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EzDSC with either .........."Our Software" or........................................ "Their's"

Serial/Usb EzDSC Digital Setting Circles for Palm OS, PocketPC,*Windows Laptop/Desktop.
Complete assembled ready to use EzDSC kit with new "Capacitive Encoders" & software - $169
*The software can only be supplied for the Windows Laptop/Desktop or other windows compatible computers.
**(EzDSC Kit includes New "Capactive Encoders" with parts, etc. - see details below)
EzDSC assembled Interface and cables only (without encoders & brackets) - $129

Unleash the power of Windows for Digital Setting Circles and more. Make your scope much smarter and find those objects that you can't see with the naked eye. Its the DSC that points your scope to objects and teaches you about the sky at the same time. Use the built in sidereal clock that lets you know which objects are in your view of the sky at any given time, and how far east or west of your position. Sync on objects to correct for errors that are inherent to your scope, such as the pointing error of the telescope's optical axis. Syncing also improves accuracy in that part of the sky currently viewed. It only requires an initial alignment on polaris and one other star, or two stars.

EzDSC software is designed for either Equatorial or Dobsonian mounts but the Interface will also work alone on any type telescope with many star chart programs. Connect it to your computer's serial port(or USB with this adaptor-$17) and you're ready to go. EzDSC Interface can be used with our software or many other software. Some it works with: TheSky Pocket Edition, $79, ECU, $59.95, TheSky (Check with TheSkyPE for use with Phone PCs)and other star charts for Palm-size, Palm OS, Handhelds or Laptop/Desktops. It operates from user supplied 9 to 12 volt battery or an AC to 7.5v to 12v DC adaptor. The small lightweight interface plastic box measures only 4" X 2" X 1". The Interface can also be used with other DSC encoders. If you have a Palm OS handheld you may be interested in using our hardware with this Freeware.
Another Palm OS freeware here.
More Palm or PocketPC software: here. Astromist, can run on iPhone/iPod/iPad

Features of EzDSC

  • Sidereal time clock points out when an object is in your view.
  • Simple and quick setup.
  • Will sync on any star in the data base for improved accuracy.
  • All bright stars and all Messier objects are in data base.
  • Add other objects as desired.
  • For use with your Palm OS, Pocket PC, Windows Laptop/Desktop,or any windows compatible computers.
  • Interface box works with TheSky and TheSky Pocket Edition, ECU and other on-screen star charts(also, apparently any that allow B-Box), including Palm OS Freeware
    Another Palm OS freeware here.

  • Finds faint or "invisible" objects.
  • Azimuth and Altitude resolution = 8192 with our encoders.
  • Easy to install included encoders with supplied brackets.

    ** All parts, including encoders, software, encoder cable, brackets, screws, and detailed instructions for a simple installation are included in the kit. The instructions show you how to attach the encoders to all standard dobsonian types with minimal modifications to your dob. The Az encoder requires a minimum clearance of 1" with the scope tube. See photos of installed encoders. USB connection to the interface requires a USB to Serial adaptor(see above par. for link). Attaching the encoders to equatorials depends on the particular scope. For a good source of information on using DSCs with mobile devices see TheSkyPE.
    Copyright TL Systems, 2001

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