Max I am an active little boy ferret.

I used to live at a pet store until one day my mommy and daddy came by and saw me. They left, but came back later and took me home with them to my new house. Then they took me to the vet and got my shots. I did not like the needles.

Baby Doll was already living there and she did not want a little brother getting all the attention. She is fun to play with and pounce on when she is asleep. She weighs about 1 1/4 lbs. I should be her BIG brother because I weigh almost ten pounds.

I enjoy taking a shower with my daddy. I love to crawl under the fitted sheet and tunnel though my parents bed. They must like it too because they start talking to me and playing with me.

I like to climb up into my tree house and look around. Baby Doll likes me to play with her toys, except she takes them away when I am not watching.

My favorite toys are my daddy's feet and attacking Baby Doll any time and any place.

I like to play with Cleopatra, she is not as bossy as Baby Doll.

I really want to play with Ruby, but mom and dad think I may sit on her.

I have a crooked tail and I can wag it. This week I learned to open the bathroom cabinets. I can also slide open the mirrored doors into the closet. I am very smart and very clever.

Bye for now. Talk to you later.

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