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These are the new puppies from Ripley (Ch. Rose Croft Let'er Rip) and LØjser (Hage LØjrom)
Born October 16th, 2000

These are the new pups.  There are 3 girls and 1 boy.

This is Ripley with the puppies at The Breakfast Bar!!


The picture of Tom is on the North Coast of California and the one of
Marie is with Urchin after he received his 2nd leg of his obedience title.

We are Marie and Tom Quarles, we live in Boulder Creek California.
That is in the Santa Cruz Mountains near Santa Cruz.
We love animals and have many,
5 dogs , 3 cats and 5 Rats

Marie's Father, Frank  also lives with us  sometimes
with his dog Dixie.
She is a Border Collie mix. (sorry no picture available)

Marie  is a Nurse at Dominican Hospital in Santa Cruz in the Neonatal Intensive Care Nursery

Tom is a Software engineer at Antrim Design Systems.


CH Urchin ME

This is CH. Rose Croft A Better Mouse Trap ME
Or you can call him Urchin for short. He is a Cairn Terrier.

Urchin is not only a beautiful dog but he is a great tracking dog
and earned his MASTER earthdog title in October 2000.
we hope to get his AKC obedience title in the next year, he already has 2 legs on the CD.

Trauma CD, AD, Bh



This is Talulla vom haus Ledda CD,BH,AD
We call her Trauma. She is a German Shepherd Dog.
She came to us from  Rita Ledda
Rita lives in Woodside CA.
This is Trauma going over the A-frame at our Schutzhund club.  She has received her AD title in
Schutzhund, which is an endurance test where she ran 12.5 miles.Also in Schutzhund she has her Bh which is
the German obedience title and is working on her FH which is an extended tracking title.
Trauma also has her AKC obedience title of CD.

Usually where Trauma is Urchin is because of the similar training.  We learn
 tracking with Julia Priest  in the Central Valley. We also hang out with our
very good friend Virginia Warden who helps us in tracking
and obedience.(She is pictured above with me)
( Rita Ledda is Hiding behind Truama in the upper Right picture).
Trauma wouldn't have gotten her Bh if it wasn't for Virginia's help.

Obedience is done with Kate Davern of Santa Cruz, she helps us train all of the dogs.



This is  Rose Croft Perpetual Motion or Owie.
He won 2 majors at the Kentuckiana Cluster in March.
He is our little love, not much of a working dog but loves to cuddle and be cute.
He will hopefully get his obedience titles too, but he likes to sit down with the RATS
and whisper sweet nothings in their ears instead of barking at them.
He is the dog on our business cards.

Ch. Ripley


Ch. Ripley or Ch. Rose Croft Let'er Rip is one of our girls.
She is training in obedience and Earthdog.  She will be competing for her AKC title of CD.
She was bred to a nice Danish Dog named Lojser

Ch. Skeeter

 Skeeter or Champion Rose Croft Born to Jitterbug.
We started out showing her and her daughter Ripley as a Brace Team.  They have done
very well and have many group 1st and a couple BIS of brace too
All of our Cairn Terriers come from   Jerrie E Wolfe, Rose Croft Cairn Terriers
She is now a retired dog because of a terrible tragedy that happened during pregnancy.
She had a ruptured uterus and almost died.
She needed plasma and blood products to save her life.
All the puppies unfortunatly died.
She is doing well now and is healthy and happy.



This is Sybil.  Yes her face is really like that. She is the light of my life.
I picked her out when she was just 3 days old, she didn't look like
this when I picked her out but grew into her face. She is one of the
sweetest natured cats I have ever known. She is 12 years old.
Sybil is also an Insulin dependent diabetic and
needs insulin shots every day. She is so good natured that she will meet you in the
bathroom to get her shots, and always lets you know when you are late.
Sybil is a TICA double grand Champion in the household pet division.


This is the youngest of the cats.  He loves to get into EVERYTHING!
He loves any bag or box he can get into and has been
found in every suitcase and bag that we bring home no matter
what the size or shape, this has also gotten him into trouble.
Once we couldn't find him for 24 hours and finally found him
in the attic. He had followed Tom in and didn't get out.
He is about 4 years old.


Mousy is about 17 years old and only has about 3 teeth left.
She loves to eat most things though and will CRUNCH
with the best of them.

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