Mimi Dillman's Cluny Tatting Bibliography

One of my main interests in tatting has always been tatting cluny leaves. It used to be that there were not very many patterns. So I started a list. And now I'm having difficulty keeping up! I've split up the bibliography into 4 parts:

Images on the World Wide Web

The tatted round-robins of the last 5+ years have yielded a lot of original tatting. Many of the tatters include clunies. Unfortunately, many of the links I have collected have since expired. Browse the current round robin site. Return to top

Patterns on the World Wide Web

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Books with Patterns

Most of these books will have instructions as well. Return to top

Articles with Patterns

I have had some help finding articles. I would like to thank Teri Duesenbury of the Tatter's Archive (she also led me to Tatting Book No. 5), Dale Pomeroy, and Marie Rice, who has several from Bobbie Demmer. The articles each gave me are listed as either (TD), (DP) or (MR) below. Also Margaret Merner with her surprise addition in January 2006 of a 2nd Sara Aus article (MM). Return to top
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