always been to create the best set of cribbage algorithms possible. Ideas and suggestions with merit will be tested and added to future versions of Royal Cribbage.

Interesting Statistical Studies…

Using the Royal Cribbage pegging algorithms, I have been able challenge every four-card cribbage hand against every four-card cribbage hand. (3274375 hands!) This endeavor has generated pegging distributions for each of the 1820 four-card hands. Using this data, a player can estimate the pegging value of a hand when discarding to the crib. Also available are the probabilities that an opponent will hold each of the 1820 four-card cribbage hands. The data and a detailed description of the method used to generate it is available in a pdf file. The zip file also includes the data in an Excel 97 spreadsheet.

Download Peggin_Distributions_1.00.zip (1.6Mb)  (West Coast Download)  (East Coast Download)

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