What does the Skinwalker Ranch (in Utah), Joe Conforte (in Brasil), C.S.I. "Las Vegas" (filmed in Los Angeles), and Supernova SN 2008D, (which occurred 88 million years ago in the spiral galaxy NGC 2770), all have in common?

        Curiously bizarre events unfolding at one or many points in space/time are perceived at entirely different times and locations by a myriad of transient entities whose only common ground consists of mortal, physical shells housing self-referencing, cognitive sentient identities with limited yet extraordinary consciousness, comprehension, and psycho-physiological resilience.

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May 21, 2008
Astronomers Witness Supernova's First Moments
Lucky catch supports longstanding view of supernova shock wave
By JR Minkel

Astronomers have observed for the first time the thunderclap of x-rays that announces a star has exploded into a supernova. Researchers monitoring spiral galaxy NGC 2770, approximately 88 million light-years away, observed a brief but intense flash of x-rays in early January, followed by a prolonged afterglow of visible and ultraviolet light--the hallmark of a supernova.

Although the x-ray outburst lasted only seven minutes, it flashed 100 billion times brighter than the sun in that time. Based on that brightness and the duration of the flash, researchers conclude that the star (SN 2008D) was approximately 20 times the size of the sun and was blown apart by a shock wave expanding outward at 70 percent the speed of light.

Writing in Nature, the group says the discovery offers the first direct evidence for astrophysical models of supernova shock waves that date to the 1970s...

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X-RAY OUTBURST of supernova SN 2008D captured by NASA's Swift satellite during a study of an earlier supernova, SN 2007uy...


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  "Love Ranch, (www.imdb.com/title/tt1125929/)
is a fictionalized version of the love triangle involving Joe Conforte, his wife Sally and heavyweight boxer Oscar Bonavena, who was gunned down at the Mustang Ranch."
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"CSI: Crime Scene Investigation"
    Ending Happy (2007)
    "Ending Happy" is the 21st episode of the 7th season of the television series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. The CSIs are called to a crime scene at a brothel in Bryant County where Lorenzo "Happy" Morales, a boxer, is found dead in a swimming pool.


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