Updated: 2000 August 11

Every once in a while, someone comes up with something worth remembering. The rest of it I've put here.

Of course, on a Friday night at this time there is about three places open in this town. Bowling by myself is rather out and I'd rather not get a tatoo. -- Me

At icecream parlor...
   Bryan: "I'd like a tripple."
   Lady at Counter: "You sure? There is a lot of icecream there."
   Bryan grabbing his gut: "Well, there is a lot of me here."

At frat house in the kitchen...
   No, we will not be eating her for dinner. - Art (we still razz him about this one)

Soultaker rips his work phone outta the wall and say: Can't you see I'm Mudding, now go away.

No reason an email program should take longer than a word processor to load. - Miracle

Miracle asks : how long should I cook a roast and at what temperature?
You ask : how well done do you like and how big is the roast?
Miracle says : Um. It's smaller than a football. Larger than my shoe. Like it pink in the very center.

This is why I will never use drugs. :P I'm terribly afraid they would normalize me. - Miracle

I don't think you can reproduce asexually, but I can just see you having a lot of fun trying. - Me to Oni

It just seems like we're so small and that nothing we do really matters. - Saura
Of course it matters! We can't take the chance that it doesn't. - Tye
  - from Digimon

Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power." -- Abraham Lincoln

um, no, I lick the lollipop, I don't stick my tongue in the wrapper - Belinda the flying trapeeze girl (OK, Mary)

An elephant: A mouse built to government specifications. - sig file

We had reinforced cat food for dinner - what T heard when "We had Rainforest Cafe for dinner" was said.