Ferrets as told by Baby Doll and Max, with help from Cleopatra and Ruby



Cleo and Baby Doll

This page is being designed so that everyone can learn more about domesticated ferrets.

Domesticated Ferrets are not Cats and they are not Dogs.

That said, they are unlike any house pet. They come when they wish to be close, but not touched. They sleep with you when you are ready to get up, and they play with you when you are asleep at night.

Cleo and Ruby

Things we enjoy as treats. -Banana Chips -Poptarts -Fritos -Papaya -Popcorn -Raisins -Peanut butter -Diet Dr. Pepper (When mommy is not looking)

Some of our toys. -Feet -Trash cans -Tennis balls -Unmade beds -Pillows -Paper sacks -Linen closet -Rags -Dirty clothes -Bath rugs -Shoes, shoes, shoes

Our favorite games. -Ambush -Chase the feet -Hide and seek -Tunnel into the sock -Begging for treats -Scale the bird cage

The best places we have found to sleep. -Closets -Houseshoes -Suitcases -Clothes hampers -Night table drawers -Cabinets -Pillow cases -Pant legs

Things that drive our parents nuts. -Pooping 2 inches from a litter pan -Stealing food from pet rats cages -Climbing the bird cage -Dumping shelves of books -Hiding shoes

Baby Doll is a four+ year old sable female ferret, Cleopatra is a four+ year old silver mitt ferret, Max is a two year old sable male ferret, and Ruby is a nine month old champagne ferret that share their home with Scot and Brenda.

Thank you for taking the time to vist their page on the web.
Baby Doll, Cleo, Max, and Ruby
Now please close the drawer so we can go back to sleep.

What's up Ferrets? Please send feed back about what you have found out about your ferret (or a friend's ferret).

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