IRC Improvisational Smarm

An Ethereal Glow

Merry and Kareila

Warning! Silliness abounds herein! After the deeply serious smarmers had finished their business and #smarm late one night, Kareila and Merry explored their inner silliness. There was a great deal of it to look into. Anyone using web access at work to read this is hereby advised that uncontrollable giggling may result from exposure to the following session log. The management of this site assumes no liability for damage done to computers or sinuses by incautious readers aspirating their drinkables.

(Kareila) Jim saw the look of pain on his friend's face and rushed over to kitchen table, where he had been working grading papers.

(Kareila) "What's up, Chief."

(Kareila) "Paper cut." Blair looked up at Jim, his eyes shiny with unshed tears.

(Merry) Jim grabbed Blair's hand and cradled it in his own, feeling his heart constrict.

(Merry) If Blair hadn't been up so late on stakeout with him the night before, he wouldn't be so tired now, and this would never have happened.

(Kareila) He gently guided the young man to the sink, where he turned on a gentle stream of cold water and put the injured digit beneath it.

(Kareila) "Better?" Jim asked. Blair was quiet, too quiet.

(Merry) He could hear Blair's heartbeat racing as he tried to fight back the pain.

(Merry) "Oh, hurts, Jim!" Blair said finally, his voice rough with the determination not to sob out his pain against his partner's chest.

(Kareila) ROFL

Merry laughs helplessly.

(Kareila) Quickly, Jim opened the junk drawer and pulled out a bandaid. As gently as he could, not wishing to cause Blair more pain, he dried and wrapped the now red finger.

(Merry) Gratitude shone from the younger man's eyes as he watched the tender ministrations of his Sentinel.

(Kareila) Jim threaded his fingers through his friend's silky brown curls, bringing his eyes up to face Jim's.

(Merry) Blair sighed softly and brought his hands up to Jim's chest, curling his fingers tightly in the knitted fabric shirt.

(Kareila) "Thanks, man. You didn't have to do that." Blair leaned his forehead against Jim's neck.

(Merry) "Sure I did, Chief," Jim whispered softly. "I'm genetically predisposed toward protecting the tribe."

(Kareila) "But it was only..." Choking back a sob, Blair grasped Jim's shirt more tightly. The sentinel could feel the fabric pull tightly against his back.

(Merry) "Shhhh...." Jim stroked his fingers through Blair's soft curls, murmuring softly to him as he comforted his young Guide. "I'll always be here to take care of you, Blair. I'm your Blessed Protector. Whether it's a serial killer bent on taking over your identity and drowning you in a pond filled with duck waste, or the slightest scratch of your skin, I'll be here to make sure you're all right."

(Kareila) Blair was speechless. These were the words he'd needed to hear when he was afraid Jim's senses were gone for good. He released his grip and threw his arms around Jim's waste. His friend. His Blessed Protector. He smiled and wondered if Jim's senses could detect his facial expression through the cloth barrier.

(Kareila) ha!

Merry grins.

(Kareila) waste=waist

(Kareila) got duck waste on the brain.

(Merry) ICK!

(Merry) there's an image I didn't need.

(Merry) Jim's hands slid out of Blair's hair as his arms encircled his partner. God, it felt good to have that strong, steady heartbeat roaring in his ears and pulsing against his chest. It let him know his friend, his Guide, was all right. He was alive, healthy and whole, just as he should be. Jim tightened his grip, feeling a tear slip down one cheek as he rested it against the top of Blair's head. It was a tear of gratitude to whatever god had allowed him, once again, to protect the precious life he cradled now so gently in his arms.

(Kareila) Suddenly, the door burst open. Jim pushed Blair away and behind him, ready to assume his role as protector. The sight that greeted him took his breath away. Crouched near the now-splintered door, gun out and pointed directly at him, was Simon Banks.

(Merry) Oh, dear.

(Kareila) "I'm sorry Jim, I can't let you do it."

(Kareila) ..and now we take a sudden left turn into the twilight zone. :)

(Merry) This requires structure. Pass when you're done. *grin* I love it.

(Kareila) Jim steeled himself as his sudden concern transmogrified into anger. "Couldn't let me do what, Simon? What in the hell are you doing here?"

(Kareila) Simon straightened slowly and holstered his gun, a grim look on his face. He leaned out into the hall. "It's OK, guys. We made it in time."

(Kareila) Stepping further into the loft, the captain made room for the other men. Ryf, Brown, and Taggart shuffled in, also stowing their guns.

(Merry) If this is smarm, I have pages and pages of it on RFC. I've just been calling it "slash" all this time.

(Kareila) LOL

(Kareila) Jim took a step forward, battling confusion and the urge to be really pissed off. "Someone better explain this in about five seconds."

(Kareila) Blair came up behind him and put a restraining hand on his arm. "Jim, they're our friends. Let's hear them out."

(Kareila) Simon cleared his throat, started to speak, shook his head and took a step back. "Taggart, maybe you'd better handle this."

(Kareila) "Sure, Captain." Taggart smiled gently at Jim, motioning for him to have a seat.

(Kareila) "You see, Jim, it's the Blessed Protector thing. We're all worried about it. We think that it may have gone...too far."

(Kareila) Simon couldn't hold it in any longer. "For god's sake, Jim, it was a *paper cut*!"

(Kareila) pass. :)

(Merry) Ooooh.

(Merry) Jim's eyes grew cold as he stared at the earnest, sweating face of Joel Taggart, a man he had previously believed to be his friend.

(Merry) He'd always known there might come a time such as this, when he was forced to choose between his role as an officer of the law and the lifework of being a Sentinel. Somehow, too, he had always known that Blair would be there in the crucible with him. It was their joint destiny, as Sentinel and Guide, to face all dangers together.

(Merry) "You don't understand," Jim said. His voice was rough with emotion. Everything was changing before his eyes, but he held out the slim hope that these men, these friends, could be swayed from their self-appointed tasks.

(Kareila) (g)

(Merry) "It was recycled paper," he continued, his voice dropping to a whisper. "That stuff...who knows what's in it? The cut could've gotten infected."

(Merry) pass

Merry grins.

(Kareila) LOL

(Kareila) "Jim..." It was easy to tell that Simon was struggling with this. He didn't want to be having this conversation. "Blair," he looked up pleadingly. "You know what I'm getting at, don't you?"

(Kareila) Blair shook his head adamantly. "No, man. I have no idea, and frankly, it's pissing me off. I was hurt, Jim helped me. That's what he does."

(Kareila) pass

(Merry) "Sandburg...I want you to take a look at your finger, okay?" Simon couldn't believe his two best detectives were having so much trouble with such a simple concept.

(Merry) *Dear God, did I just call Sandburg a detective?* Simon's eyes widened in dismay. *Who's writing this crap?*

(Kareila) Heheheh.

(Merry) It didn't matter. What mattered were the two men before him, two friends, who had quite obviously gone off the deep end with no life jackets in sight.

(Merry) "Go on, look at it. It's a PAPER CUT." How simple would he have to get here? "Not life-threatening. Not even *breakfast*-threatening. Get a *grip*."

(Merry) pass

(Kareila) That was good!

(Merry) *grin*

Kareila giggles and tries to equal Merry's silliness

(Kareila) Blair looked at his bandaged finger thoughtfully for a long moment. When he looked up again, it was into Jim's eyes. The detective saw nothing but confusion there.

(Kareila) So softly that only Jim's enhanced hearing could catch it, Blair whispered. "He's right, Jim."

(Kareila) *No! Not Blair, too!* Jim almost shouted it out loud. Instead, he stood, pushing his emotions beneath the surface, ignoring the pain in his teeth.

(Merry) lol!

(Kareila) A sudden sharp jab pierced his head, and he saw a flash of white.

(Kareila) "Jim!" Blair jumped up, pulling at his arm. "What's wrong, man? Are you OK?"

(Kareila) Jim could barely catch his breath. The pain had shot through him like a bolt of lightning, leaving agony in its wake.

(Kareila) "Oh, gawd, Chief. I think I broke a tooth."

Merry falls over laughing!

(Kareila) pass

(Merry) All thoughts of propriety fled as Blair reacted to the pain radiating from his partner. It struck him deep, like a knife driven straight to his core. He could no more have ignored that pain, he realized, than Jim could have ignored his Guide's paper cut. They were together in this, partners, as always.

(Merry) "It's all right," Blair said, his voice automatically dropping into a lower register, becoming the Guide's voice, soothing and sweet. "I'm here." He cupped Jim's jaw gently in his hands, gazing into the Sentinel's eyes. Blue met blue, forging an instant bond -- or simply taking up an ancient one, perhaps, one that had always been there between them, dormant until called forth by mutual pain and compassion.

(Kareila) Hahaha

(Kareila) Oh, lord!

(Merry) Kitty will kill me for "wasting" this on silliness. *grin*

(Kareila) yeah, yeah. :)

(Merry) *Besides,* Blair said to himself, his thoughts spinning crazily out of control, *Where's it written that the hurt and the comfort have to balance?*

(Merry) pass

(Kareila) Silliness is very important.

Merry laughs!

(Kareila) "All right! That's enough!" Simon's voice rose to a familiar bellow, and his cigar hung at a perilous angle from the corner of his mouth.

(Kareila) "Look, if you two don't get a grip on reality in about 10 seconds, I'm going to set you up with the department shrink for six months of mandatory sessions."

(Kareila) Blair seemed not to hear. "Take deep breaths, man. Slowly turn down the dial on the pain. You can do it."

(Kareila) "Sandburg!"

(Kareila) Jim heard nothing but his Guide's voice. Soothing. Comforting. Anchoring. The pain ebbed gently, like the ocean tide during a full moon.

(Kareila) He was so focused on the familiarity of it, that the other sounds didn't pierce through it.

(Kareila) He didn't hear Simon's strangled yelp; didn't hear the urgent voices of Ryf and Brown; didn't hear Joel Taggart call for an ambulance in a tear-choked voice.

(Kareila) Blair didn't either. The most important thing right now was to make sure that Jim was OK. That his senses didn't cause him pain. Whatever was going on with Simon, there were three other people in the room to take care of it. Right now his sentinel needed him.

(Kareila) pass

(Merry) Eek. Who's hurt? Simon?

(Kareila) Yeah, something happened to him. :)

(Merry) Yeah, yeah, my story now. Okay, let me think.

(Merry) His hands stroking gently over the fine lines of Jim's chiseled features, Blair spoke low, crooned words of reassurance and instruction, guiding Jim through the necessary steps to block out the pain.

(Merry) When the Sentinel's features slackened, Blair knew he'd been successful. It was time to begin the work of drawing Jim back to reality, easing him into the moment at hand. An overwhelming sense of pride threatened to break his tenuous control over the emotions that raged in his heart; his voice was thick with unshed tears of pride and love as he brought Jim out of the zone.

(Kareila) Hah! Wow, I'm awestruck!

(Merry) I can't believe we're doing this.

(Kareila) Hopefully we'll have it out of our systems by the time of the next smarm session

(Merry) "What happened?" Jim said softly, just barely aware of his surroundings. All he could see was the intense blue of his Guide's eyes. His hands were on Blair's shoulders, tense, so tightly clenched there would probably be bruises. Instinctively he relaxed his grip and ran his hands gently down Blair's arms until their fingers tangled, entwined.

(Kareila) But, I truly doubt it

(Merry) me, too!

(Kareila) eeek! Merry is walking the edge

(Kareila) careful now.

(Merry) Got it covered. *grin*

(Merry) "What HAPPENED?" Brown's voice was incredulous. "What HAPPENED?!?!?! Simon took one step too many toward you guys and nearly got himself *fried* is what happened. What the hell is going on with you two?" The flash of light had frightened the detective greatly, and since he didn't have a soulmate to hold hands with, his fear was immediately translated into anger. "Blair cuts his finger on a piece of paper, you chip a tooth, and you guys are about to jump each other's bones over it??"

(Kareila) LOL

(Merry) Jim's glare was as hot as molten lava as he stepped forward, placing his body between Brown and Blair as a shield. "That is none of your business!" he growled menacingly, every muscle in his body poised to attack should the situation call for it.

(Merry) "Yeah," Blair seconded, his head popping up over Jim's shoulder. "And besides, that's a whole 'nother genre."

(Merry) pass

(Kareila) "Looks like you're crossing into it, then. What's with this hand-holding stuff?"

(Kareila) Jim was indignant. "We weren't holding hands... Look, Brown, I don't have to explain myself to you. What Blair and I have is deeper than friendship."

(Kareila) "How about explaining yourself to Simon?" Brown stood back to reveal the captain, lying on the floor near the door, his eyes closed, body twitching intermittently.

(Kareila) "Oh, wow." Blair left his refuge behind Jim and squatted next to Simon. "What happened to him?"

(Kareila) "You tell me, Sandburg. You two were lit up like the light parade at Disney Land."

(Kareila) "Cool!"

(Kareila) Blair jumped up and ran to his back-pack, digging around until he came up with his battered notebook and a pen.

(Kareila) pass

(Merry) Returning to kneel next to Simon again, Blair uncapped his pen and pushed his glasses higher on his nose. "So, like, what did it feel like, Simon? Was it a burning kind of thing, or more like electrical shock, or...?"

(Merry) When he received no response, Blair nudged the prone form of the Captain with his pen. "Simon?" His eyes flicked up to Jim's. "He's toasted, man. You think it's some kind of Sentinel/Guide thing?"

(Merry) pass

(Kareila) Oh, thanks.

(Merry) Hey, *any time*.

Merry grins.

(Kareila) "You're the expert, Chief. I just know that if you weren't here to help me, I don't know what I'd do."

(Kareila) Brown eyed the roommates with disbelief and retreated to the hallway to wait for the ambulance. "I can't take this any more, man. They're a lost cause."

(Kareila) Ryf, who had been silent for most of the excitement, finally spoke. "Yeah, man. Go ahead and leave me. You know, you could learn something from these guys. When was the last time you comforted me when I was injured?"

(Kareila) "Hey, don't start with me. I patted you on the back last week after we finished that serial tattooing case."

Merry falls over laughing!

(Kareila) Ryf followed Brown out the door. "And you think that's enough? How about showing me a little of that warmth you're always wasting on that chick in records..."

(Kareila) Blair watched them go with a twinkle in his eye. "I'm glad we don't have hang-ups like that, Jim."

(Kareila) pass

(Merry) Jim glanced down at his partner, his lips curving up in a breathtaking smile. "You said it, Chief." He ruffled the younger man's hair playfully, then pulled him into a rib-cracking hug. "You know I love you, don't you? I mean, in a totally gen sort of way, but deeply, completely, and with every fiber of my being all the same?"

(Kareila) snort

(Merry) Blair smiled against his friend's chest, returning the hug with equal fervor. "Aw. I love you, too, Big Guy. But you don't have to explain it to me. We're connected in a way that goes beyond the bounds of mere sex, though in many instances sex might be easier for people to understand. The kind of bond we share is like this indestructible, metaphysical *event*. Hey, maybe that's what happened to Simon. He tried to interfere, and..."

(Merry) "Hey," Jim stopped Blair's monologue with a finger pressed lightly against the younger man's lips. Blair fell silent, grinning as he waited for Jim to continue. "Simon got what was coming to him. He's read enough of this stuff to know: You don't fuck with the Guide Process."

(Kareila) rofl!

(Merry) "Whatever, man." Blair glanced sadly down at Simon, wondering what was taking the ambulance so long. As a doormat, Simon made a really good cop. His eyes flicked back up to Jim's, and he smiled again. "As long as you understand that this is for keeps. You and me, Sentinel and Guide, together forever. It's destiny, we can't fight it."

(Merry) pass

(Kareila) You're evil. As a doormat Simon made a really good cop indeed. :)

Merry grins.

(Merry) hehehhehe

(Kareila) "I don't want to, Chief."

(Kareila) The two men stood, arms entwined, lit by an ethereal glow. Behind them, the faint outline of a black panther could be seen, contentedly licking its paws.

(Kareila) Unseen by the Sentinel and his Guide, Joel sat, observing them both, tears streaming down his face, floored by the sheer beauty of it.

(Kareila) Even Simon, his spastic twitching long since quieted, seemed content in the glow of their gen-like love.

Merry snorts coke up her nose.

(Merry) uh, coca cola. Bad context for that colloquialism.

Merry grins.

(Kareila) Well, I could understand the need for drugs after a story like that. :)

(Kareila) The end?

(Merry) The End!