Masquerade Anarchic Principle (MAP)
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            "The Map is Not the Territory"

Date: Jul 15, 2008 5:00 PM
From: Thorn Alley <>
Subject: Masquerade Anarchic Principle (MAP) - [ Re: ALIENATING FANCIES --masks ]

  The anarchic principle follows from quantum
    mechanics, which tells us that all particle
      interactions that can happen will happen.
        In quantum field theory, everything that is
          not forbidden will occur.
  -- Lisa Randall, Ph.D.

                    Page 228 of:
                    WARPED PASSAGES - Unraveling The Mysteries
                    Of The Universe's Hidden Dimensions
. Copyright © 2005
                    ISBN-10: 0-06-053109-6 (pbk.)

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A L I E N A T I N G   F A N C I E S . . . .

Masquerade of Angels
Karla Turner, Ph.D. (1947-1996)

Excerpts: From the 'PDF' at

Pgs. 146-149 [ The Call - Fifteen ] --

  .... For days afterward, [ Ted Rice ] was obsessed with trying to
understand the experience. He and Marie discussed it repeatedly,
but her explanations did not satisfy him. Deep within, Ted had
serious doubts about what had been done to him, and for the first
time in years he also felt anger and resentment.
    On several occasions he tried to question Raphael and Sharon,
his familiar spirit guides, but they gave him no answers about the
event. The only way Ted was able to overcome his depression and
anxiety relating to the event was to tell himself the whole thing had
been a frightening dream. And that only worked so long as he didn't
let himself think about the hand, the face, and the jolting shock that
knocked him into unconsciousness.
    At night, however, the fear was worse. Ted couldn't sleep in
the dark any more, so he got a night light, but still he was nervous
and unable to rest well. He had frequent anxiety attacks, and when
he did finally fall asleep, he often woke up again, especially between
three and four a.m. In need of help, Ted went to the doctor and was
given a prescription for a sleeping aid. It helped minimally, but it
also affected his mood, for Ted noticed swings from a jumpy, jittery
state to fits of depression.
    Not long after the episode of the fog in the room, Ted had
yet another new experience for which his metaphysical training had
not prepared him. A new spirit showed up, or at least he thought it
must be a spirit. But it was far stranger than any guides he'd ever
heard of or encountered. And once again, it began in the middle
of the night.
    At first, he thought these encounters were also dreams,
because of their utter strangeness. As he slept, an entity would
appear and take Ted to an unknown location where he was
instructed in what the new entity told him were "spiritual truths."
This being called himself "Volmo," and as Volmo delivered his
instructions, Ted felt as if he were in a very altered state.
    Each morning after a visit from Volmo, Ted awoke with
curiosity and tried to recall the spiritual lessons. But he could
only remember a small part of Volmo's teachings, as if much more
had been blocked or simply faded away. His lack of recall was
bewildering. In the past, spirit messages always came while Ted
was fully awake, and he had no trouble hearing or remembering
them. But with Volmo, it was different.

    "This is really strange stuff," he told Marie shortly
after his first few encounters with Volmo. "This spirit, or
whatever Volmo is, just isn't human. I mean, the way he
looks, the shape of his head and everything about him
isn't human."
    "I don't understand," Marie said. "What does he
look like, then?"
    "He's tall, really tall," Ted explained. "When I'm
standing beside him, he towers a foot or more over my
head, so I reckon he's six and a half feet tall, maybe
seven. And massive. He's got a strong, powerful body,
and it's dark colored, dull gray or olive-brown."
    "I've never heard of anyone like that," Marie said,
puzzled by this new entity.
    "He seems really friendly and pleasant," Ted
continued, "but to tell you the truth, the way he looks
sure scares me. Volmo's god-awful ugly! His head
doesn't have any hair, and there are bony ridges on
the top. His eyes don't look human, that's for sure.
They're dark, sort of yellow-gold, and there aren't any
eyelids. But his mouth is the worst part, Marie. It looks
like a big fish mouth, with sharp teeth."
    "What about his hands?"
    "I saw them pretty clearly. There are only three
or four fingers on each hand, and I think they're slightly
webbed. The hands look claw-like, because he's got
these long, pointed nails on each finger. So what do you
think this character is?"
    "It's a mystery to me," Marie admitted. "You say
he's teaching you things. What sort of things?"
    "Well, don't laugh," Ted said, "but last night,
when he came and got me out of bed, he taught me how
to walk through walls. He took me up to the wall of the
bedroom and told me that it was easy to pass through
solid matter. He said it all depends on how I perceive
matter. Like, if I think of matter as solid, it will be solid,
but if I realize that it has a different density from me,
then I can control it and move through it like water.
    "Volmo showed me what he meant," Ted continued.
"He stuck his hand right through the wall. Then he told
me to try it, and I did."
    "Did it really work?" Marie asked.
    "No, not the first time. But I tried it again later, and
I swear, my hand went through the wall like it wasn't even
there! And now that he's worked with me a few times, it's
easy. We stand by the wall together, and then he takes
my hand and we move through the wall, just like that!"
    "Where do you go when you pass through
the wall?"
    "I wish I knew," Ted laughed. "I've tried to
remember what happens after that, but I just don't know.
It's like I blank out."
    "Do you feel all right when he's with you, doing
all this stuff?"
    "Yeah, it's fun," Ted said. "I like it, and I'm just
amazed by the things he's shown me. But I wish I knew
what Volmo really is. You've taught me everything in the
philosophy of spiritualism, but I don't recall anything that
explains this guy."
    Marie couldn't explain Volmo, either. But later
when they were together discussing these nighttime visits,
Marie began to get an image of the being. She asked her
own spirit guides to give her some understanding, and at
last an explanation came.
    "I can see the image of Volmo," she told Ted
excitedly. "He's here in spirit form around you right now."
    She gave a physical description that matched the
being Ted had come to know so intimately.
    "My guides tell me that Volmo is not of this earth,"
she went on. "He's an interplanetary spirit, but he's gotten lost
in our earth plane and now he can't escape. That's why he
looks so strange, because he's never been born in our
world. But the guides tell me that you shouldn't fear him.
He's completely harmless to you. In fact, they say that
Volmo is a highly developed spirit in his own plane, and
that he'll be of great help to you."
    This information gave Ted some welcome relief,
and he tried to accept the guides' explanation. They had
never led him astray in the past. If some interplanetary
spirit wanted to help him, he wouldn't resist. And if he
was bothered by the fact that he couldn't remember much
of what happened when he was with Volmo, well, he
would just trust that someday everything would be
made clear. ...

Pgs. 251-252 [ The Light - Twenty-Four ] --
    ... "Before I go home," Barbara [ Bartholic] said, "I'd like
for you to tell me just what all of this means to you
personally, Ted. What do you feel is going on? What have
you been able to understand?"
    "I don't know if this will make sense," he replied, "or
even if it's anywhere close to the truth, but I'll tell you how it
feels to me, or at least what the situation implies. Back when I
was being given messages and information during the night,
I remember one particular lesson the aliens taught me. They
explained that the space between physical matter isn't empty,
but rather it is filled with positive and negative charges.
    "Now, if you can imagine these two vast fields of charges
somehow producing separate dimensions of existence," Ted
continued, "and then imagine that these dimensions give rise
to intelligent entities, each of them carrying the positive or
negative charges according to which dimension produced
them. It seems to me that we humans are a source of some
sort for both of these kinds of creatures, and I can imagine
them working together to shape us into the perfect creation,
made of both positive and negative aspects, so that both of
them can use us.
    "They may not be good or evil in their own terms," he
conceded, "even though their actions feel that way to us. But
they certainly seem to be bound together in their involvement
with humans. I remember the incident where the two aliens
were arguing over me. Their discussion about the two groups
involved with me seems to be related to this idea."
    "One of them was rather rough and threatening with you,
wasn't he?" Barbara asked.
    "Yes," Ted said, "and the other one came in and protected
me from him, which pissed off the first one. It seemed like a
real confrontation, but if they were really two opposing
groups, what were they doing there together? They seemed
to be sharing the premises. Not long ago, I read a passage in
the Gnostic Gospels where Jesus talked about the good angels
and the bad angels working together, Barb, and I think that's
exactly what is going on with the ETs."
    "Do you really think they are spirits or divinities or gods
of some sort, then?" she asked.
    "No, at least they aren't any gods I would find acceptable,
but I don't know what I believe any more, to be honest. All
the metaphysical and traditional religious beliefs I once had
are gone with the wind," he smiled sadly. "I don't have any
reality to hold on to now."
    "Yes, you do," Barbara said, reaching out for his hand.
"This is your reality. Believe in yourself, your own goodness.
Maybe they did make us, Ted, who knows? But nonetheless
we've emerged with something they don't have. And they
sure want it. We have souls that let us feel emotions, and that
makes us capable of love. They take our emotions because
they have none of their own."
    "They didn't just take mine, they plundered them," Ted
said, "and almost destroyed me in the process. Are we so
helpless? Isn't there anything we can do?"
    "I don't know," Barbara replied. "And we won't know,
until we learn everything about what the aliens are doing,
what plan they're carrying out." ...
Pg. 255 [ The Light - Twenty-Four ] --
  ... Ted waited outside for one last wave as she drove
away. With Barbara's help, he at least had a way to learn
more. There were many past events that he now
questioned and wanted to explore: his relationship with
Maya, the Aunt Jemima apparition and the ghost of Miss
Flowers, Volmo's visits, the visions of global destruction,
the night of fog, the missing time, and the desert under-
ground facility where humans were corralled like cattle.
He was healing now, and before long he would be ready
for the next regression and whatever revelations it
might bring. With a last glance across at the field where
the UFO had landed, Ted's resolution strengthened.
"I will have my life back," he vowed silently to his
abductors. "I will dig so deeply into my past that every
single thing you've ever done to me will be revealed.
When I make my story public, when I tell the world the
truth about your alien agenda, only then will I be
fulfilling the real role of a Light Worker. And when I
help to strip away the masquerade of the angels,
working with others to find the truth, maybe it will,
finally, set us free."
Masquerade of Angels
Karla Turner, Ph.D.
with Ted Rice
Foreword by Barbara Bartholic
First published 1994 © Karla Turner 1994
Library of Congress Catalog
Card Number: 94-096491
ISBN 0-9640899-1-2

    For TED RICE, a noted psychic, paranormal events punctuated
his world from an early age and compelled him into a life devoted
to metaphysical work....He had known spirits and spaceships,
angels and ghosts, a beautiful female ET and a bizarre reptilian
humanoid. He had been shown scenes of heaven and of
horrible destruction.
MASQUERADE OF ANGELS is the story of the mysterious
forces that shaped the life of a cottonpatch kid from backwoods
Alabama and transformed him into a 'Light Worker' ... only to
plunge him into a maze of alien deception. With all that it reveals
about illusion and reality, good and evil, and the nature of
humanity, Ted Rice's story challenges everything we think
we know about the universe.
    DR. KARLA TURNER, a former university instructor of English,
came face to face with the alien abduction phenomenon in
1988 when her entire family experienced repeated encounters
with non-human entities. The story of those events is presented
in INTO THE FRINGE. Since 1989 she has investigated numerous
other abduction accounts and has presented her findings in
magazine articles, lectures, and, most recently, in TAKEN:
ISBN 0-9640899-1-2
Dr. Karla Turner, Ph.D. (1947 -1996)

NOTE: Ted W. Rice abandoned the use of the term "Light Worker"
as being disingenuous and/or duplicitous. See:

See also, Stanton T. Friedman's April 2006 review of
Dr. Susan A. Clancy's book "Abducted: How People Come
to Believe They Were Kidnapped by Aliens
" [ October 2005 ]



See also:
H.R. Giger , MkzdK
and  Ingo Swann
    "Biomorphic Polarities" - ©MT  

> Sunday, 13 July, 2008 12:22 PM
> From: "caryn anscomb" <>
> To:,,
> Cc:,
> Hi Eugenia,
> Hope you're well.
> I've had a fascination with masks and identity
> since my early 20s.
> I do a little freelance art on the side and
> much of my work is influenced by African art
> and tribal ritual masks.
> I'll look up Masquerade of Angels, thank you --
> and please let me know when your book is
> ready for sale.
> Best wishes
> C.
> --- On Sun, 7/13/08, wrote:
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> > Subject: Re: ALIENATING FANCIES --masks
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> >,
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> > Date: Sunday, July 13, 2008, 12:04 PM
> >
> > Greetings Caryn:
> >
> > In my new book entitled
> > "Pulse of the Dragon: the Secret Knowledge of the Pirates",
> > there is a unique section on masks of characters with
> > preternatural powers which I am going to keep under wraps
> > until the book is ready in late 2008. Your email startled
> > me at first because I had just worked on that section--which
> > is not focused on "Greys". There is a book on ufo charades
> > entitled Masquerade of Angels by the late Karla Turner.
> >
> > cheers --Eugenia Macer-Story
> >
> >> In a message dated 7/12/2008 8:59:34 A.M.
> >> Eastern Daylight Time, writes:
> >> Early 1980's, in a wood somewhere in Yorkshire ,
> >> several individuals were performing in
> >> A Theatre of Magick: identities concealed by white
> >> elongated featureless masks.
> >> On reflection, there is indeed something uncannily
> >> similar between the mask of the 'actor' and the
> >> mask of the archetypal 'Grey'... ...

Eugenia Macer-Story <>
  Consultations and publications using
    both traditional and contemporary
      systems of sorcery and divination.
        Poetry, playscripts & artwork
          involving inexplicable dilemmas
            and contact with
              interdimensional intelligence.

Caryn Anscomb <>
"Confessions of a Crop Circle Maker..."
"The Trickster character has been extensively documented
over the years by anthropologists, social scientists and
occult writers, amongst others. Tricksters are generally
associated with de-structuring, boundary crossing and
the blurring of distinctions. Shape-shifting, unruly and
contradictory, the Trickster is an adept at paradox.
He dwells in the liminal realms -- betwixt and between
the conscious and unconsciousness mind, the rational and
irrational, and haunts our dreams between sleep and
waking. In his most exulted form he becomes the
'messenger' - Creator's helper, Trickster to Transformer."

"William J. Birnes" <>
Bill Birnes, the publisher of UFO Magazine,
is the star of the new series, UFO Hunters.
Each week, he and his team of researchers
travel to the sites of world-famous UFO
events where they use high-tech equipment
and cutting-edge investigative techniques
to explore the encounter and arrive at
answers about what really happened.

Pat Uskert <>
When he witnessed a strange metallic object
floating over Venice, California, Pat became
intrigued with the UFO phenomenon and decided
to spend the next few years investigating it.
His road trip across California exploring UFO
sightings and interviewing witnesses became
the documentary Visitors: California UFO Wave.

Eugenia Loli <>
Q: What's your personal opinion on the Isaac
  and the drone case? An elaborate hoax, or
  something more?
Pat Uskert: The whole Isaac thing sounds
  like a huge waste of time to me. There is
  no way to prove it is anything more than
  a hoax. But as UFO Hunters, we actually
  went to Colorado to meet with MUFON Director
  James Carrion to discuss the Isaac material.
  Carrion is of the opinion that it is
  disinformation, perhaps released by
  some government agency. [...]

BVM & Queen of Wands
  Linda Moulton Howe <>
    "I don't know where the ring with the antenna
      appendages was from. I definitely do not
      believe it was manmade. There's a lot of
        stuff out there that I know can be
          manmade, but this was not.
            This was completely
        --Cincinnati Drone Eyewitness


        EARTH TATOOS by Peter Sorensen - Roswell Circle Rock
      Photo © 2008 Linda Moulton Howe EARTHFILES

    Confessions of a Crop Circle Maker
      by Caryn Anscomb
In Ouspensky's book, A New Model of the Universe,
  there are arresting glimpses of extraordinary
    mental states which that philosopher attained--
      adumbrations only, for these completely "nonlexical"
        vistas cannot be well put into words. He speaks of
          realms of "moving hieroglyphs" composed entirely of
            "mathematical relations," and of the expansion and
              ramification of such a hieroglyph till it covered a
                whole aspect of the universe. Ouspensky's
                  mathematical predilections and his study of
                    such things as non-Euclidean geometries,
                      hyperspace, and the relation between time
                        and consciousness may have led him to stress
                          mathematical analogies. Mathematics is
                          a special kind of language, expanded out
                        of special sentences containing the numeral
                      words, 1, 2, 3, 4, ... x, y, z, etc. But every other
                    type of sentence of every language is also
                  the potential nucleus of a, far-reaching system.
                To very few is it granted to attain such
              consciousness as a durable state; yet many
            mathematicians and scientific linguists must have
          had the experience of "seeing," in one fugitive
        flash, a whole system of relationships never before
      suspected of forming a unity.
    The harmony and scientific beauty in the whole vast
  system momentarily overwhelms one in a flood of
aesthetic delight. --Benjamin Whorf  [1942]
~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~^~                      NANO-ENGINEERED, DIGITALLY
    800 x 600 High Color 16 Bit Monitor Resolution                     MODULATED TOPOLOGY & ROOM 9
      "MT Intercepted Transmission 1977-2008"   


Eugenia Macer-Story (an extraordinarily creative,
wise, busy magickal personage), preternaturally presages
"The Truman Show Delusion" with her "Blog Fog," at:

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Ceremonies 17
a play
Eugenia Macer-Story
choreographed by Von Jacobs
presented at
Theater For The New City
August 28-September 14, 2008
Theater Cino

The Truman Show Delusion

According to two psychiatrists from Montreal,
there's a new form of mental illness forming
in the media saturated YouTube era, where
patients believe they are part of their own
reality TV series.

    The truth about Truman

The illness, though nothing more than
heightened paranoia, has been coined
The Truman Show Delusion by Joel and
Ian Gold, the psychiatrists who have
written a paper on their findings.

Speaking to the Canadian newspapaer,
The National Post, Joe Gold said:

"It's really a question of the extent
of the delusion. The delusions we
typically treat are narrow: There is
Capgras Delusion, where someone will
think his family has been replaced by
doubles. Or the Fregoli Delusion,
where someone believes that one person
is persecuting him: a doctor, mailman,
butcher. The Truman Show Delusion,
though, involves the entire world."


    -_/-_/-_/-_/-_/-_/-_/-_/-_/-_/-_/-_/-_/-_/-_/-_/-_/-_/-_/-_/-_/-_/-_/- Re: Truman Show Delusion - Re: [ Dog Star - Masquerade of Angels - ] ...

Eugenia Macer-Story <> wrote:
> Greetings:
> This sort of delusion is common among the editors of small
> literary magazines and the producers of off-off Broadway
> plays and jazz features or poetry readings. Sometimes they
> even monitor the audience or submission roster for "strangers"
> who are not usually part of the crowd. I once had the MC of a
> poetry reading where I was doing a feature performance run up
> to me afterward and ask in a worried tone: "Who was that woman
> who was with you? I've never seen her before..."
> Remember: this is the AUDIENCE he's checking--not anyone trying
> to grab the microphone. She was just another playwright
> interested in new venues. I think these people are correct in
> their belief that they have their own "reality" TV series.
> So the rest of us can choose whether to tune in or not.
> cheers--Eugenia Macer-Story

MT <> wrote:
Similarly, the "Alien Abduction" crowd?
    Yours in ego-dystonic solipsism,
    --MT-26 July 2008

Subject: Re: Truman Show Delusion - Re: [ Dog Star - Masquerade of Angels - ]
Date: Jul 26, 2008 6:59 AM

LAM © 1918 Crowley LAM © 1918 A. Crowley
Lam Statement
The Gateway
  I suppose I should answer this missive because last night one of my
spirit guides called my attention to the word "solipsism" which I
had jotted during a conjuration ceremony a few weeks ago. Beside the
word was the note from the guide that I should look up the word. I did.
I had mis-spelled it in the candlelit darkness. So when I saw your
sign off as "Yours in ego-dystonic solipsism" I had to chuckle and
pass on the incident. I have found the "abduction" researchers to be
somewhat in their own "reality TV" series as regards my research into
spirit presence, sorcery and so forth. I wish this was not so.
I have an open mind. Advanced intelligence from wherever probably
knows more about what we call "sorcery" than we can accept because
of our perceptual limitations. But one route to a greater understanding
is to actually try various traditional shamanic ways of interacting
with spirit presences.
Best--Eugenia Macer-Story


On 27 July, 2008 CE, "Thorn Alley" wrote:
  Dear Kind & Patient Guests,
We promise that this is the last missive from
Thorn Industries, Allies of Thorn, and
other Post-Pagan, pseudo-anti-Dogma memes...
(see Acharya S' good works, but not Good Omens)
...which got out of control in the good-old-days,
and culminates in these sort of short-lived
impromptu email lists that try the patience
of saints
. "This is the end, my friends...",
(quoth McCain if he were a DOORS fan).
Synchronistically, solipsistically, shamanistically,
sexually, Spirit Guides... Whoooooosh!!
Works for 666 ( see: MAA's )
and Aleister's 1918-1919 "LAM" Amalantrah Working
  [[[ See also: The Lam Statement   And: LAM: The Gateway ]]]
Thank you again, Eugenia Macer-Story, whose
story I, We, They are unfamiliar with, but
find fascination emerging from your Mindfulness.
Apologies to all who did not request inclusion
on this temporal list. No need to complain, if
complaints are pending, this is my/our official

See also: "Barbara: The Story of a UFO Investigator"
by Barbara Bartholic & Peggy Fielding <>
Pgs. 68-71:
...     I looked around during that session and was shocked to see
Dr. Jacques Vallee hunkered down against the wall a few feet from
where I was sitting. A man, one of the acquaintances with whom
I'd had breakfast, took me to Vallee and introduced us.
...     He was very interested in the idea of the documentary we
had just produced, the story of Bo and Peep ...
... We went straight to the studio to look at our tape of the Heaven's
Gate people, Bo and Peep then, of course. Even though I told Bill again
about the warning against showing the last five minutes of tape they
both merely looked at me as if I were some sort of weirdo. Peep had told
me privately that the documentary, especially the last five minutes, was
supposed to be shown only after they had been taken up in a
space vehicle.
...     The next day before he left he told me he was interested in
cattle mutilations and he asked me to call if I heard of such incidents.
I promised I would do so.
    Within three weeks a friend had called me from Eureka Springs,
Arkansas and she said they were having a rash of cattle mutilations
there. In fact, I wasn't aware of it yet but I had just been linked
up with the largest cattle mutilation case in the United States.
The mass mutilations in Arkansas, by the way, started the night that
the film, Close Encounters of the Third Kind premiered across Arkansas.
That was in December, 1977.
    Jacques called and I told him about all the UFO's that were filling
the sky above Eureka Springs and about the series of cattle
mutilations that were taking place night after night in that area.
    Our relationship, born in 1977, grew into an investigative
partnership that lasted for years. The physicist, practiced in
the methods of objective scrutinization of almost everything that
appeared before him, became my mentor. I learned the art of scientific
interviewing and the craft of interrogation. I learned to recognize
a thread of evidence, then learned the patience required to follow
that thread through a maze of deception and masked memories.
I learned to follow the thread until it led to a conclusion,
putting aside all my own prejudices and preconceived notions.
I didn't work for Vallee but with him. The cases came to me
and together we investigated them.
Pg. 125:
    Aliens love to frighten us. Our fear is their delight.
Pg. 127:
    In another instance, a girl who had just come to Tulsa from California
was working in a local restaurant. She was compelled to pull her car over one
evening as she drove home. She received a mental message, then drove on
toward the Utica Square area where she was living. That evening she saw
a UFO hovering over the yard of the house where she was renting a room.
Her landlady saw the craft, also.
    That night she was shown some Egyptian symbols and was given
what she said was a clear understanding of the Egyptian connection
with the UFO-alien culture.
Pg. 132:
    The grays apparently have minimal intelligence, and can be
considered to be just soulless biological machines. I can't tell you the
horror in my mind when I realized I was, or had been, the helpless victim
of those awful creatures.
Pg. 134:
    I've learned from the hundreds of abductees whom I've dealt with,
that the androids who had worked on me were created from fetuses taken
from abductees. They (the androids) do the menial work for the aliens and
they function as biological machines, more or less. We can't begin to
understand the levels of control but we do know that reptilian creatures
control the grays.
    The aliens themselves crave all our highly charged emotions,
especially the two emotions of sex and pain. Of the two, pain
is their favorite emotion. Our pain frequencies feed them something
they need, so they wish to be assured of the continuing availability
of a tremendous amount of human pain.
    I know this much. I don't ever want to see aliens again... not
even within a hypnotic regression.
Pg. 135:
    When I awake in pain I generally know it has had something
to do with the aliens and their antics.
Pg. 144:
    They experiment on us in the same way we experiment on animals.
Pgs. 147-148:
    The reason the aliens are doing these things is to find out about
human feelings. They can control our feelings and they can absorb
our feelings.
    Look at it this way: The American public is fascinated watching
TV, movies, etc. We experience feelings as we watch the actors on
the screen. So, in the same way but much more in depth, this alien
culture is able to absorb and feel through us. Therefore they need
us and they use us in the same way we use our books, films and
TV; To experience the feelings expressed in the story lines.
    Our technology follows the alien technology very closely.
    Might we, in the future, be doing to our own creations,
(our own clones and biological machines), just what the aliens
are now doing to us?   ...   -- Barbara Bartholic
An interview with BARBARA BARTHOLIC
2007 Interview with Barbara Bartholic


                                    From a DREAM - circa: Late Twentieth Century © MT

                          [ Shades of "SIMULACRON 3"
                          by Daniel F. Galouye (1920-1976)
                          See the film: "The Thirteenth Floor" -- MT ]
Jacques Vallee
Astrolabe Ventures:

And: Seth Shostak...

     "Self Mastery Earth Institute-ECETI"
    James Gilliland <>

Timothy Good - "UFO Authority"

"The Future of the Body : Explorations Into the
  Further Evolution Of Human Nature"
  by Michael Murphy

                                                                                              "The UFO debate has always
"Three quarks for Muster Mark!"                           been locked into two points
   James Joyce - Finnegan's Wake                               of view... that it's either all
                                                                                          nonsense or it's extraterrestrial.
"Love may make the world go round,                           Maybe the real answer will be
    but passion starts its motor."                                 stranger than we can now imagine."

  The Lady's Tutor by Robin Schone                                                           Jacques Vallee

                                Vector specified by an infinite
                        number of coordinates.

                                                          HILBERT SPACE

"My God! There are men in it!"
    --  Capt. Thomas F. Mantell  (1922-1948)

According to Renato Vesco and David Childress authors of
"Man-Made UFOs 1944-1994: 50 Years of Suppression,"
Captain Thomas F. Mantell's last words over the radio were,
"My God! There are men in it!"
Captain Thomas Francis Mantell Jr. (1922-1948)
"Intercept But Don't Shoot" by Renato Vesco
Renato Vesco  (1924-1999)
'Space Aliens from the Pentagon'

FTR # 638 Miscellaneous Articles and Updates
12. Supplementing information presented in FTR#588,
the broadcast notes that a scientist has designed a
prototype of a sophisticated electrical flying saucer.
As discussed in that program, there are firm
indications that UFO's are real, but do not come from
"outer space" and are not piloted by "aliens."
Is professor Roy's discovery actually the first
appearance of this type of technology, or has it been
developed before? (For more about UFO's and the
ET myth, see--among other programs--
FTR # 's  66, 67, 68, 105, 170, 639.
Be sure to listen to the two lectures available for
download for free on the Spitfire website--
"The Political Implications of the UFO Phenomenon
and the ET Myth
" and "The Future: Technology,
Theocracy and the Underground Reich
"Flying saucers may soon be more fact than mere
science fiction. University of Florida mechanical and
aerospace engineering associate professor
Subrata Roy
has submitted a patent application for
a circular, spinning aircraft design reminiscent of
the spaceships seen in countless Hollywood films.
Roy, however, calls his design a ' wingless electro-
magnetic air vehicle
or WEAV.' ..."
("Professor Designs Plasma-Propelled Flying Saucer;" Science Daily; 6/12/2008.)

Captain Thomas Francis Mantell Jr. (1922-1948)

Captain Thomas Francis Mantell Jr.was born
in Franklin, Kentucky, 30 June 1922.
He was a graduate of Male High School,
in Louisville. On 16 June 1942, he joined
the Army Air Corps, graduating Flight
School on 30 June 1943.

During World War II, Mantell was assigned
to the 440th Troop Carrier Group, 96th Troop
Carrier Squadron, 9th Air Force. He was
awarded Distinguished Flying Cross, and
Air Medal w/3OLCs for heroism. Following
the war he returned to Louisville, joining
the newly organized Kentucky Air National Guard,
as Flight Leader, "C" Flight, 165th Fighter
Squadron, Kentucky Air National Guard
on 16 February 1947.

  Tradgedy on a Training Flight

Mantell crash site On 7 January 1948, while
on a training flight with three other P-51Ds
(Mustang) Mantell was directed by the flight
tower at Godman Field to pursue an unidentified
flying object. While in pursuit of the object,
he died in plane crash near Franklin,
Simpson County, Kentucky.

The story of Mantell's death while chasing
an Unidentified Flying Object made headlines
across the country and world. An intense
military investigation of the incident
became part of Project SIGN, which later
became Project BLUEBOOK, the military's
investigations into UFOs. Much speculation
and conjecture has been written about this
incident, it is still uncertain what Mantell
was pursuing at the time of the crash.
Mantell is the first flight casualty of
the Kentucky Air National Guard. His remains
were brought back to Louisville and buried
at Zachary Taylor National Cemetery.

On Saturday, 29 September 2001, the Simpson
County Historical Society unveiled a historical
marker in honor of Thomas F. Mantell, Jr.
The marker is located at the Franklin, Kentucky
exit off Interstate 65, next to the office
building of Simpson County Tourism.

See also Dave Emory's recent 'For The Record' broadcasts:
"The Aliens are Coming! The Aliens are Coming! Not!"
Part 1:
Part 2:
Where he quotes in Part 2, the Fortean Times classic article:
"Plan Nine From Outer Space"
[ ] ...


"It sounds like stories from the land of spirits
    If any man obtain that which he merits,
      Or any merit that which he obtains."


Regarding: "Masquerade of Angels"
by Karla Turner

    The Usual Skeptics (US) and Standard 0perating Debunkers
(S0D) would tend to get all Freudian, i.e. SEX TRAUMA ...
neurological SLEEP PARALYSIS, Weird Intelligence Pseudo-
Christian 0utre' Metaphysics (WIP-C0M), etc., etc., etc.; but
we of the Thinking Incandescent Brigade 0f Ultraterrestrials
(TIB0U) would appreciate this interesting account of one man's
journey through high strangeness.
This is one of those works that mustn't be quoted out of context
or else the overall gestalt of the thing gets muddied by
stereotypical interpretations of silliness and naivety, or "MAYA"
(Illusion). Thank you Eugenia Macer-Story for your gentle
nudge/suggestion to read this piece, (hard going in PDF form,
we soldiered on) ... a fascinating, curious work indeed.

Looking forward to your:
"Pulse of the Dragon: the Secret Knowledge of the Pirates"

--eMpTy, over & out there!


        ~=[0]=~     ~=[0]=~     ~=[0]=~

July 23rd is both the Sumerian and Egyptian
New Years! The Dog Days of Summer begin on
July 23 when Sirius the Dogstar rises from
behind the sun.

New Scientific Evidence for Alien Contact 5,000 Years Ago
by Robert Temple

  "...To ancient initiates Isis was a
symbol of Sirius and Osiris a symbol
of the Dark Companion of Sirius; but
he is not aware of Crowley's and Levi's
insistence that the traditional secret
revealed in the Eleusian Mysteries was
that 'Osiris is a black god!'"

"... The familiar symbol of Isis, with
a star above her and one of her feet in
water and the other on land, is a symbol
of the Sirius connection..."
(Atu XVII of the Tarot - The Star)
"Temple [Robert Temple, The Sirius Mystery]
also demonstrates that the whole Egyptian
calendar revolved around the movements of
Sirius - the year began with the 'dog days'
when Sirius started to rise behind the sun
(July 23 in our calendar) ...that the
earliest hieroglyphic for Osiris (the God
of Resurrection and of Eternal Life) was
an eye plus a throne; and that the most
secret of the rituals of Osiris, the
'black rite,' is described on one
Hermetic text as being so cryptic
in its total meaning that men will
only understand it fully when they
pursue the stars 'unto the height'..."
-- Robert Anton Wilson, [01/18/1932 - 01/11/2007],
Cosmic Trigger :
        RAW :

        ~=[0]=~     ~=[0]=~

July 23, 1996
"Mysterious Eyes" of comet Hale-Bopp first sighted.
        ~=[( Can you say: "Heaven's Gate"? )]=~

July 23
More reported UFO sightings on this day than any other
day of the year. This is the flapday of the year.

July 23rd is both the Sumerian and Egyptian New Years.

"In the astronomical science of the Egyptians, the most
conspicuous solar system near our own, represented in
the heavens by the brilliant Sirius, was of supreme
interest. Cycles of immense importance were determined
by it, and it entered into the highest mysticism of
Egyptian initiation."
    - G.R.S. Mead, Thrice Greatest Hermes

"Beneath the high-priest were a whole cadre of priests with
specialized training. Among these were the 'horologers', or
'priests of the hours', whose job it was to determine as
precisely as possible the hours of the day and night. This
was crucial to the functioning of the temple, since various
rituals had to start at precise times. These priests, through
watching the progress of the sun or stars across the sky,
determined when the rituals should being."
    - Bob Brier, Ancient Egyptian Magic

"Sirius was the guardian star of Egypt, its rising greatly
affecting the life of everyday folk through the yearly
inundation from the Nile."
    - Murray Hope, Practical Egyptian Magic

"Contrary to other rivers, [the Nile] begins its annual
swelling in the hottest time of the year, at the beginning
of the dog Days, that is, at the moment when Sirius rises
at the same time as the sun, a date which during the third
millennium BC coincided with the summer solstice."
    - Lucy Lamie, Egyptian Mysteries

According to Philip Vandenberg, The Curse of the Pharaohs,
"an archeologist named Duncan MacNaughton discovered in
1932 that the long dark tunnels in the Great Pyramid of
Cheops function as telescopes, making the stars visible
even in the daytime. The Greater Pyramid is oriented,
according to MacNaughton, to give a view, from the King's
Chamber, of the area of the southern sky in which Sirius
moves throughout the year."
    - Robert Anton Wilson, Cosmic Trigger

"The first time I saw a 'flying saucer' happened in Brooklyn
during the first wave of "saucer" excitement during the
summer of 1947..."
                                     by Robert Anton Wilson

The 23 Enigma: Captain Clark Welcomes You Aboard!



  PJG wrote:

> Your web site does reflect the new skills. The information is only
> for those who would find it of interest. You would do much better via
> a blog. The blog is the new and waited for venue.

MT wrote:

Blog Shmog... (There are 1,000,000,000 blogs that are only read
by the bloggers themselves.) My website is for interdimensional
ultraterrestrials of a distant future who will stumble across
vestiges of pixel echoes throughout time in their efforts to
disentangle the past of material reality in a long expanded
universe, one of a near infinite number within a tiny multiverse
containing conscious beings evolved enough to develop technology.

"MT Intercepted Transmission 1977-2008"

                                [ 1977 Symbol: HISTORY by MT ]

Mark Thornally <>
Quad4 - Four Mouthed Wormholes, Archetypal
Configurations, and other Weird Symmetries...
" T H E   I N T E R C E P T O R S "



Thorn Alley wrote:


[] Censored Crop Circle!

[] In orbiting lead alloy cans, only the elite will
[] survive. The Toltecs have left the building...

"Freedom's untidy. Free people are free to make
mistakes and commit crimes and do bad things."

  -- FORMER U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld

                        In a Quasi-Parallel Multiverse,
in the dimmest recesses of ancient fore-history,
there did manifest a powerful, quantum computing
device, located at approximately 2/3rd radius
along one arm of a spiral galaxy. A cosmological
variation on the double slit experiment arose:
How about running a near infinite number of
simultaneous interdimensional 'big bang'
simulations with infintesimal variations in
each simulation to determine the most novel
and long-lived, open-ended scenario of survival;
thereby selecting the specific 'history' of this
advantageous pathway over all other shorter-
lived, 'extinction' pathways...? Could sporadic,
sentient unhappiness and suffering throughout
the successful pathway be entirely ruled out?


  "Harry, he's taking over the
  Ministry and the newspapers and
  half the Wizarding world! Don't let
  him inside your head too!"
-- Hermione G.
~ Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows ~
    Chpt. 5 "Fallen Warrior" Pg 85.
  Undoubtedly a reference to "You-Know-Who,"
Keith Rupert Murdoch:
The Deconstructor of the Wall Street Journal:

Planet Jupiter, once upon a time, wrote:

  Daniel "BreakingOpenTheHead" Pinchbeck's mistake
was in Taking Whitley "BuzzKill" Strieber ever so
seriously in these the absurd 'latter day hurrying up
end-times of hyper-convoluted complexity...'

Better to spend 179 minutes viewing David Lynch's
than get one's biochemistry all in a wave-dysfunctional-
state-vector-collapsed Find Muck!

Re: Terence McKenna Land


On Jun 15, 2007 at 6:16AM, "Daniel Pinchbeck"
<> wrote:

Alien Dreamtime: My Fight with Whitley Strieber
by Daniel Pinchbeck

[...] with the bestselling author of
alien abduction memoirs and science
fiction novels, and Dreamtime radio
host, Whitley Strieber. Both Strieber
and I were surprised by the virulence
of this verbal battle - he said that I
had assaulted him in his very being,
and that we were no longer friends - but
actually it was quite predictable based
on my analysis of his work and the alien
abduction phenomenon in 2012. Strieber
writes on his view of our argument here:

The fight began as I explained my hypothesis
about 2012, noting aspects of our current
world that are unsustainable and will have
to change drastically if we are going thrive,
or even survive, as a species. I found that
Strieber kept harping on the negative aspects
of the situation, proclaiming that the
Internet was about to be overtaken by
corporate interests, and so on. He also
stated that there was going to be a huge
"die-off" of the human species in the
immediate future. He reiterated that this
was "definitely going to happen," and that
he "believed" it.

I argued that nobody knows what is going
to happen in the future, that at the moment
the earth is managing to support the human
population, and if we utilized our resources
better, incorporating new techniques and
alternative energy technologies, we might
not have to experience a massive, traumatic
die off at all. Strieber continued to assert
that this "die-off" was a fact -- that he
had done "the math," and there was no way
around it. As far as I know, Strieber is not
trained as an evolutionary biologist, and
even if he was, experts are continually
proven wrong. [...]


On Tuesday September 11th, 2007, "Whitley Strieber"
<>, <> wrote:

War in Dreamland!

[...] Pinchbeck accuses me of bringing on a dark future
by predicting it. That's magical thinking, and just as
impotent as its opposite--that you can create a positive
future by believing in it.

I say in the program that I believe that mankind is
going to experience a dieback, and this makes Pinchbeck
furious because he fears that just by saying something
like that, it will become true. I don't want to put
words in another man's mouth, but I had the impression
that he sees me as a sort of viral particle of negativism,
and that my perspective is designed to bring on the
destructions of which I warn--presumably, so that my
evil alien masters can inherit the ruined planet,
I suppose. [...]


"What if the mysterious gadget
that one hopes is a spaceship
turns out to be merely a toaster?"

  -- Pg. 185 - "NOT EVEN WRONG -- The Failure of String Theory
  and the Search for Unity in Physical Law" by Dr. Peter Woit, Ph.D.

See also:

[]     "My own private conjecture, which deviates considerably from
[]   the accepted dogma among UFO believers, is that we are dealing
[]   with a yet unrecognized level of consciousness, independent of
[]   man but closely linked to the earth. For reasons that will
[]   become clear, I do not believe any more that UFOs are simply
[]   the spacecraft of some race of extraterrestrial visitors.
[]   This notion is too simplistic to explain their appearance, the
[]   frequency of their manifestations throughout recorded history,
[]   and the structure of the information exchange with them during
[]   contact. Instead, I have argued that an understanding of the
[]   UFO phenomenon would come only when we expanded our view of the
[]   physical universe beyond the classic four-dimensional model of
[]   spacetime. Like other paranormal phenomena, UFOs seem to be
[]   able to opperate outside of known spacetime constraints.
[]   In this sense, they provide science with an extraordinary
[]   opportunity to enrich its physical models and perhaps to give
[]   us a new picture of our relationship to the universe, a new
[]   avenue of communication with forms of consciousness we have not
[]   yet recognized, perhaps including undiscovered levels of our
[]   own human consciousness."
Excerpt from: "Confrontations -
[]   A Scientists Search for Alien Contact" by Jacques F. Vallee

[]     "... Vallee refers to this complex system of control--which
[]   is shaping human society over the course of thousands of
[]   years--as an 'interface of reality with consciousness.'
[]   It sounds a lot like Arthur C. Clarke's science fictional
[]   theme in 2001: A Space Odyssey--an alien intelligence
[]   subtly directing the course of human development, toward
[]   mysterious ends. Talk about your cosmic conspiracies!"
[] //////////////////////////////////////////////////

[] "According to many-worlds all the possible outcomes of a
[] quantum interaction are realised."

[]         -- Michael Clive Price | February 1995
[] "David Pearce"

[]   "Fiction, as a vehicle, has often been used
[]     by occultists ... Ideas not acceptable to
[]       the everyday mind, limited by prejudice and
[]         spoiled by a 'bread-winning' education, can
[]           be made to slip past the censor, and by
[]             means of the novel, the poem, the short
[]               story be effectually planted in soil which
[]                 would otherwise reject or destroy them."
               The Magical Revival by Kenneth Grant
"My observation of the Universe convinces
me that there are beings of intelligence
and power of a far higher quality than
anything we can conceive of as human;
that they are not necessarily based on
the cerebral and nervous structures that
we know, and that the one and only
chance for mankind to advance as a whole
is for individuals to make contact with
such beings."
-- Crowley (1944)
Plan 93 from Outer Space
by P.R. Koenig

  "Statistically, the probability of any
  one of us being here is so small that
  you'd think the mere fact of existing
  would keep us all in a contented
  dazzlement of surprise."

    -- Lewis Thomas, The Lives of a Cell

"We worship gravitation. It is the only force which does
not travel through space in a rush; it is everywhere in
repose. It keeps the stars in their orbits and our feet on
our Earth. It is Nature's fear of loneliness, the Earth's
longing for the Moon; it is love in its pure, inorganic form."

    -- Arthur Koestler, Twilight Bar, 1945

P.S. Basically, "life" (sentient organic awareness),
is a mystery which no one really comprehends in any
way approximating life's totality. Individuals are
smart, groups are stupid. Governments are
exceptionally stupid. Traditions, particularly
ethnic traditions, are rarely useful to the
long-term sociobiological welfare of the individual
and human species. Ethnic traditions which are
exclusive and xenophobic are particularly burdensome
to healthy cultural and individual evolution.
We will be able to respect ourselves and each other
when we as individuals find the courage to think for
ourselves, while simultaneously experiencing empathy
for others, regardless of perceived differences.

FOLLOW the Photon... Follow The MONEY...


  "... In these cyclic eternities
  that you have fashioned and are
  inextricably bound by:
  one course of action
  (or inaction) may be as
  good as another, but
  Final Extinction
  is still final
  after all.
  Isn't it?"

  Abraxas 07_25_2000

P.S. The more I hear about the Stephenville,
Texas sighting, the more it sounds like
a loopy military experimental PSYOPS exercise
gone slightly off the reservation, especially
the radar data near Crawford airspace NOT
scrambling The Interceptors, as if in Total
all was proceeding to The Plan.

    I sent my Soul through the Invisible,
  Some letter of that After-life to spell:
    And by and by my soul return'd to me,
And answer'd "I Myself am Heav'n and Hell."
                                              Omar Khayyam                   ROCKS 2009
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