There is a side to all of us -- a darkness -- that longs for the dimming of the light to the place where shadows roam about. And the darkness is a thing called evil. But what is evil but an opinion? Would it change if it was called good? Try explaining orange to one who has always been blind. It is something that cannot be dome. Would it change if it was called blue or yellow? The darkness is the darkness because we choose to call it so. It is a rose by any other name. And it is evil because we believe it to be so. Yet it is part of you and me and the one next door down on the left -- or the right.

Why do my actions shock you? Do I have more evil in me than you? That cannot be -- we were all created equal. All of us have exactly the same potential. Why should it shock you when I do something? You are capable of the same. How does the constable capture the criminal by imagining where he will strike next -- by thinking, 'It I were him, what would I do?' Is not the constable imagining with his own darkness what he personally could do and not the criminal's darkness -- for how could the constable use what he does not have?

Cannot all see their darkness? Have you never watched children? Are they not cruel to others -- taunting and laughing at those they pick out? Do you think they could do this if they were not in touch with their darkness, if they did not have it as part of them? So why do my actions surprise you? Were you never a child?

How is it that I can act as I do? Why does others' darkness not envelope me? Why does it not envelope you. You are safe at home, or so you believe, because the masses are weak. They have the light; they have the darkness; the do not have the will. Most are cowards. They cannot act alone, be seen away from the comforting throngs that are willing to let the darkness by because they can then say 'Why does noone do anything?' They fear to become what they might. Heroes and demons are no different than anyone else. They have no special magic. They merely have the will to do things. What was so special about Napoleon or Hitler or Gengis Kahn or Washington or Lincoln or Churchill other than they willed things to occur and things did.

How can I compare "Great Men" to "Tyrants?" How can a sunrise be compared to a sunset. Are they not merely mirrors of the other? Was it not the leadership of others who also had a strong collective will that brought about the downfall of "tyrants?" Is not history written by the victor? Did I not state that darkness is what it is and it is only evil by opinion alone?

Many who thought themselves a "hero," come to slay the "demon" I am. None yet has matched my will. Is not this strange? Do you not know? Those of strong will, both heroes and demons as you choose to sort them, do not live long. Strong will burns brightly, inspiring others to follow. That which burns brightly does not last long. It is too easy to aim at. Why do you think demons hide themselves so well? It is strong will that lets the darkness be shown. That is why the weak last so long. Noone can see their brightness amidst all of the others. It is as looking for a single stalk of wheat in the field. Any change ins like the wind blowing. Though you may see the stalk, a little movement occurs and it is lost, no longer there.

Why do my actions surprise you?

How is what you seek different from what I do? Do you desire to kill me? If you wish me dead, at least have the courage to do the deed yourself. Take responsibility for your actions. Be proud of what you do. At least be true to yourself.

So you do desire my death. Trial and execution? It humors me that you really believe such a trial would be fair. No jury could be picked that would not convict me; I admit my guilt. Could I deny my own actions and claim to be responsible at the same time? But what would you charge me with? Murder perhaps? That I have done. But was it a crime? You fail to ask why I killed. Does it matter? Of course it does. Would you kill one to save many? Why would you kill me?

By what right do you judge me? You do not even ask why I do things before condemning me. Have you done what I have done so that you may truly know me and then be able to judge me? Or are you so sinless that you may throw the first stone? You wish to kill me. Is the desire any less sinful than the act? Oh, yes, it is called execution -- justice if you will. Is it not still killing? Is it not still murder? By killing me are you less guilty than I am?

Yes my society is corrupt. Will denying it cause it to not exist? There was corruption before me. All societies have it. Can you name a time and place without it? Will yours have anything less?

Freedom? What a silly thing that is. Did I not tell you that there is a darkness in all people? Freedom allows them to explore it. And what is darkness to one is light to another. Have you never seen one who treasures the smallest bit of junk as if it were more precious than life? Freedom allows for variety. Since when have people wanted variety? Do you not watch children? Do they mock those like themselves? Do they praise those who are different for being so? Does one culture take pride in another culture or their own? People do not want variety, they want uniformity. Do the poor not envy the wealthy? The cold the warm? Do they not desire to be like those they consider well-off? Is that variety or is that uniformity? How can there be uniformity and freedom? How can you say to someone that they may not be more wealthy or more warm or more satiated because that would cause someone else to be more poor or more cold or more hungry and still call that freedom? Why do you seek to give people the very thing they will trade away as soon as possible for what they had before you gave it to them?

Do you still wish to kill me? Should you do so, another will come to sit on this throne and if not this one then another like it. It may not be tomorrow nor the day after, but it will happen. History has proven it time and time again as it continues to repeat what has happened before.

Are you still set on your purpose? Why do you wish to kill me? If you do some, will something change? Perhaps for a time, but really no. There will be new faces but the song will be the same.

You will gain fame of course, but that is a selfish motive -- something of the darkness, of evil. You are a hero! What desire have you for such selfish things.

And so I ask you again... Why do my actions surprise you?