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European Region of Russia

The European Russian Region accounts about 22 percent of the Stocked forest land and 24 percent of the growing stock of Russia, or 166 million hectares and nearly 20 billion cubic meters. While containing one-fifth of Russia's coniferous growing stock and forested land, a more favourable climate and longer history of human development translates into some two-fifths of the total Russian deciduous forested area and growing stock being sequestered in European Russia.

The coniferous resource, accounting for more than 60 percent of the forested land and two-thirds of volume in European Russia, amounted to 103 million hectares of stocked forest land and 13.9 billion cub meters of growing stock. The deciduous resource of 7.2 billion cubic meters is supported on 62 million hectares.

The forests of European Russia can be credited with annual growth of almost 350 million cubic meters. Only two thirds is considered accessible in the short and medium to long terms. Low site, reserve forest, multiple-use and access problems all conspire to limit the potential by thirty percent to 225 million cubic meters in the short to medium term. Adding the 21 million cubic meters of annual harvest possibly available in the medium to long term provides some 246 million cubic meters potentially available.

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