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The Forest Resources of Russia by Region

Forest of Russia comprise over one fifth of the world's timber resources. The forested area per capita for Russia as a whole is 5.1 ha; e.g. this compares with 3.4 ha for Nordic countries, 3.4 for North America, and 0.5 for Europe ( without Russia, the figure for Europe would be 0.25 ha).

The forest fund occupies about 69 percent of the total land area of Russia. Closed canopy forests cover 43 percent of the country overall, and 78 percent of these closed forests are in Siberia and the Russian Far East.

The average timber volume per hectare of coniferous stands is 170 cum., of deciduous hardwoods 130 cum., and of deciduous softwoods 80 cum. The average age of coniferous timber species is more than 150 years, of deciduous hardwoods 100 years, and of deciduous softwoods 40 years.

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