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SCALAR 1990 —   [Excerpts]

    "...But the planet! Now that was really weird. Awesome industrialization. Not a single square meter that wasn't made over by synthesized mechanization. Imagine an entire world interconnected into a complex labyrinth of remorseless, interfaced engineering.
Terraformed monolithic madness!"

    "They took manufacturing skills to incredible heights, devoid of all restraint, possessing the fundamental secrets to matter and energy, and apparently willing and able to utilize those secrets. Within this bold realm, however, resides a nightmarish quality, in so far as their method of development and motivation. Some tremendously horrific distortions manifest there. For example, the planet's sentient inhabitants were structured in a rigidly controlled hierarchy, with an ethical system unrecognizable from what we value: uncaring, cold, indifferent to personal freedoms; everything and everyone served the arcane purpose of the all-controlling 'complex,' and the 'complex' used everyone mercilessly."

    "...and there was something really odd about these people. It was as if their minds were exclusively utilitarian in nature. Nothing superfluous to the task at hand, as if the pleasure centers of their brains were nonexistent, or evolved a subordinate function in relation to this enormous structure..."

    "Genetically mutated life forms, whose sole purpose to the complex was, apparenty, to nourish the sentient biologicals. Why this elaborate, autonomous construct would even bother to maintain a presence of biologicals -- since the complex functioned on its own -- is a mystery... Perhaps there was some archaic directive to never roll over their existence: a sort of programmed loyalty built into the system to protect the original sentients. In any case, an exponential distortion occurred over the millennia, and the biological's natural evolution was halted... or was it?"   [Cont...]

[Excerpts from: SCALAR
(August 22, 1990 - July 11, 1992) by MT]

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