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Welcome, Seeker. Linger over the offerings here, they are provided for your enjoyment.

Alternate Universe Warning: Everything here takes place in a happier, saner world than the hellish place Cascade became in third season; a place where love is expressed in joy and kindness, and the language of their hearts is still spoken openly.

Rants and Reviews

Inside Man
Explanation of the smarm Ratings
"Real Men Don't Act Like That"
Origin, Definition, and Correct Use of the Word "Smarm"

IRC Improvisational Smarm - chat channel log format

"Long Session" by Martha, Merry, cat1, Kitty, and Kareila
Smarm Rating: 4/4
"Day on the Set" by Kitty, cat1, Merry, Kareila, Daenea, and Wanda
Smarm Rating: 4/3 Silliness Content: 10

Standard prose format smarm

Senfic Smarm Challenge - The Wall by Kitty
Smarm Rating: 0/5
Borneo Eyes by Kitty and Martha
Smarm Rating: 4/5
Wake Up Call by Kitty
Smarm Rating: 0/3
Beach by Kitty and Martha
Smarm Rating: 3/5
Lucidity by Kitty
Smarm Rating: 4/5
Revenant by Kitty and Renae
Smarm Rating: 4/5
Memorial by Kitty and Renae
Smarm Rating: 0/4
The Smarm Ghods have blessed me with the friendship of some of Sentinel fandom's finest writers, and I have had the good fortune to be able to encourage them in the creation of my favorite consumable: great smarm. Here are some of the special little bits I was at least partially responsible for engendering:
The Deep by cat1
Smarm Rating: 0/4
IRC Improv Smarm "Ethereal Glow" by Merry and Kareila
Smarm Rating: 0/4 Silliness Content: 10
Favor by Martha
Smarm Rating: 4/5

Links to Other TS Smarm

Sample some of the extremely fine smarm by several of TS fandom's best writers:

Martha's archive Smarm Rating: various
Smarm collection by Becky and Robyn Smarm Rating: various

This site and all my smarm are dedicated to my missing heart.

my sweet, beloved Remo Remo Camber 1985 - 1999

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