Links of Interest


Here are some links that I have found to be useful

Earthtec International, Inc. shows the work of Scott Little.

Web Sites in Inorganic Chemical Thermodynamics, a source of basic information

Thermonetics Corporation, a source of good Seebeck calorimeters

LabX, a source of general equipment

Cold Fusion Times has many links to sources of information about cold fusion

Infinite Energy Magazine, a source of unique papers and political commentary

Alternate Energy, a site for general alternative energy sources

Institute for New Energy, a source of papers about cold fusion and other subjects

Cincinnati Group shows how to produce transmutation

and another from the Cincinnati Group

Dieter Britz bibliography of cold fusion papers lists published work in the field with commentary

Chuck Bennett Web Site with links and articles about cold fusion

Russ George Web Site which tells about heat and helium production using sonic loading of metals in heavy-water.

Garrett Young's Web Site suggests how to make your own CF cell.

Wired Article Article about cold fusion and Edmund Storms

Comments about ICCF-8 A summary of talks given at ICCF-8 in Italy (2000)