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Placidus house system

Edward Kennedy/Chappaquidick accident
A female political supporter drowns under mysterious circumstances

Kenneth Green/Collects lottery money
Winner of 13 million dollar lottery in Massachusetts

Polly Klaas/Kidnaped
Twelve year old Polly is kidnaped from her home and murdered a few hours later

Edwina Corrigan/Titanic sinks
A survivor of the Titanic disaster

O.J. Simpson/911 call
Nicole Simpson's emergency call to police

Nancy Kerrigan/attack
Skater Nancy Kerrigan injured in the leg by an assailant

Edward Kennedy, February 22 1932, 3:58 AM EST, Dorchester MA
Chappaquidick Incident, July 18 1969, 11:50 PM EDT, Chappaquidick Island MA
*The coordinates and exact time of the incident are estimated

Late at night on a deserted beach, Senator Edward Kennedy drove his car off a bridge which resulted in the drowning death of his companion at the time, a young female political worker. Hours passed between the time of the accident and police notification. The suspicious circumstances surrounding the incident and the possibility of alcohol and adultery caused a scandal. At the time there was speculation Kennedy would follow the steps of his assassinated brothers, John and Robert, and seek the presidency. Although he was reelected Senator in 1970 he refused to accept either the presidential or vice-presidential nomination in the following years.

There were powerful outer planet transits affecting natal angles throughout 1969 - Saturn crossing back and forth over his IC, Neptune semi-square the Ascendant, and Pluto semi-squaring the MC. Aspects within 30 minute orb at the time of the incident:
* T Chiron quincunx N MC
* T Mars square N Sun (activating a natal Sun-Uranus semi-square)
* T Uranus semi-sq N Jupiter
* T Chiron quincunx N Neptune
* T Neptune semi-sq N Ascendant
* T Jupiter semi-sq N Jupiter
* T Chiron quincunx N Moon

Also note the number of slow moving planets transiting his 8th house. In 1968 his brother Robert was assassinated, and within the time frame of Uranus's and Pluto's transit he lost his brother John.

At Chappaquidick, his Progressed Moon was approaching a conjunction of natal Saturn (17 min), an aspect that will repeat late fall of this year, 1996. During this time transiting Pluto will also square his natal Sun, indicating a period of upheaval, involving withdrawal and loss. With the upcoming aspects to his angles - Saturn squaring the Asc/Des and Uranus squaring the MC/IC - this fall through next year (1997) indicates major changes for him.

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Kenneth Greene, January 3 1958, 6:16 PM EST, Seekonk MA
Collected winnings, Dec 22, 1992, in MA ( calculated for 4PM in Seekonk although exact time & place unknown)
*Data from Lois Rodden's book, Money.

Kenneth Green, a disabled truck driver who hadn't worked for three years, purchased his winning ticket on November 22 and discovered he had the winner numbers when cleaning out his wallet of old tickets on December 21. His financial situation was dire when he won - his wife had been working two jobs to support the family.

*Note: Moon estimated and event angles excluded because of unknown time and place.
Winning big money must be indicated in the natal chart. Connections between the 2nd, 5th, and 8th houses are common. In Greene’s chart:
-ruler of the 8th in Leo, the natural 5th house sign
-8th house ruler, Uranus, trining Sagittarian planets in the 5th
-Pluto, natural ruler of the 8th, in the 2nd house
-Pluto, 2nd occupant, rules 5th house
-Pluto also sextiles intercepted 5th ruler, Jupiter
-Venus, natural ruler of the 2nd, opposes 8th ruler and sextiles planets in 5th

At the time of the win transiting Saturn was conjunct natal Venus, activating a series of trines and sextiles. Venus had also returned to its natal place. A solar eclipse on December 23 at 2Capricorn27 trined Greene’s natal 2nd house Pluto.

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Polly Klaas, January 3 1981,10:41AM PST, San Francisco CA
Kidnap, October 1 1993, 10:55 PM PDT, Petaluma CA
*Time of event estimated...mother called police at 11:03 PM to report Polly's kidnap

A knife-wielding male entered Polly's unlocked house during a slumber party, tied and gagged the other two girls and escaped with Polly. The girls then woke Polly's mother, who had been sleeping in another room. The suspect was arrested on November 30 on an unrelated charge but eventually provided investigators with information that led to the discovery of Polly's body on December 4. She had been strangled the night of the kidnap.

*Note: Event angles excluded because exact time of kidnap unknown.
Polly's natal chart shows danger from others. Mercury, her 7th house ruler, is squared by Saturn, Jupiter and Pluto in the 7th. Mercury is in Saturn's sign, Capricorn, emphasizing restrictive relationships. The Sun, denoting males, is also squared by the 7th house planets and semi-squared by Uranus in Scorpio. Polly's public recognition is shown by her ascendant ruler, Neptune, conjunct the midheaven. She became a symbol of victimization and compassion (Pisces rising, elevated Neptune). At the time of the kidnap and news reports of the crime, transiting Jupiter was sextiling her midheaven, indicating widespread publicity.
Transit to natal aspects within 35 minute orb:
T Sat trine N Plu (exact)
T Ven trine N Sun (18 a)
T Sat sesq. N Sat (24 s)
T Mar squ N Mar (28 s)
T Plu s-sx N Plu (29 a)
T Sat sesq N Jup (30 s)
T Sun conj N Sat (32 a)
T Plu s-sx N Nep (33 s)
T Ven tri N Chi (34 a)

The October 13 solar eclipse at 21 Scorpio 32 semi-sextiled her midheaven

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Edwina Corrigan, July 8 1884, 6:51 AM GMT, Croydon England
Titanic Sinks, April 15 1912, 2:20 AM ADT , 41N44 049W57
*Coordinates of the event are estimated.

When the luxurious ocean liner The Titanic sank in the icy Atlantic on its maiden voyage to New York, 1517 people drowned. Edwina Corrigan was among the 712 survivors.

*Note: Event angles excluded because cooordinates of event estimated.
Neptune, Corrigan's most elevated planet, rules oceans, ships, sailors, flooding, drowning. It is linked to her 10th ruler by an almost exact sextile. The midheaven/10th house represents one's social identity; throughout her life Corrigan was identified as a Titanic survivor. Neptune rules her Pisces 8th (crisis/death) and 9th (travel) houses.
One of the closest aspects in her natal chart is a Pluto-Sun semi-square, showing upheaval involving others (Sun in the 11th). Also, the 11th house of group associations is very afflicted - Saturn squaring Mars and Uranus, natural ruler of the 11th.
Her life preserving aspects are earth grand trines and water sextiles involving natal Sun and Moon, which are also her ascendant ruler and sun dispositor.
At the time of the event, both Neptune and Saturn were transiting their natural houses, the 12th and 10th respectively.
The 12th house rules renunciation, suffering, compassion and the 10th is public recognition. Both planets were activating her natal configuration of grand trines and sextiles, showing an awakening of compassion for her drowned companions (T Neptune conjunct N Venus), the notoriety and probable financial remuneration (Saturn in 10th trining earth planets).
Transiting Uranus was setting off her natal Mars-Saturn aspect; it was sesquiquadrate Mars within 6 minutes and 17 minutes sesquiquadrate natal Saturn. Uranus is configured with Mars and Saturn natally.
*Events seem to occur when transiting planets aspect close (within 1 degree) natal configurations. And the aspects are often minor, such as sesquiquadrate or quincunx.

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O.J. Simpson, July 9 1947,8:08 AM PST, San Francisco Ca.
Nicole's 911 call, January 1 1989, 3:58 AM PST , Brentwood Ca.

When police arrived in response to the Nicole's emergency call they found her hiding in the bushes outside the Simpson home, yelling "He’s going to kill me!". She was half-dressed, her face bruised, lips swollen, and scratches on her neck. O.J. was arrested for spousal abuse.

At the time of the call, transiting Mars was square O.J.’s natal Mars. It was activating the natal square from Mars to his Sun-Mercury conjunction (Su/Me=Ma), showing the potential for quarrels and physical aggression. Transiting Sun/Mercury’s midpoint was also setting off this natal configuration. Other aspects to natal Mars from transits (all within 1 degree orb):
T Sat quincunx N Mars
T Nodes square N Mars
Transiting Moon square natal Mercury and quincunx natal Moon added to the excitability and irrationality.

Other aspects within a 1degree orb:
T Uranus opp Venus
T Uranus semi-sq Jupiter
T Neptune sesq Ascendant
T Neptune quincunx Saturn

During the cycle T Neptune squared N Neptune and opposed N Sun/Venus midpoint. And O.J.’s 12th house planets were activated in both the 911 episode and the Simpson-Goldman murders:
* T Scorpio planet activating natal Leo/Scorpio square : T Pluto in Scorpio at 911 call, T Jupiter in Scorpio at murders (also, T Jupiter quincunx N Mars)
* T Saturn quincunx Saturn/Pluto in 12th: Saturn approaching quincunx (3 dg orb) in Capricorn at 911 call, almost exact T Saturn-N Pluto quincunx from Pisces at time of murders.

Leo Saturn-Pluto in the 12th: subconscious need for power and control, frustration, jealousy, rage, obsessions - these characteristics emphasized in O.J.'s chart by the natal squares from his 12th house Leo conjunction to Jupiter in Scorpio

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Nancy Kerrigan, October 13 1969, Woburn MA.
Attack on Kerrigan, January 6 1994, 2:40 PM PST , Detroit MI

Nancy Kerrigan, one of the top U.S. female figure skaters and a gold-medal favorite for the 1994 Olympics had just finished practice when she was attacked by a man with a weapon resembling a crowbar. She suffered severe leg bruises and was forced to withdraw from the Olympic trials in Detroit. Eventually two men associated with Tonya Harding, her figure skating rival, were convicted of planning the attack.

A good example of Libra as warrior. Kerrigan’s Libra stellium in the 7th shows the importance of relationships but her interactions are mainly combative or competitive with Aries rising and Mars, ruler of the Asc, squaring the stellium. Perfect chart for a competitive athlete.

Mars square Sun and Uranus in the 7th can indicate violence from others.

At the time of the attack there were many strong aspects between transiting planets that also aspected Kerrigan’s natal placements:
* T Saturn square T Pluto - squ & conj natal Neptune.
* T Moon conjunct T Jupiter - semi-squ natal Pluto & Venus
* T Venus conjunct T Mars - nearing a conjunction to natal Mars

Six transiting planets in Capricorn activated her natal Capricorn to Libra squares. T Neptune was square within a 19 minute orb. The Capricorn transits in the 10th also trined her 6th house planets, indicating the public recognition (10th house), work (6th house), and money (Venus in 6th ruling 2nd) resulting from the attack.

The event MC semi-squared both her natal MC and Asc.

The prior solar eclipse was conjunct her Moon at 21 Scorpio.

For Progressions:
* P Sun conjunct P Des
* P Venus semi-sextile N Pluto & N Venus (When planets are closely aspected in the natal chart, the experiences they represent will manifest when those planets aspect each other by progression and transit)

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