Baby Doll

Baby Doll


I am a pretty little girl ferret.

Baby Doll

I have lived with mommy and daddy for three years. I was passed around until my daddy's sister found me and took me to grand mommy and grand daddy. Grand mommy and grand daddy brought me to my mommy and daddy. My mommy and daddy love me a lot. Mommy makes me stand up for treats and daddy lets me take a shower with him when I start to get stinky.

My parents keep all my shots current and take me to the vet when I get sick. I got really sick this summer and my hair started to fall out. I had to have an operation. The vet found an adrenal gland tumor. My doctor had to shave my tummy. Boy, it sure looked funny. Now my hair is growing back in and I feel much better.

I have to hide to get any sleep, because of my little brother Max. He likes to jump on me when I am trying to sleep. So I have to find different and creative places to hide.

Mommy and daddy built a tree house for me, but I have to share it with Max. Max likes to aggravate me by playing with my toys, so I have to take them away from him.

Oh yeah, once I found some peppermints in my mommy's school bag and I ate them! I'm not supposed to eat sugar, but I hid them all over the house and she couldn't find them. Every day for a long, long time I would have minty fresh breath when she would come home from school.

I also have two little sisters Cleopatra. and Ruby.

Bye for now. Talk to you later.
Baby Doll

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