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VEHICLES an AUTO..biography

The Original Netcom Metro Family Webpage 1997 Edition

Pmetro's site at Buzznet Photo Blog

Note : Buzznet is a photocommunications site open to many users other than myself who post all types of photos. Due to the variety and type of photos posted by others expressing their photofreedom, some visiters to Buzznet may not agree with their content and/or subject. (get the message?) ok, then thanks, pEtEr

Ma's Trip to California, Summer 2004 (in progress)


don't mind my spelling !!!!! usually post wtihout a spellchecker...

Blizzard of 2005

50TH Birthday cards unavailable at this time check back later

Here are links to other pages that I"ve posted, some are in progress as I upload more photos. There are more to add as some photos are on other sites. The Original Netcom site was the first. We subscribed to Netcom ( now Earthlink) and it was a template builder that we used to get a site up and running. Renee was artsy with Sculpty Clay hence Renee's clay creations . Justine had the skulls background on her page (controversial???) and Adrienne's page is a memorial . having an Email address is passe now , I'll photoblog ya from my cell...get my latest RSS feed....what's next ????

What's New?

01/23/2005 Added Blizzard Website
05/22/2005 Added link to Vehicles webpage

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