The Normand Family

Scot Scot, . . . . . . .I get to work with Computers.
Brenda Brenda, . . . . .She gets to Teach 3rd and 4th grades.
Baby Doll Baby Doll, . . .She is a loving 4+yr old female ferret
Max Max, . . . . . . .He is an active 2yr old male ferret
Cleopatra Cleopatra, . . .She is a petite 4+yr old female ferret
Ruby Ruby, . . . . . . She is a 9mo. old female ferret
Kirby George Kirby George, He is a little baby boy

Here is a little about us:

Hello, thank you for visiting our web pages.

I am Scot and my wife is Brenda. We have a bouncing baby boy named Kirby. We live with four ferrets Baby Doll, Cleopatra,Max and Ruby.

We also share our lives with fancy rats.

The WWW Pointers page has some URL links that I enjoy visiting.

Hope you find them in the same place that I found them, if not please e-mail me with their new locations.

Thank you for taking the time to visit.


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