Part Two: Of Driven Darkness
Section Three

Let's take another look at the city. The highways were in ruins. The only movement possible was walking. So we go on. We come to fractured foundations, mildewing monuments, butchered buildings of the government, and paltry people in black.

Shadows no longer contain mortal life. Yet, you see, the entire city is unlit. Thunderclouded colorless skies exits here as everywhere. Go on and try to find light. You won't.

The two walked back 'lone. Nervously fearful conversation was made between them. Neither knew what to say. Oscar made a brief comment that he needed to get some items from a store. He was going to just stay outside in the dark as Oscar went in. The obscure sun was setting. The rounded moon just peeked through an opening. He half heard an ancient grandfather clock echo the time. Each bong lengthened and toning in timelessness. This elongated and was the only sound. Eleven-forty-five. This disturbed Him out of thought. He looked at the store. An ancient clock stood there behind the bulletproof windows. Eleven-fifty-five and two-and-a-half seconds. Three seconds later, with crosshairs targeted on His skull, the silenced rifle fired.

The assassin felt, in a brief moment, the warm lead projectile as it embedded itself in his skull. He looked over at the targeted assassin with fire fueling crimson eyes. A brief flash was muffled in the blackness and charred ashen "human" remained to be blown away by a momentarily still wind. A storm was coming -- and the moon.

He stood there and heard the seventh seal crack just as the snap of a sealed letter. Pained eyes under His shadowed skin wandered the sky. He knew the darkness had ears and heard and eyes and saw, but didn't know. He did this in the light of a slightly shaved moon.

It may not come It may never come It may no It will never come no more It will never arrive It may never leave again... But He knew the darkness had seen. The darkness had watched The Invader attack one of its own. The darkness told gang members this was another gang member picking on its own. The darkness knew not the risks, just noncorporeal rewards. They started to rebel. 'Knock 'em down so others won't stand up. The Bully was a small fry, but was one of us.' And so the darkness wanted one final thing -- revenge.

The ancient clock began to chime the twelfth hour. "Maybe I'll run yes that's it and I'll hide away where even It won't find me but where can I go where It isn't with me I go It follows got to think this through got to think th.." Oscar come out from the store. The servants of the darkness came -- along with the eleventh bell.

A silence and slowness emitted when He saw his death. He cracked the silence with a trumpeting cry of anguish and pain. The cry shattered windows and fell walls and broke down doors -- the seventh door.

He was gone.

It emerged. It blackened out the sun and with it a crimson moon. It brought a great earthquake which shook the entire earth. It caused volcanoes to spew fiery wrath and sparks that fell to the earth as shooting stars along with a cloud of ashes which even further blocked out the sky. Winds rose in trumpeting screams. Nature and everything with It had turned against man.

All this and more when the old clock in that little shop struck the twelfth bell -- and the twelfth hour.

He looked back on what It had done. Not even the fragmented shells of planets existed -- anywhere. He thought aloud in the stilled silence. His words reverberated in timeless emptiness.

"I have committed a grave thing. There must be even one speck of something, anything here -- somewhere. There is none. I stand here accused. The crime, absolute genocide -- the total destruction of all life everywhere. In this case, everywhen. The plea -- guilty. It is a crime of infinite magnitude, and there must be retribution. Yet how can one make up for such an enormous thing? Death would be pointless. I can no longer die. My body would not allow it. Besides, what purpose would such an act serve? Someone -- anyone -- anything out there. I have power beyond my immortal belief. Yet I lack wisdom. I was protected, but others were not. Come if you hear, please." His eyes dropped. There was no one to answer his plea. All was quiet.

A light emerged in the timeless void. There appeared The Being.

Wordless thoughts spoke through the emptiness, connecting the two. Sorrow and joy, yearning and repulsion, hopes and fears, acceptance and denial, and other emotions were given, received, understood. All in the void of everything, containing nothing. Then, He turned around.

There off the edge of reality and looking back was a small group of humans. They were not there, but were projected from where they were outside of where they were. He realized they had seen what had happened. It shamed Him. Then, He saw Himself with them, dressed as a guide of some sorts. He turned fully to them with Himself and spoke through the years of timelessness.

"WE are but one, Him and I, separated only by a reality which cannot be conceived by mortal thought. You have been here and seen the end of those days. You are saying to yourself, 'What a shame. I am glad we are not the that way.' But I tell you, you are all mirrored of Me, though in a far lesser way, and I was once one of them. I have two sides. There is the good light and the evil dark. All things have this. Even in two dimensions everything has two sides. The difference between you and Me is great, though. I have powers beyond immortal belief.

"You have seen a great destruction. An evil crime in My sights has occurred. There is no punishment that anyone but Myself can create. There has been no one found to give out punishment, for there is no one qualified to be judge or jury. As such, I must erect a punishment for Myself."

In that instant as He concluded, all timelessness shook as time returned. There appeared, in the void, a formless mass. Many were there, but none were visible, for it was dark. And, as this happened, He lowered His head and there appeared a great light as stars were born from the nothingness. The masses then formed features, spreading land, and water, and the skies above. Many masses turned green with growth, then dark on one side as night formed. Slowly, over time which could not be measured, creatures of flesh formed. One such creature rose above yet below all others. His head then rose, and He once more began to speak.

"You have seen many things. These seem insignificant yet are necessary for you to know what is to come. For, you see, the seven doors have been closed and sealed. They can and will be reopened. This is a thought which terrifies even me. I do not know where. I do not know when. There will be signs, but none but The Being will know of them until the time comes. It will be as one who is in the eye of a hurricane cannot feel the danger though it is all around him. You have seen this to tell others. Warn them. Stop them. Even, and especially if, they are strangers. Tell them what you have paid witness to. In that way, they may delay the inevitable. It may be delayed for eternity. But when the seventh seal is cracked and broken, that is The End. It will come so swiftly that it will be in one moment."

In an empty room, a group of people and their Guide stand, all shocked into silence. The Guide breaks the stillness. "It is time for you to go," He sighs.

One of those there, a foolish frightened man, speaks -- yelling loudly. "Do you expect us to believe this? You -- You must have drugged us or maybe hypnotized us -- yea, that's it, There are laws against this you know, We won't stand for this, I'll have You reported and thrown in jail, Yea, I hear You mumbling, Too scared to face me huh, Got to keep your back to me Well turn around and see if I care if you dare no right now don't keep control You fraud stand up and face me as a man right now let's go turn around right now hey I'm talking to Yo..."

He -- It turned around. "I am not a man and will not face you as such. But I will as a demon -- The Demon. The End is coming even swifter than you think. For the others it is later. For YOU it is NOW!"