The Great Cote d'Ivoire Email Scam Hoax - Page 1

We've all received those phony emails. You know the ones, where someone claims to have millions of dollars in a bank account somewhere. For whatever reason they can't claim the money, but if you give them your bank account number they will transfer the money to it and give you a share. Now apparently some people believe this is real and foolishly give away their account numbers, only to have money transferred from it instead of to it.

A while ago, I thought it would be interesting to write back to one of these scam artists just to see what would happen. I found a number of websites where other people have tried this as well. Of course my goal was to scam the scam artist. I finally received another email requesting an urgent need for help. Writing under the name Mario Del Monaco (who was a famous opera singer who died in 1982) I decided to see how far I could take this. Never did I imagine that it would turn into the epic you are about to read! At one point I even had to question what this guy's real intentions were. Note that I have x'd out some phone numbers and addresses and such to protect the innocent or not so innocent. Without further ado...

Meet Dr. Latif Adil