Fear you all,
For one night you may see,
Neither man, nor beast, nor machine,
From which you'll flee!

Oh, laugh do you,
The great of great and brave of brave,
But flee you will,
For your life to save.

It is as the moon,
Neither dark nor light,
But from it comes both,
One side ever day, one ever night.

As a shadow it creeps,
From, yet not, beyond the grave,
 And all of you will flee,
But not one life will you save.

It is a black knight,
On a pitch horse;
Its eyes are bloodier red,
Which pierce you, not even a corpse.

One day it shall come,
To reap what has been sown,
With fire and flame,
Destroying It's own and It's own!

So, fear all who may hear,
And I pray that you might never see,
Such a fearsome creature,
Which Thee calls Me!

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