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Welcome to the cyberlounge of the PNB New York Branch staff.

What is it?

It's a state of mind,
an attitude,
a perspective,
a philosophical statement,
a decompression chamber,
a stress management facility,
a reconditioning salon for frayed nerves,
a laxative for those with tight sphincters.
It's our watering hole for the mind and spirit.
A cosmic view of ourselves and our significance
within the context of infinite time and space.
It's especially dedicated to those of us
who take ourselves more seriously than we really ought to.

But enough said. For now,
it's time to take off that tie and unbutton that shirt.
For now, it's Friday and after hours.
C'mon... let your hair down and kick off your shoes.
It's now time to Reeeeelaaaaaax.......


Life is good again.......

And just in case you ended up on this
page looking for the corporate stuff...

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And here's what's happening at the Cyberlounge...

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BTW, for rough and tumble, no-holds-barred, free-for-all, every-man-for-himself discussions and non-discussions of any and all elements of Philippine Society and Culture - from the most ridiculous to the most wonderfully sublime topics, join the soc.culture.filipino and its more informal sibling, alt.psst.hoy Newsgroups on the Usenet. Once there, there is no returning...

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