The History of Shagbert!


Why you would be interested in me is beyond my comprehension. I don't find myself interesting, but I like weird people and I'm the most normal person I know (though my friends would differ!).

I was born in Ishmeping, Michigan (in the USA for everyone outside the States). And have lived in Rifle, Colorado; Liverpool, New York (state, not city); Flushing, Michigan; Annapolis, Maryland; Rockville, Maryland; Kalamazoo, Michigan; and Plymouth, Michigan.

I've managed to (almost) graduate from GMI Engineering & Management Institute (believe it or not, the & was part of the official name) which is (as of January 1, 1998) now called Kettering University. I survived the electrical engineering program there (quite a feat as it is the most difficult program at the school) with a bachelors of science.

While at GMI, I fell in with a group of gentlemen at Sigma Nu Fraternity, Eta Mu Chapter. Yea, it sounds like a contradiction, gentlemen and fraternity, but I'll vouch it's true. If you know anyone going to GMI/Kettering, have them check out the fraternity -- the membership is always looking for new friends, member or not.

So why Shagbert? Well, I've had a few nicknames at the frat house. The ones that have stuck are Shaggy (whom I resemble), Shagbert (the Dilbert version of Shaggy), and Shag (just a short version of both).

So, what do I do in my spare time? Well, I'm trying a bit of everything. The current list, though, is: reading, writing, programming, MUDing, leatherworking, sewing cooking, my car, role playing games, crafts, camping, hiking, gardening, backpacking, net-surfing, control systems (computer controllers), cooking, knots, rope use... well, I could keep going, but you've probably stopped reading this paragraph already. :) Let's just say I like to learn new things. So long as it's not something like bungee-jumping (which I still consider insane!), I'm willing to try it.

Other than that, I've got 2 sisters (both younger), both parents still living (knock on wood), and my sister's dog as relations (yea, the dog is definitely part of the family).

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