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A Limited Edition Light Truck from GMC




     With a limited run of only 4000* produced nation wide, the Beau James remains distinctive in styling and overall good looks.


     In almost all respects, the Beau James is a standard Sierra Classic Chassis.  It is a 3/4 ton frame, but sprung on a soft 1/2 ton suspension, giving it a very comfortable ride.  Amenities such as velour seats, full instrumentation, cruse, tilt and air conditioning set it as a more of a luxury truck of the time.

3/4 ton Sierra Classic 15 chassis
1/2 ton axles (5 Lug)
Short and Long-bed versions
454cid 4bbl or 350cid 4bbl

Optional Factory installed Trailer Harness
Cruise Control
Air Conditioning
Power Brakes
"Comfortilt" Steering Wheel
Full Instrumentation
Front Bumper Guards
Glide Out Spare Tire Carrier
Driving Lights
Bed Rails

Distinctive Identifiers

Beau James Hood Ornament

Beau James Floor Mats

Chrome/Red/Blue Decal on bed

Wire-look hubcaps

My Beau James

I have been unable to find out much more about this limited edition truck.  Mine was produced at the GMC plant in Fremont CA, while I have been told they were also built in  Flint MI.
 Article in 4x4 Magazine

With a GMC's Big Block 454, factory trailer wiring, and optional 3.70 gearing, this Beau has no trouble reminding you she has more that just good looks!

Many have asked me about Paint Codes.  Here is what I found (I have a photocopy from a Paint Book. It is of unknown origin, but also references the term "Image Maker II", which I assume to be a color standard system of some type?)

Buyer beware!  I have seen eBay sellers offering "Beau James" trucks in paint schemes other than what you see here.  Hood ornaments and stickers can easily alter a stock Chevy truck and trick unsuspecting buyers.  The Silver on Blue is the ONLY color the Beau was sold in!  These are old trucks, and one certainly could have been repainted an odd color by now, but exercise caution!

Color Fisher Code Ditzler Rinshed Mason Du Pont
Silver 5140 32537 A-1845 5510
Blue 5230 2672 A-2273 42878 (Verified in '96)



Gotta love eBay!  I was given the chance to buy "New in the box" Hood Ornament and Floor mats for my Beau.  Doubt I'll ever use them, but I suspect the opportunity to find mint parts like this is very very rare! Finally got a near mint set of hubcaps too!     (Yeash, I hope my son appreciates this stuff when he get older!)

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Class Action Information

Additional note: This series of truck has been the target of a class action law suit settled in July of 1996.  The suit references the unsafe placement of the fuel tank on the outside of the frame, causing a high death rate from fires after a side impact.

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