Would you help me out?


"Better to see once than hear it one hundred times"

Lately I have been receiving many email messages with requests to see Russian mill sites, processing equipment and forest management system. Others are asking me to help them to find reliable sources of Russian timber, and good partners for long term business. Some of them just want to make a presentation of their own company to Russia, without making a trip there. To better serve these demands I decided to make a questionnaire for these requests.

Please try to answer all of the questions and return me by email to runar@ix.netcom.com


1. What are you interested most to see in Russia:

2. Your own specific interest not listed above and comments.

3. Most convenient time for the trip.

4. Duration of the trip.

5. Which part of Russia are you interested in (Regions - European part, Siberia, Russian Far East).

6. Do you want to make a presentation of your company during the trip?

As soon as we select appropriate number of interested parties we will post Invitation on my Web Site for upcoming trip to visit Russian forestry sites.


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