A Note From Vince: As for my Starion/Conquest web page? 

This is it... (and it is getting a little long on the tooth!  i.e. VERY OLD)

Last update  30 Nov 2015


After years of storage, the day finally came to part with my StarQuest.

She sat, lonely and nearly forgotten in my Exs garage, when the realization that I would never return to her finally struck home.  Now brown in dust after 19 year on jacks, it was a heart wrenching decision knowing the time and work I had put into her so many years ago.

Off the jacks she came, and after neraly 2 decades , her hood went back on, and  a nice bath brought out  the shine and colors I had fallen in love with years ago.

I let her go cheap, to a enthusiest that has promised to bring her back to life rather than part her out, as he said she was probably the best  looking Conquest he had seen, thanks to her low miles and inside storage.  I hope  he holds true, as she has a place in my heart, and deserves  to reborn  with a fresh motor.

A sad sight Bath time Sweet Track Fun

5-point Aero Covers Battery Relocation Battery Cover

I expect this site to become more and more obsolite as the years pass, ,after all, I started supporting Starquests on the web back in 1996 working with an excellent web builder by the name of JASON KOLDA. Jason started where none had traveled before. His site was not only the FIRST Starquest site, it was well designed, and informative.   As with much on the net, his and my time has passed, I only wish to thank him for the years he helped others .  Anyhow , I'll  pull all the dead links. and leave you and your search engine of choice to do the hunting.

I recommend you start with RYDDLER'S StarQuest Club which now commands my utmost respect as the reigning champion of StarQuest sites.



Keep in mind this site is now OLD!  

The last updates done to secondary pages was in 1998!


    I believe much is still useful, but please treat it as old data, and research further.

   Looking at buying a StarQuest?  I have a couple words of wisdom for you.  

    The StarQuest is not a car for the un-knowledged, unless you have sizable funds to back your lack of mechanical skills.  The StarQuest is an expensive car to own, in both maintenance, and parts.  Far too often I see young owners, so strapped for cash that the car is allowed to deteriorate mechanically to a point of failure.  Trust me, this car is quick to fail if you slack off on maintenance, so if you insist on owning one, I recommend you have a second, and more reliable car as a backup.   Don't get me wrong, the StarQuest is a fun car, and so unique that it offers an obvious attraction.  But, your awakening comes on very quickly as the first time you need parts or service, and discover them not available, (or touting a horrendous price tag).    Please learn more before sending your son or daughter off to college ( I certainly wouldn't!) in a StarQuest, as I fear it could be a decision that may haunt you.




What you will find here is a compilation of data regarding things I commonly got asked about over and over... As well as a few other cool things (well, at least I think so...) Please folks, remember as you browse... I am not a specialist on this car, and any suggestions you read are typically based on my own personal opinions and experiences. Use it only as an aid in your research for the "big picture". The net is full of great people with specific knowledge that may be of better help to you and maintaining your StarQuest.


Also Please, don't count on me answering E-mail questions on StarQuests, I'm far outside the loop now to be of any help .



Technical data that relates to repeated questions on the US distributed StarQuest
(Data Per Official Mitsubishi sources)

ECU Part Numbers and Production dates

Injector Part Numbers and Production dates

Springs, Front and Rear, By Part Number and Production Dates

Ordering of Chrysler service manuals (Best prices on StarQuest Service Manuals.)

Checking the '88 89 ECU Codes

Gear Ratio chart for 1988 StarQuests (Wish I could find the software that made this chart again!)



My compiled history of design changes ( (Seems this is the one thing I did that remains popular, and is still distributed today!  I only wish it was more complete.)

My views on modifying the car  (with a few interesting photos via links)

MSD 6A Wiring diagram

Relocating the battery to the passenger trunk

Two charts to compare vehicle weights, and power to weight ratios!

 PR images from Chrysler EXCLUSIVE!   (You saw them here first!)



MITSUBISHI HOME PAGE Check out the Web Museum for some cool history!

STARION RACE RECORDS!  Note the AWD model! (The AWD proved to be the test-bed for the Popular Galant VR4!)

Ryddler Has built a great site with comprehensive QA sections. His site dominates the net for StarQuest information.

Dave Wolin Was Mitsubishi's premier driver in the eighties.  Here was his collection

Starion Owners Club UK  A great site with lots of info!



Vince's cars past and present  Yes, I have had have other neat toys besides a StarQuest! And a couple of them have turbos too!)

In Closing:

I have had the honor of helping and leaning from many a StarQuest owner, past and present.

I thank all of you, and wish you the best in keeping this cool car running for years to come.


Keep it shiny side up


Last update 30 Nov 2015