(up to 52 people can play at one time)


Deal out all 52 playing cards, starting with player to the left. (some may end up with an extra card depending on the number of players)

First player to left points to a card in dealer’s hand.

Dealer asks a question based on the information provided on the card.  (You may or may not give a choice of category or make up a multiple choice – this depends on the players)

After about 30 seconds, if the person fails to answer it correctly, the remaining players in order of their seats have an opportunity to answer.  Player giving the right answer gets the card and places it face down in front of him.  If no one gets it right, it is left in the hand.

Next player then selects a card from the previous player, game continues.

The object is to get as many points as possible; Aces count 15, face cards count 10 and the rest as they read (2-10)

Game ends after all cards have been won or after a game time limit.  Everyone keeps playing even though some are out of cards.

Back of cards is a puzzle and when properly assembled, makes into a map of the United States

(28”  x  17 1/2”)



(Educational for both young and old)






















Each card contains trivia information on one of the fifty states of the United States, one card covers Washington, D.C. and one lists foreign countries with their capitals.


Cards with title and playing instructions are used only when placing the backs of all cards in proper order to make a map of the United States


Children of all ages will find the puzzle especially challenging and make them EAGER TO LEARN .



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