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Yancha, the Heavy Footed
Troll Physical Adept
Body 10
Quickness 5
Strength 9
Charisma 1
Intelligence 4
Willpower 5
Essence 6
Magic 6
Reaction 8
Initiative 8+3D

Skills, Active
Skill Lvl Attrib
Pistols 3
Throwing Weapons 6
Unarmed Combat
    Martial Arts
Athletics 4
Stealth 2
Ettiquite 1
Instruction 3
Car 2
Rifle 4

Skills, Knowledge
Skill Lvl
Oriental Philosophy 4
    Nerve Structure
Zoology 4
Brewing 5
Oriental Arts Centers 4

Skills, Language
Skill Lvl R/W
Japaneese 4 2
English 2 1

Combat Pool: 7

Total Kharma: 0
Good Kharma: 0
Kharma Pool: 1

Lifestyle: Middle

Adept Powers
Improved Reaction 2
Missle Mastery (x3): S Damage
Improved Ability: Throwing Weapons 3

Paperclips (100 count)
Ares Viper Silvergun
    30 clip
    9S flettechet damage
    Spare clip
    Concealable Holster
Colt M-23 Assault Rifle
    40 clip
    8M damage
    x3 scope
    laser sight
    spare clip
Defensive HE grenades (10 count)
   xx damage
   concealable bandoleer
Form-fitting body armour, level 3 (4/1)
Secure jacket (3/2)
Forearm guards (0/+1)
Security helmet (+1/+2)
    Vision magnification x10
Music playback unit
Music disk, "Soothing Melodies"
Music disk, "Music to Meditate By"
Music disk, "More Music to Meditate By"
Flashlight, Lg

Oriental Chef: Ikaru, roommate

I have only known Senai and Ikaru, Sensai's other student.

His death affected us both.

Sensai wished to make us masters of the Old Forms and taught us the Old Code. Realizing that times had changed, we were taught modern weapons as well. It was his heart that he tried to teach us and his heart that took him away.

Both of us must face the world he so isolated us from.

There are only days between Ikaru and myself, so I could not justly claim to be eld elder. I prooved to be the stronger, so it is my place to lead as did Sensai. Yet it will be together that we continue Sensai's dream.

If I am to lead, I must gather knowledge of the world about us. This accepted, I venture forth to the unknown.