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This picture is a bit out of date; it was taken in 1983 but is still the best shot I have of us. I wear glasses now and we both have some "snow on the roof" but other than that, we still look pretty much the same. Soquili and I have been married 28 years, which is hard for me to believe sometimes. He is an anesthetist - one of the folk who knocks you out before and wakes you up after surgery (he says waking up is the most important part). We both own and operate Mountain Dreams Kennel and Cattery - puppies (Labradors and Cocker Spaniels) rarely and kittens when we can't help it. We live on 7 acres (a "farmette" according to the neighbors) in southwestern Iowa. We share our homeplace with 2 Labs, 1 Cocker, an African Gray Parrot named "George of the Jungle," Hilary Horse (quarterhorse), 2 other horses who share her pasture, a flock of chickens and a whole herd of cats (we rescue). I am a vet tech and own my grooming business. I also sell jewelry. I do fingerweaving and have just learned how to do the Cherokee double-wall basket. We both have Cherokee Ancestors. We do not have CDIB cards.

I am the ghigau (say ghee-gauw) or Beloved Woman or chief woman Elder of the St Francis River Band of Cherokee in MO. Surprised to think of Cherokee in Missouri? There are lots of us and we have been documented in the area since the early 1700s. The St Francis River Band is based primarily in the southeastern part of the state which is also called "The Bootheel" or SEMO. We are a Traditional Band and celebrate the New Moon Feasts and Gather for the Great Festivals. We are currently working on our website and hope to have it up and running soon. A link to it will be posted here when it is ready.

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And here is a link to my Tsalagi Moons page. This page correlates the Cherokee Moons (months) with the calendar in common use today:

Tsalagi Moons

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