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Elf Physical Adept
Body 4
Quickness 10
Strength 3
Charisma 8
Intelligence 6
Willpower 6
Essence 6
Magic 6
Reaction 10
Initiative 10+2D

Skills, Active
Skill Lvl Attrib
Shotgun 7 Qui
Etiquitte 1 Cha
Negotation 1 Cha
Car 2 Rea
Guitars 7 (10) Cha
Singing 7 (10) Cha
Musical Composition 5 Int

Skills, Knowledge
Skill Lvl
Modern Music 4
Hunting 5
Local Music  3
Shadowrun Mythology 5
Gang Identification 3
Optics 3
Philosophy 4
Electronics 3

Skills, Language
Skill Lvl R/W
English 4 4

Combat Pool:

Total Kharma: 0
Good Kharma: 0
Kharma Pool: 1

Lifestyle: Low (2 mo prepaid)

Adept Powers
Improved Senses: Flare Compensation
Improved Senses: Sound Dampening
Improved Reflexes: 1
Improved Physical Attribute: Quickness: 3
Improved Physical Attribute: Body: 1
Improved Ability: Guitar: 3
Improved Ability: Singing: 3

Electric Guitar, Fine
Club Amplifier
Club Speakers
Mixer: 4 in, 2 put, polycorder, DDO
Body Mike
Music Playback unit
Music Disks (10)
Wrist Cellphone w/ flipup screen
Flashlight, large
Real Leathers
Secure Jacket
Secure Long Coat
Enfield AS-7 Shotgun w/ drum, 50 rounds (also accepts clips)
   Laser sight
   4 clips, 10 rounds ea.
   Ammo (190 rounds total)

Club Owner: UN-KNOWN

Money: 12 newyen

To the fans I'm the drek. They just don't know it yet. To the waxwork I'm the mega-creds. They just haven't seen me yet. To the World I'm the Messanger. I just need to send it out. I've got a righeously wi-i-i-i-iz-z Axe and Fingers of Fire to acompany my Voice. I'm a No-o-vastar.

There is a hitch...

I've got a smattering of creds to my name and it's just not enough to get the first gig an' up-in my gear. I was thinking about this and realized runnin' was the answer. Dad insisted on taking me hunting and I got pretty good with the shotgun, so I figure I can rock that and let the experience be a muse.