You can't teach chocolate...


"I have heard enough anger and frustration from those who are
demanding explanations as to why they cannot find anyone to
"teach" them spirituality. Here is one explanation I personally 
like. The words are my fathers."


"Teach me chocolate!" The young man demanded of his elder.
    "I will do anything, pay any price you want me to. Just please,
teach me chocolate."

    The elder asked, "Have you ever gotten your own chocolate and
experienced it for yourself?"

"Well, no, but you've had chocolate since you were a child and I'm
just starting out. I've never had chocolate and I wouldn't know
where to begin. I don't even know what it looks like, so why can't
you just teach me ?"

Putting a piece of chocolate into his mouth, the elder smiled and
ignored the young man.

In frustration the young man begged. "Can you at least tell me
where to buy a book about chocolate?"


A wise friend adds a warning about confusing substance with form.
She says. "The substance can only be taught "to one" from the One 
from Whom it originates."

I would add also the reminder to remember the traditional wisdom:
"When the Spirit is ready, the Teacher appears." One need not go
seeking a Teacher. When one has mastered the lessons one already
has and is ready for the next phase, the Teacher appears right
there in one's life. I know this is so; it has happened to me
more than once. -Tsayonah

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