Black Hole SUN of Swimp

Will the
Black Hole SUN
of VANCOUVER Comply?!
    by Gary G. Ford

Ah! ... life was SO SIMPLE in THOSE Days of Supreme Naivity! Little did I realize until escape to harder, meaner, saner, greedier Calgary, just how rotted my brain had become, how high the costs of living had soared, in my Vancouver, B.C. denage.

When realization sunk in, with Hippy Memes occasionally crawling out of ears at night to retire and die so very appropriately from within, I knew that I had only become "bedazzled" by the Strange and Gamey "Flavors" of the Vancouver Scene.

Man! ... Mam, the 1970's, was this blurry blend of drug induced Charlies passing by, with somnolent 'Squeaky' Fromm's following like meme-imprinted Goslings, or cute Chinese girls imagined with clean shaven cunts smiling friendly "Hello!"'s - some scene out of a Script Writer's unreproducible Dream ... And YES, I found I had been HAD by the artificial plasticity of it all - the Bull Hippies, the Green Peace Amchitka Liars, images of Sexual Liberation, all the while the Smoking Man was still practicing for his future best lines years later in X-Files scenes taken under the False Creek passover of the Burrard Street Bridge ...

Did you KNOW the World's Ending? ... I saw it in a dream a few days ago. The Terror still shakes within my Soul. When you see the Great Bubble of Coming Water Arch over the Horizon, it will BE TOO LATE to run or even fly away!

Pray you are NOT on the Trouble's Crossing, nor even stumbling awake for a night time pee, for if the path is twixt your own, your fate is made, and nothing you or I dare think will spare your way!

You see, a Smallish Object, the mass of Earth's Moon, will Pass a short distance overhead and skirt the Earth, raising a mighty tide, by gravity so up close, thus this midi-black hole, impossible to shred, will beckon the Air and Waters near to FOLLOW on its path! Whole Ocean basins, great lakes could be drained at a glance, even people and their garbage may be snatched, per chance! And Arching over the North Atlantic on Path with Close approach at Vancouver, will thus suck so many mellow minded folk at last to futile chase their NEW HOME in a Black Hole Sun, leaving No Time for any Risen to even say, "Good-bye! I'll write!" - Quick! They're GONE!

Copyright ©Sunday, 10 April 2005,
Gary Gene Ford -= [ 1946-2013 ] =-
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