Part One: Of Light Lost
Section Three


In a half awake daze, he walked the halls alone. His footsteps echoed against a cold and hard silence. Upon reaching the computer room, the buzz from the force field was a welcome relief to the noiselessness. Hastily, he deactivated it, passed through, and, with a sigh of relief, heard the buzz once again. In the twilight of the room, he was unwatched, unknown, alone.

Checking the computer system, the tablets were listed as being 94% translated. A pleasant smile broke over his face. Only a few hours were left. He sat down and started to read a book entitled The Fear of Being Caught.

Several hours later, the process was complete. The entire translation was saved onto a disk. He decided to view the tablets before making a hardcopy. A few simple keystrokes and the tablet's translation came up on the screen. His eyes and face inundated with white. Recovering, he sent the command to print while silently rejoicing. Quickly, he made a decision and left for food and supplies, skipping all the way.

Diary Entry: October 25 I think, 4:17 pm: For the past four (?) months, I have been secretly constructing mechanisms as detailed in the tablets found. I am almost finished. The creators of the tablets (as I assume that there was more than one) were ingenious to hide the plans with a common story line. Fortunately, the decryption program caught this. Oscar has accepted the story as fact yet is curious as to my avoidance of publicity, but not of people. This discovery will blow away all other history.

The wars go on but have slackened as peace between allies is reconstructed. There has been a worldwide cease-fire as positive negotiations take place. Terrorists still immorally murder people, despite the cease-fire. What is the world coming to?

I must get some rest. I have not made the same mistake of almost continuous work. I will stay away for a couple days, and then, when I am fully rested, I'll test these curiosities, some of which had parts foreign to me. Until we meet again! Boy do I have a good life!

The Being is out again. It is observing events as we are, without interference. We can see the blur as The Being goes by, since we are forced to push to go faster in this moment so we can observe future events. We'll need to go faster.

We move back inside of him. Familiar corridors lead to the same door. Notice the fury of activity. Nothing was focused away from this room. Over there in the distance was a dark area. This region had been shut down. It was a region of reason -- and caution.

Entering the room, it appeared smaller. The poster was gone. In its place towered a massive neon sign. It has been covered for the most part, but some of it showed through. It read the same.

He strolled the corridors, his skip-steps echoing through the noiseless halls. Peoples' attention had fixed itself on the violent wars. There was no time for learning now -- action superseded thought. Entering the computer room, he unconsciously turned on the force field. All else was out, he was in.

Picking up a list, he ran down it. He checked off several items as he found the corner they were in. He put down the pad, picked up his journal, and began to write.

Diary Entry: October 31, 11:58 pm: Though people work at all hours in these days, I am alone here. Just as well, for I wish to keep previously unknown devices hidden until it's time. This way, nobody will see what each one does until it is proven to work. I have briefly thought that these may not work, yet I am confident and, perhaps, overly optimistic. Goodby to the old world, hello to the future. Let's see what these babies can do.

We pause only briefly just to note one item. This was the final diary entry by one Michael Revelatious Miasmal.

He moved over to the first mechanism. He touched the first colored square as he eagerly awaited destiny. The time was near.

He saw the machine worked properly, so he continued on. Two, three, five, eight machines, all worked as planned. He continued, hastily checking each one over in eagerness.

It was unannounced and unexpected. Fragments of energy flooded the area from what was a force field. Metal and stone melted. Inflammable plastics engulfed themselves in cold flame. The outward force caused the entire eggshell structure to burst into...

Then, just as quickly as the process began, everything was sucked inward into a giant vacuum. All this took place in less than a tenth of a second. Here destiny had left its scar.

In the middle of the rubble, someone found His body. They radioed in for an ambulance, saying He was barely alive. The ambulance found Him in critical condition.

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