Thoughts on religion

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I've been thinking a lot on religion for quite some time. There are things that just don't fit into the Christian (I was raised Lutheran) belief system. There are also common thoughts that don't fit or just aren't supported by the Christian Bible. I've started to put such meanderings here.

1. Jesus was born and died approximately 2000 years ago. In that time, the original documents that form the Bible have been translated, which is an innacurate process, as well as documents have invaribly been lost and information muddled by little events like the Crusades, revolutions, raw word of mouth, different countries having different backgrounds so slightly different spins occured... there is a lot in the way to muddle what really happened and was said.

2. The Christian Bible was composed by a group of humans from historic documents based on what they concluded was authentic religious documents. These are religious leaders who were divinely inspired, per say, but were still human. Not all documents may have been available. So, I must conclude that the Bible is not really the guide to life, the universe, and everything that people hold it up to be; it is a series of documents that states, "This is what we believe," and was never meant to be used with the phrase "Well, that isn't in the bible," and cautiously with the phrase, "In the bible it states."

3. There is an argument that God is male. Some people have argued that God is female. My take on it is that both sides are wrong. If God was male, there would have to be a female, otherwise no male can exist. (Yes that part is argueable.)  I haven't run across a female God in the Christian religion. Second point, the use of He to refer to God doesn't necerarilly denote gender. Many people use he to refer to a person or dog or cat when they are unaware of the gender as 'it' would be impolite. Last point, God made Adam into his own image. People keep thinking of this as a physical image; I disagree with that. Humans are disctinct from animals because of the ability to reason. (Yes there are other reasons, etc.) I think "in His own image" refers to a mental/spiritual capability rather than physical form.

4. There are consequences to every acion (inaction is an action of letting others decide). Many times these consequences cannot be forseen. Consequences are not necessarilly immediate, possibly occuring years after the action is long forgotten.

5. Everything effects everything else, though not necessarilly in a measurable way.

6. There is an energy inside me (and presumably everyone else). This energy can be directed. Is is a tool like a hammer or a chistle. The directed energy becomes a force. Like all forces it influences the world about me. I've contemplated that this force may be 'created in God's image'.

7. I do not discount what is taught in Christianity.

8. Man (short for human) creates. Creation cannot occur without destruction. This is balance.

9. There are very few, if any, things we can perceive that do not follow a rule of balance. We perceive abundance or a lack of something. For example, a white line on white paper is invisible.

10. Jesus did exist. No one questions it and as I personally have no proof one way or another I accept it as I accept that Napoleon or Aristotle existed. Who Jesus was constitutes another matter entirely.