Updated: 2002 June 24

Well, welcome to my homepage. Yea, it seems like everyone has got oneand, yes, most are not worth looking at. Hopefully, I have something hereworth checking out. I do appreciate feedback. You can email me at: shagbert@ix.netcom.com.

What is here? Well, let's see... (*fumble about*) I know I've done something...(*rustle papers*) if you can wait just a... (*fwip*) Auuuuggghhhh! Thathurt... Ah! here it is.

OK, that's a short list, but I'm working on it.

Of course, if you are just passing though, you may want to head to:Dilbert or User Friendly or The Geek Code

Speaking of geek codes...
Version: 3.1
GE d-(+) s:- a- C++$ UL+ P L+>++ E W++ N+(++) o? K- w$>-- O M-V-- PS+ PE+ Y+ PGP t 5 X+ R tv+ b+ DI++ D G e++ h r y?

My Furry Code
FCW4s/MO1as A-- C* D# H+ M P? R? T? W Z- Sm# RLCT/E a c++$ d- e++ f- h iw+ j+ p-- sm#

This was interesting. I got to be called an Artist. Very interesting as I'm an Engineer/Programmer.

Well, I've been all about this Web and I've seen a lot of pages doneby a lot of different people. Some have been good; some have not. As theend-all of style (yea, right!), I like to get feedback on what it was youliked, didn't like, and/or wanted to see me drawn and quartered for (kinky!).You can email me at shagbert@ix.netcom.com.

2002 June 24 - Finally put up gomi chapeter 24. Somewhere 22 and 23 showed up here.
2001 Oct 5 - Added a humor and woodworking page.
2001 June 5 - Added reviews to the anime page.
2001 March 15 - Added GM message and player quotes to the RPG page.
2001 Jan 9 - Lots of things to the stories page.
2000 Nov 4 - Added Gomi part 21.
2000 Oct 18 - Updated the stories page and added a poem
2000 Oct 15 - Added the Spark link pic.
2000 Aug 1 - Finally got Gomi Part 20 done!
2000 July 29 - Added the poem Opportunity
2000 July 26 - Added a page on religion.
2000 July 22 - Added Thoughts to the story page and Mithrandil to the RPG page.